Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Salutations this blog official ARMY(any/ Reserves/like get gear first this site with attached staff-seargent'/seargents'-blogs no-cost to Soldier/working-like per Courts, Incursion XXany into 900,000 cities reduced/raised again by declaring itself against all countrysides to raid/exhtort/maim/torture/embezel:art,literature,gain+ into houses-2 most 4/3-businesses halted by force cash-point/drop-point/delivery/routed to Police Station calls too many by 800 per now call Operator countryside for direct to data transfer no-cost to get/pick-up work/load, of my own and Heads-of-State executive orders enacted permanence for reality termed on of always up for in-act war-mode-illegalis by any so Enemy to alike:Arts raids of teens all displaying beauty marring incidents of police logs-2 at campus/USSS+ also full surgical restoration done by U.S. Congress' orders already of like last blog's done-to, any, of day 880,000 cities affected attacks direct to SWAT alike guarding rooftop type told by private income counselors hired illegalis to not stay there feel better not doing guarding assigned, is a coded attack any listed to both duped and surveillance practiced by enemy: meetings in military installations any of 44Million+/2 write note on desperate/enroute/cancelled, to IRS data for party deduction rules to get 1/2-credit amount first or full deduction if in 4th day noting helped school any orderform complete deadlined 2-amount-+located partytime:24.1hour not including take apart, with credit card companies all offering if buying for not-topic free or asked lowers interest rate on its lode used by 1%; 900 orbs total to view any Air Force Base requestable not USD$43 personal tour like observatory, SS-1 revived back to ARMY routed USSF from USN of RAF recorded ploy interrupted by illegalis miscreant dna-Insurgents same as all battlefields to overrun as either side uniformed, enemy turning itself over unraiding uniformed below list gifts/books/music/tape/data/texts/sound/filmage/video/media-need free by-CIA topical all sent by 04o'clock/ed:
* hola:novel, transgressors; by CWall, kmwall
* mormon_terror:novel, taped only to Law Enforcement
* jo:novelized, mormonism terror; by Mormon Church official unknown
* grandee_II:novel, colony; by don, kmwall
* grandee_III:novel, island; by don, kmwall
* hot_earth_I:novelized, black sun orbs, on, music by don and by 909s squadron a Big Band era gone rock-gothical; by kmwall
* bxoen:novel, DEA; by HM King Juan Carlos
* drum_door:novelized, supremo commander abusing, id-theft; by USMC, NOW, advocated by Mormon Church
* change_-go:novelized, search and rescue real, includes economy booklet-2, of budgeting, by 10o'clock sent; by D.I.A., kmwall
* blue_grey_and_how_to_wear_it:by chet_deliverer, kmwall
* lock_bar_-un:black logaun codes; by ARMY(any/ herald
* mitras_tu':history, religion; by don_g
* acid:novel; by tan_b, tom_bo, icual, look_u, kmwall
* h:on, plotting, fashion business trends, roller coaster drama; by kmwall
* jester:novel; by king unknown
* danny_boy:novel, music, by KORN; by Capt. G
* fun_haus:novel; by Tom Clancy, kmwall
* on_the_nose_music; by Dr. Kisss (clergy), Dr. Robert Kelly
* boston_arrived:novel; 1801, series; by kmwall [to:posse;II]
* re_fine:art, ancien how-to; by HM a Jamaican King's unit_1
* canale:media-needed/video; by KORN
* lore:novel lore day-5 Incursion Vulgar Kingdom, protection; by John Nesbitt
* block:music; by Meatloaf
* sea_drag:novel; by dave_jeaa of JAUM/USAF
* ab_income_stream:by James Marks, kmwall
* fire_fly:novel; by Victoria Curran, dana_a_bear, kmwall
* constance_sherriff:coloring kit/book; by kmwall
* crescent_c:command spaceship investigation; by Kansas State Government, CANADA Special Forces, Richard Marcinko, c.wall_2, of finest police officers list, kmwall
* lorex:non-fable; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko
* 8_mormono_texts:8 study of; by doctor_k
* a_brother_boy:novel; by A. Stephen, L. Wall
* 11_7:about close encounters; by Jim Marrs, joe_maum, kmwall
* by_wariness:text economics new, mollusk-2, level Fashion-2, year-1, economic wary; by kmwall
* faith_2:novel; by Anna Wintour
* how_to_make_a_mint:by kmwall
* how_to_sell_a_design_I:brochure/pamphlet; by kmwall
* taken_care_of:novel hated child NAMO; by lee_dee_jay
* grandeyer:novelized of driven_snow (yesterday's list); by disc jockey of fame Bob Lily, Dr. John Brilliante Naval battlefield; kmwall
* zills:novelized; primordial bloodline zealous; by kmwall
Smart, eye accepts light of its beauty to brain recent adjustments global use data smart-vein brain false-leader perceived/chosen by eye-rod expansion normally for beauty/art-training/alike fooled tutored by assailants preying to get action untoward/unwarranted, from Soldier noted, corrects.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
minister of fashion
all Marine Corp its USMC of ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, literature, project
+101/DEA-USSS+ SEALs paramilitary sherriff unit FFL et al
*new blog soon for extra wordiness Fashion History+ARTS galore
8x10 artwork displayed for sale at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery Stockton, CA, price set by Universities new system to have 2nd-sale highest by authorized wartime/anytime new on Gov't. Auction