Thursday, November 18, 2010

Incursion III to VII and Ballrooms Raided

Hello to everyone, and thank you for your generous donations in funding the fight against Incursions I to VIII plus raiding homeland invaders of dna-Insurgents worldwide with the gift items on previous blogs, as the funds were utilized well today as the affected cities -- the Police Departments report -- were attacked by a ratio of four to one, shopping in the victims closets. More or less. The statistics are available already, and the ridiculousness of millions of military trained attackers, albeit based upon historical English 12th Century battleground movements easily detected as such and countered, therefore, the data is from realtime and very real modern technology in our worldwide favor. Today's particular flavor of homeland raiders grouped into the Incursion IIII to VII of home invasion raiding parties are traced back to New Mexico bandits detected by Desert Special-Ops and prepared for on even a grand scale. These attackers arose from underground quarters where they hid but were trained by a sometime group of self-appointed law-unto-themselves men who during the early centuries in this country's history were considering themselves to be the Law. Since, they're redefined by a checklist description as bandits; you'll recall the sheriffs were often singular and appointed to a zoned area and could determine many of the rules and laws for those gathering in civilized locations. When I first accepted the job from the USAF as fashion director, and gladly, one of the first uniforms of the past turned in to the Air Force One Office for interest level was the brown and billowing cotton uniform of the historic American sheriff. Since many self-designed uniforms of that time and era were also brown, there may be some interesting research around the color in a federal grant coming, for those interested in this type of work. Brown, you'll recall, was also the first uniform color in history, happening to be a Germanic area's. The bandit lines that attacked today in Incursion VII homeland invasion style were expected to be coming in from Mexico where they were last spotted on USMC Reconnaissance surveillance, such as you're growing comfortable with being all around and about you.

Happiness is the emotion that is part of actual trend data from fashion and home decor and business trends, and today a successful search and rescue was conducted from a library here by assisting law enforcement and military veterans and active military and Jesuits on the premises to spontaneously help locate victims held hostage underground in tunnel aperture. This was a show of good citizenship that would make anyone proud. The victims professions are about bringing the data and statistics relating to business, the business of fashion and decor, and even into other areas such as entertainment and music, and more. Their jobs are usually secretive, not dangerous. Last night and into the wee hours of the morning the local Animal Control also helped more bobcats arriving on trains and boats with their litters that are helping patrol military and other homes officially with chips and collars from the military, returning to their litters and the care and feeding of them at will. Like their friends the wolves, more of whom are being returned to the Military each day as they protect government workers at home working on home computers for their job but being raided. These and other military animals know how to do their jobs well, and the RAF again thanks for the highest donation spike in history being one for their once abducted rescue dogs. Dobermans, being a main breed for them.

The Oakland, California raids by the same dna-Insurgents as Incursion VII in particular were recorded by many, in detail, who were the private families involved in attempting to defend themselves between 1921 to 1929. If you have some of the other recorded details of the ballrooms raided but of their actual dance step patterns and recorded choreography and musical selections, please send them along to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. The experts on the time and place are also being hired, and if you are one, please consider applying for or picking up one of these already scheduled extra work projects for pay as listed.

My on-going fashion design contest seeking to daily award a reward to the winning uniform styled dinner suit is coming along fabulously. I'm pleased that about four winners per day are selected by the judges who truly adore the many contest submissions. For submitting within the guidelines, soon, a note of acknowledgement sufficient for any fashionable career or avocated hobby-line will be able to go out to you who participate.

Good things are happening this Autumn, as the delta waters being revived are glad to accept your good readership donations of animals or plants or fish stock, and some for generally good pay. The NSA Project:Echelon laboratory is still guiding this local delta refurbishment with USSF, assisting the private 501c3s in place acting in their charitable pursuits, and sufficiently funded for the moment. But, some have brought their favorite fish in or other insects from their own laboratories and birds and ducks and had them accepted. I was pleased to welcome some one day, myself, and any day is good. Contact the laboratory above, anytime, for deliveries, or the general numbers for Homeland Security Agency. The wildlife in San Joaquin County is just a bit different than it was before, now, but just as strong and beautiful and accepted.

The Army has some work for a one-time faux pas in hiring persons for bond redemption processing to help pay for the housing and food and clothing and other benefits coming to you; some noted less in the deliveries. The military found out some persons hired through religious clergy mistook their job to be redeeming of souls or some pertinent misunderstanding, but the bonds are piles of boring and repetitive work to be done and processed, as soon as possible, and if you are familiar and trained in this area, please apply to the Army Office Accounting. Some of those receiving food as benefit in the public sector and in law enforcement and civil service in exchange for work are reporting in lacks of beverages, especially coffee, which alerted the military to then locate the error. No souls need be redeemed on this type of rather mundane and necessary job project available sometimes to those looking for work from home or in businesses that do such things as handle cash and equivalents. Art galleries are also reporting in an unusually low supply of donated coffee, and your gifts of it -- of any kind -- would come at this very good time.

Don't forget to read the several blogs before that go into the dna equipment one hundred percent that are mobile and accurate. And about the DNA-DEA Task Force particularly handling the extreme levels of beauty marring incidents and genetically altered victims by illegalis surgeries. Even though I was constrained for explaining to the general public what some of my new jobs in the military were due to regular schedules, this official military site coding happening made and being underway made it possible to relay the important alerts and data, along with my own opinions you'd grown accustomed to reading about. Thank you, again, for being a good readership, and don't forget to pick up from your clergy office or the Armed Forces recruitment offices your public benefit of earning up to 30 degrees of education on us whether signing up for the military service, or not, to combat against Incursions I to VIII plus.

I will look forward to blogging again soon, but I felt today's data was important before next week's blog. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director USAF