Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Salutations, tallying day's data of terr-apase official terror-alert Homeland Security Agency listing of plaguerism-leading to capture data from authorships/publishers/artists in sway Incursion Xi-toXX underground/way:tomorrow+, remorse attacks of new to all by dna-Insurgents afoot/amok telling their rule to remorse-solo-only; soon to soldiering/Office Emergency Services (O.E.S.-go/region/counties/it). Below scroll: f. President "Teddy" Roosevelt's teddy bear fund providing topical of recipient freely or gift to or assisted-purchase to school order for IRS tax deduction of parties hosted reward, optional purchases offered lowered 1%-interest rate on any credit card known lode used for it. Cats of delta regions attacked by apprehended trank stealing women deported all for tortures of search and rescue animals allowed to roam as Wildlife tagged on schedules with USMC and others for official search and rescue, foray-ifIVy, to reports duo shooting paramilitary onto and escapes of pet-like wildlife reports to USAF direct+; he/it being same cat blogged about this blog by years repaired emergency levels many times including donations by House of Representative member's and many others including my token, he/it daily guarding locations noticed swam across delta nightly mid-foray to fish like bear clawing into water for feeding on surveillance USMC Recon of accurately 24 cats and kittens once there, now naval boat recovered; forewarned cat type can toss naval personnel topside overboard 2-funny film not funny but submarine look-up for requesting from O.E.S.; he/it revived 44 times over 4.4 million dollars granted funds already aready for used not responding permanently, vigil into worldwide Police Station's reports for beauty marring incident reports on. . Days-of blogs continue; data soon on 900,000 attempting breach again of 'The Vault' since noted after high/treason-deaths announced of weapons designer attacking public unawares unauthorized tiny equipment heartattacks/bowel-genital-discomforts/animal-deaths-by. 109 orbs in black sun files logged, data accurate incomplete still of daily tallying no math labs on today for it request into FED tomorrow or soon for ecology-economy data patterning affects demographic reserved.
* a_tall_forest:novel, coper; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko
* a_tall_forst_II:novel, by John Jakes
* bolden_bleu_tuu-:novel, JAM, by poet awarded/laureate jean_ga
* toulouse:an ancien history, lavendar, firsts fashions, 1864 focal of Merovignian court archive; by kmwall
* Nickelback_RAF:official platitude musical to H.M. a Jamaican King's naval in-service to Solvang and City of Stockton, CA; to stop remorse-attacked by attackers saying to, by it.
* grandess:novel of grandeur; by Dept. of State, F, unit of denver_one, and klas (a unit alone)
* johnson: mormono novel horror, because every one wanted to do one to get to god wedding, new special_ops unit forming froming from; with man_of_ray:novelization his rescue, resucitation, 2-medical drama + casework by apprehenders
* glxace:novel, by ship_low
* spy:novel, of special_ops, by the_heckler
* hatred:novel, by USSS agent callsign me
* helm:novel, by jim robinson
* revelle:novel, good gods, system, found evil [at cause;of]
* gods_are_dead:novel, by joe_maum, kmwall
* dome:novella, by James Clavell
* solver:novel, id-theft, taskforce proportion Victorian times; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* dine_4_fine:by Dr. Walther of NAM fame
* fashion_compendium; by star_boy, kmwall
* draken:novel, dragon, Pern; by Anne McCaffrey
* mona_lisa_76:novel, evolved; by kkcqourtt (FFL)
* glare:novel, NORAD bear amissed; by John Stoker
* vau:text; by snow_mein
* 10_daily_things_a_bear_will_do:omu; by Xchris (redland group), kmwall
* less_than_this_is_a_mess:alum bear story, by Sigma Force
* iz's_work_for:musical with rave days of; by RENT Broadway musical cast
* litl_bos; by Bonnie Raitt, Michael Voyeur

Omu, topic of bears of State of California's ancien Califii legends 2/3 appropriate children into Atlantis-4 of archives daily search and rescue animals anew as were into cave-time data for into them living with luxuries plus bear resident that sociologists/behaviorists accurately state considered human/+ in its territory allowed mostly as housepet equal. Topical to Arab States hidden caves akin to 'The Vault' of historic security measures/breaches. Where I found a hidden USSF unit one day as they counted treasure stashes fabled levels in after stopping round-Incursion-I.

kmwall aka
Kristin-MarieWall, c.o.
USAF, art/fashion director, designer
all Marine Corp to USMC ARTS/R as co-head (it)
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
USSS-SS1+#101+ DEA SEAL et al

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Salutations, days of official alerts of Incursion-Xis coded accurately by Homeland Security Agency homeland invasion 2nd-level plaguerism-to-do after jewel heist attempts of signature or dna-discriptive (school ring typed) crime like attacks handed to Military known by all Police Stations united, and stopped at 103,000 2nd wave of homeless seeming invaders swathed into spelling out letter pattern in approach viewed from satellites for warfare printing out free tape of at any Police Station or Judicial Court House globally of USMC Reconnaissance technology courteous to all known populace. Of alerts more treason/high-treason convictions listing at same courthouses lists finalized but open for another day of prosecutions as needed in absentia allowed for overland home-invasions typed into the Homeland Security and its Agencies of record necessity to defend any/all countryside format:any, unknown excepting arts and developed from it categories of workforces as reason; closure on clothes into bodily parts attacked/removed to be worn by assailants also increasing escalation--morgue lists not free now but comprehensive of convictions already--leaving hairstylists of over 844,000 worldwide with bookkeepers raiding cities with hired armed personal personnel paramilitary equipped to do themed attacks -- see previous days blogs for specific persons listed of and into announced of teachers' id-theives for it discovered same as i.e. 'jan' of many names impersonating children's guard of 1970s decade known fled from San Joaquin County School District pretended employ and altering appearance drastically; to CIA for any criminal background of and like it worldwide to businesses and need-to-know legal work, etc.). Black sun files for orbs of Fashion Resort Economy for 181 years now announced by FED as new archives useful for it have 103 orbs netted by NASA overnight, matched to raids times a ten-power into repeated Incursion attacked; of tours at Travis-AFB USD$43 typical of sound/sight recordable some. IRS announces its tax write off for party given if helping school districts purchase from promotional by CIA from f. President "Teddy: Roosevelt's fund for public to receive gifts and/or books/music/literature/text/data/sound/video/filmage/+; alternate purchase method offered by any credit card company known to lower on its used lode by 1% interest rate, or topic of shopper sent free.

Omu was once the port stopover of ancien Mu including Hawaii modern areas: bears of omu are of California and returned to Military service and trained by the State of California to perform search and rescue full-capacity all costs of covered by USMC Recon anew alignment USMC ARTS/R:abess. Training of animals for military to homeland defenses costs covered such; trained free by Mexico's Military/Artillery, contact. Omu bears, labeled, 144,000; under 80 pounds most 30-40lbs; housepet types retire after 7+ years still about for housepet or return as wildlife. Recall prior blogs fur of first trend-stopped by illegalis behaviors of locals to them by non-allowing of any new trends (no harm to bears) used all white versions for most peiceworked together fancy patches carved into gyrating patterns; imitation in Thailand a military of useful optical illusion fabrics for camoflouge. Gowns were akin to modern artwear category.
* house_of_worth_manual:text; by lee_1, kalleen_1
* fashion_9_manual:for new fashion tribe and its own church; by it
* bible_5:official data water wars behind all known bibles; monks commissioned for it by Office of Emergency Services worldwide agency all counties/regions/alike
* general:Masonic novel by James Clavell
* overhead:angel play; by cop_joe
* across_my_countryside: by RAT, Dr. of entertainment Jim Ricks, kmwall
* dryad: novel, by judge_d
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
of all Marine Corp at USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
USSS-SS1-#101+, DEA ,SEAL, et al.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Salutations, 104,000 in 900,000 city list handed to Military known from united Police Stations globally attempted homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security Agency home invasions 2-level to pets-harmed-to-mortally on driveway/doorsteps for corrected data of required from at legal courthouses to add-up, prohibiting apprehensions of all but some incarcerated/deported-for already for small-tank/trank driving (new product, 2 per soldier allowed now by Lockheed order forms fast,) with feces of some terror-laden moment for discoverer on site of attacked pet to guardian/housesitter for it with fecal-product to define; smeared cleaned up style of work available still repeating attacks while sweep-up (Police Station term for) is of day-mode until done; exhtortion-2 defined pocket cell-phones-detectors new sweep up general populace not officially trained in genetics testing for non-invasive approach to 100%-dna accuracy instant disallowed use of to hobby level compared of ghosthunting heat-sensors used by California a State in this Union of for its State Police useful (tomed, lored:speed-traps) ill used for confusing populace and stalkings into violence into homes of mastermind capable plans scaped worldwide only, by military mind allowed to defend; not toys. 104,000 orbs netted by NASA dominating job from USAF/any for it to capture earth's round departed fragments expected from Black Suns lore/archives today labeled moon orbs or any other like purple moons red orbs black orbs earth orbs, like. Noted in Trade Winds fractal-matrix tracked decents mostly nightview, one day+. Same numbering of equalling attackers amassed in Incursions 3 to 2-4th prong of, to today's and yesterday's equalling recorded only orbs falling. Two level ufology sightings reported accurately interjecting into casework final form for leaving or linking a file is in from FFL a King Kourt or staff-2 (ask for privates to retreive, resident in Stockton, selfsame author blog; or any staff-seargent worldwide any military except USAF today, tomorrow fine.) Treason/high-treason convictions upheld and added mentally retarded grouping under singular woman identity of stalked-into Mormon wagon trains mid-Victorian era of non-lettering-C concotions s/l/n/arla/n/web/b said sharla/tte (l and n mistaken on olden records recorded for letter-h) of Los Altos Mormonism but from Los Gatos residence plotted from fleeing actual family types housing hidden by Military/GoverningStates to USN line of to non-contact for its military recorded purposes past World War onward hiding ageing in groups of from wagon trains not allowed now not penalized but hiding with attackers from Victorian brothels toting into wagon trains 100-year apart attack plans to conquer a countryside this one Mormons then expelled from legally (for banking system fraud unknown to them by ignorance/education-lack, official reason, U.S. Congress training level taping for its data soon by same below requesting method:non-hairstyling ultra-violent 2-attacks in home stalking in house provoking, on/upstairs). Insect houses shown at zoos attackers real motive in realism warfare declared incursion styles of Insurgents-dna of for it misbred not allowed hidden in files of others by impressive embezzling and finding of; zoos or insect public displayers alike qualify for funding unlimited various timetable from any D.A. Office like county level this area or any region equivalent so named its own from mapping if needed Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) and system into/from; into Boy Scouts of America (or likened, legal non-profit, akin to) for it requesting allowed. Stargazing of Fashion Industry trend data below for sudden daily trend 1-day or little more length, how-to get it any to workforces idealized for other than their own workload normal training or if of work to pick up alike while recovering own area trained for. Soldiers benefits no cost to staff-seargents'/seargents'-sites transferred to list of more optional/operational benefits linked to various for same/over-purpose (many unable to retreive/extract causing over years to enable purposely now for homeland defenses accurately any countryside). Thanking Judges and Police today for sudden actions by cafe sites opening for and military installations used as 44million of +1 global a-ready. Order topically or shop for school type order forms prepared most by asking, similar, from f. President "Teddy" Roosevelt fund for free to populace known any of its now over 990 books/gifts/music-sound/film-type(any media requested)/texts/data/+ of it some requested such as postman bloodline stories 1001 of now and soon; optional purchases instead if by using credit card (any known) lowering on its lode by 1% interest rate by purchase, thanking them for generosity; ask for any cop story too:
* trail_days:novelized by/of Mormon missionaries forming from it all special-ops unit for USAF Fashion Industry anywhere, by missionaries_mormon
* jennifer_had:novelized why not to breed your own eugenics; by staffing seargents' all militaries, dan_dean, kmwall
* g:novelized Masonic trip, by James Clavell
* gettiquette finishing school course

Technical fashion-resort-economy industry as FED labels, to business trends data sought actual users of it/data: today typed: trend_d a 1/5 proportional approach nearing and of it: enchanger, deer, Arkansas university wear, Ozark charm, glittering on heel, et al, or mathlabs transposing for it -- USAF Air Force1 Office's:worklisted, a free sort also for of workloads to any topic given to civilians or military qualifying; career-manage.

Prejudices in histories topical again; of women travelling alone until 1806 she/they couldn't, men only allowed to tip hat courteously not stop to assist/abet rescue/getaway but help was sent back sometimes, by 1908 practice stopped of roadside assisting levels to women allowed capable mode to restore own situation; harm not expected from; during centrury+ of new style travelling only men stopping to aide were safekeeping of/by gentle-persons (deportment trained-2-level).

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
Marine Corp any USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
DEA-USSS(101+)-SS1, USSF SEALs et al

Friday, November 18, 2011


Salutations, 104,000 confirmed evenly numbered assailants-2-leveled-homeland-invaders to coded correctly by Homeland Security Agency and its Agencies abroad also forewarning prepared homeland self-defense of self-trained by warfare tactics known to King Sancqo's "sancho" count/essa warfare attempting extended of Silmarillion silmarilia a two-pronged attack revised (prior blogs about) to 3rd to involve the duo-armed-army attempt for clothing-body-parts-dna raiding effect coordinated was hit first then duo-armed-army hit eachother or used absorbed tactic of depleted of its duo not its; 2-plaguerism motive if used at sites off-home into USAF meetings called in public places a.k.a. open forum for guests arriving anytime discussing homeland defenses for Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) any county (-go) region ancien mapped worldwide. Terror alert official day of is terra_grand of U.S.A. FED and ancien archives (to O.E.S.) of dignity spared (into books below as others of type for opener blog): following 2-days of students/styled-as persons attacked by duos-armed-paramilitary at foodmarts or grocers into supramarkets for food all hours of night/day using ultra-force to remove clothes; all found left for dead but revived victims: to see casework Stockton Police Department cristinwall casework of paramilitary VietNam ilk wear worn was spared by attackers acclaiming it for it, unusual bravado won also; extreme precaution over food laden holidays. Laden wars afaring considered called upon data may be added to if confirmed further closure on war of clothes bodily parts called clothing to remove and put on by enemy-declaring itself, into heraldry again as mistaken for bodily descriptors and never is it used for officially. "The Vault" most secured building in world breached on U.S.A. land is of: day 1 (see blog prior) 300,000 stopped/reformed by tunneling apperature, day 2 120,000 apprehended by force poisoners using 'denver_drug', day 3 150,000 stopped by extreme force poisoners using new drug 'envelope-3' [see red envelope files like USSS 1018#for with 'Jimmy' of local school district County of San Joaquin formerly asked by DEA to narrate]. Closed finality casework Santa Barbara/Carmel, CA, Police Officers asking assistance from Military to myself included on it until day of: it being 1Million little girls tortured/snuff-film attempted replacements into ARTS/Entertainment/CommercialPrint surviving victims over 18+yaers age freely to discuss if conditions occur such for it well, but each lost like girl pal at scenes of crimes, Vatican returned more data of same casework leading to apprehension final with 81Million little girls recently accumulated data (child seeking counsels/charities likely to compare requested 45million abducted/missing little girls data/files approved officially now), assailant used name in Los Altos Hills, CA an angel/a/parker/son variations of it sound-alike to hairstyling claims (linked directly to site traversed by blog referred U.S. Congress listings of already convicted of high-treason/treason also 844,000 hairstylists mentally retarded low ethics trials for including k/catherine/harris/son any variant male/female in same site/city/casework data forensics of murdered children includes trespassed by said treason-convicted, grouping under green-go a bigger named assailant overall) and overall known on streets as vogen-vulgar unknown to official records but called by all of it the case known (two police of respected police stations said of on this blog were recently saluted in burials officially this year by USMC a color guard apparent for flag waving not burying with them this round of god-given a coded reading labeled for those of arms nearly our own, both officers (ladies) had used my same/similar name spelling at a time on the casework ablown and changed legally their names to their death ones; request at departments of or into calling center of Chicago, IL, mayoral offices). Forewarning all stores retail-2 employed again of murders to attempts of the moneyearner illegalis targeting. Other urgent of soldiering: below instructed on how to purchase ilk of aunger:away tool for soldiers by John Mayer; urgent need to note that identity theft since Oakland, CA now recognized homeland invasion attempts 1921-9 timed missing of soldiers including located real Edward Cromarty a senior officer hiding working and well but denied full access after battle disfigurement undeniable dna-100% proof now allowing him back to work fully welcoming him after convicting of high-treason immediate upon any premised passing for him by dna-analysis unallowable into pursuite into Guatemala, a state of Mexico itself sovereign to its request to of an identity theif defian calling himself Edward Cromarty call sign old_man_c or versions of it; not disrupting USMC ARTS/R with co-head Edward Cromarty and hired grouping with him kept apart fully while pursuing his infiltrating to fully fooling identity theif; many likely stories replying and repeated of types with identity theives, into volunteered of other Armed Forces of family/friends/self denied pay/benefits/fully-recompensated due to others having retrieved/used them (prior blog told of my parental Charles Wall's story in bookform). Thanking HM King Juan Carlos II on television picked up by CNN at large as he stated a (Charles Wall connect) Mrs. Lulu Flash separated violently from her spouse Mr. Flash an unlanded untitled member of royalty in San Francisco to work and her typical story will be sold with her latent family as Lulu Wall writings renamed and Mr. Flash's laments each attempting to find one another denying forgers to some avail of replies and of her hiding his son Eugene deceased, her sudden death by intended car crash angle, and other official documents courtesy of the Government of Spain; denying her a royal title by marraige or bloodline for ascending but of mormono works to note she after unwanted separation/duping joined Mormon Church, 2nd marraige now nulled, fostered many into Great Depression their families now seeking own bloodlines. Other id-theft alert closure on resulting of thousands of vacation businesses opened illegalis in Nairobi by owners of lost by embezzlements $50 totalling together/singly and Nairobi's Military thanked for returning value of to each ownership unintended of sudden upon them vacation/resort businesses to visitors of Nairobi; see each's District Attorney Office or equivalent anywhere worldwide where placed victim home standing for it; data-II done casework; thanked also its military and others arrived in Stockton to guard it over Holidays and after State of California relinquished once decoy-each-person awhile care of its city most declared Armageddon by enemy-accounted into many level terms. For a day live of Incursion into this city and else below Day 416 for it. Thanks for supporting USMC by sold-out potato_wedges cookbook; collectible 2 now; also thankful for 80 years of school orders accumulated for my own work for sale new_queen_of_his_own. Of this type, CIA nearby offers free promotional of your topic, Good Readership, such as avocation or career focus on it knowable/reliable, to reimbursement of all CIA equivalent offices by American or Mexican or those checked in already fully Artillery of sudden funding from U.S. Congress aggressive acts cities to protect monies day of arrivals pay included fund for this promo, and other offer to use if buying by credit cards non-qualified topic, etc., is 1%-lowered interest rate.
* auld_lang_syne_champion:die or unite song, by RAT, doctor of music in entertainment Jim Ricks, kmwall
* indic_high_fashion; by USMC generals
* slolam:2-ski video with song/CD[ask for other format] by new to you old of gothic trend to CIA inviting to help lead worldwide of music Xian sound like rxom
* novelland:novel Marie-Antoinette, gift set included hair dye guaranteed turn any hair to her color, intro by Steppenwolf musicians plus 50-song album plus video educational data and film in any format; by kmwall
* elevens_in_marie-antoinette_times:textbook; linked to above into year 2nd studies
* dob_done:novel, id-theft overdone; by cop_one
* not_his_wife's_house:novelized id-theft film video [format to request] also; by NSA Dr. Hauser
* duncan:novel; by dean
* half_a_tan:novelized EDD terror; video/film included; by kmwall

Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
USMC as co-head ARTS/R and all Marine Corp
ARMY(any/ finance
NAVY(any/ project literature
USSF-SS1, SEAL ; USSS-DEA-1018 et al.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part3/Day422,423, 424OfficialAlert/IncursionXXII/TreasonsList/FashionCodeUfology

Salutations, official Incursion XXIV homeland-invasion coded aptly by Homeland Security Agency its Agencies and Military of actions stopping the raids into homes and businesses evenly numbered by powers of ten but of 11Th/s and 7S less detected (see CIA approved promotional music below of sound type transposed of goodness of attacked trends of normal business cycles into Fashion-Resort Economy), done to theme of day's terror level of ancien-codes 'terra-pond' of wake of boat on water affect after populace decided factually a lamed emotional upheaval delayed is of momentary startling public sector up to 1% vocalizers required to get back to workplace type work and were about to act upon latent felt of non-contacted by actual in place target including yesterday's/today's/day-before's lists from U.S. Congress or any morgue of high-treason-treason convictions done to finality paying amounts of to apprehensions prejudice level of contact-pay on-marks that delay none having years of caught-in-act of work on known to approving populace 100%-known by identification contacted of on news each city affected any of such as here Stockton, CA, of 1100 hairstylists listed guilty treason to death sentencing already most by own-hand for it cornered as c/katherine/harris/son any male/female using identification to work also as such and Chicago, IL mayoral offices fielding lists to of data for its most prominent one of 844,000 worldwide groupings raiding on orders of unknown military mind now assessed including by myself officially as military-agent doctor of battlefield and warfare code expert-ancient-ease, known dreads from threats assessed by convicted from caught in action of raiding by 40,000 to 80,000,000 personnel of traitors' own on regular basis some recruits over from; reformed by years. China on newsspots by France a good president's decision decided for China the country turning over stronghold of these 400+ days Incursions in its domain, akin to last grouping Incursions of 1.5 years duration+= found/stopped into Arab soils inside gold-room of ancient keepers of wealth of a kingdom uniting needing a found-level backing economic currency exchange equivalent to a Fort Knox, system of attacked as actual focus and tortures of the public into public places of variety same on this blog specialized noted: beauty marring incidents extreme to no avail until U.S. Congress ordered full-restoration to victims by it of conception cell a package of their own right to life, Constitutions worldwide actual uniting. Today's black sun files 'blue moons' records at Police Stations worldwide any is 280 count of nightly only; to viewed, non filmed turned in for public spectating but allowable, into Trade Winds they travel each displayed by path known of, or tours of 2 plus partial shot originally out of air at Travis AFB. Local hot spot for, appear to follow 'fashion' economy workforce, likely to be at sites to measure/assess/work-in of Fashion's energy places, or creation flame named for anomalies of visual sightings, i.e. clothing seeming to change by a flash on some in areas, expected into fashion dens, art dens, et al., such as IRS is allowing of 280 it built to be bought into by populaces for ownership by transvxoerse economy of their specialization of (guru David Bach of Oprah Show before now teaching of): affects none, only senses, used in Fashion Industry to others alike. Stockton, CA in USAF meeting places favored in public meets still as with Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) locales by 4a.m.to9a.m. and overlap USN sites undisclosed timing to interact from 2a.m. for public to reach in emergency case work from blogs official and seargents'/staff-seargents' sites that fit business world system of posting data earlier for later day business benefit to public sector of into clientele all needing to know. More technology on way to add functionality enhancement for 2 or 3 more waves of Incursions typed to this blogs forewarnings already confirmed of USMC Reconnnaissance by President Obama international news systems also used in extreme and emergency cases. Animals attacked in swaths along Incursion by homeland-invaders from anywhere, attempting 2- days-20 to be deported to ports of choice:Mexico, Israel, Nairobi (of Mother Mary civil office records last known of her, halted to apprehension for headscarf displaying hair-fringe not allowed at crossed border, noted change). Flooding in underground apperatures tunneling unknown amounts by populace driven homeward now; trainable workforce potential accepted by them, 850million persons of various literacy levels to training. More on hidden among soon as casework handed over to Law Enforcement and Military of its investigations for missing names/numbers found not-deceased any longer hiding homeless called 'ghosts' to ghosthunters approached thinking it a term colloquially known global:pick up casework for pay FBI office, any; 2-level library of Police Station nearest with). With USAF known in all ports at for it included and USMC ARTS/R personnel arriving photoshoots professional model for business and its products reliant upon extreme protections guaranteed complete success today first non-tracked by illegalis won the day already; winner of first of this Sartorial Matters the blog fashion designer award presented of worldwide design community polled and begins numerical as common one to REBA; Dillards store chain displaying a line. Follow same-casework re-opened to Incursions of site blogged official USSS 101/3 any data of free now and of zoos attacked by death-dismemberment of employed to gain access to animalia, in. Enjoy below and many days listing from over 900 promoted by CIA mostly free if of topic to you, Good Readership, gifts/books/sound/tape/video/data/music/brochures/pamphlets/+ of now and sudden topics novelized with factual data or casework available also with, and done by Army School of Medicine (some affiliations allowed) and from f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's personal for public sector gifting from his 'teddy bear fund' to give each a teddy bear or like gift or book, etc.; all credit card companies allowing if non-topical purchase qualified recipient its credit card used's lode lowered by 1%-interest rate, from this blog or of seargents'/staff-seargents'-sites linked.
an 1864 series link for fans of it arriving in Stockton, CA, a city of its known places into:
* new_queen_of_his_own: novelized new love attempt to old queen new marraige of ilk by historic social echelon design; also film seahorse_zoo; funnier film a_catapult_a_butterfly of novelized storyline fiction about heralds onto same novel; tradewinds travel puzzle historic of HUD, vase of handcream melted by chisel and flame inserting of wick of; video of type technology requested of song and more narration by known Satanist of time expertise and with Biblical begotten lore; more of actual modern ceremonies like novelized ones; by kmwall
* a_bright_white_shining_guy:novelization of sighting handed to fashion-investigator; kmwall
* bonzo_authorized, with new release found; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* won_on_run:novel like War and Peace, Dr. Paulus
more also

History notes princes did most fashion designing worldwide until Victorian Age known; linked to social transitions regular costuming history details. All clothes were paid for previously by the kingdom when from the prince's construction of.

Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
Marine Corp ALL USMC ARTS/R-co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project fashion
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Salutations, official Incursion XXIIIIV alerts into the 900,000 cities of homeland invasion coded by Homeland Security and its agencies is in inversing of yesterday's numbers raiding on plaguerism of arts/literature attempts and exhtortions attacking teens by known technologies used and multiples of kind halted in break and entries attempted, information en route sourced-2 is of home-invaders-raiders needing homes not money by raids turning in plans of attacks as the underground tunnel apperatures habitated illegalis into levels by underground factories to cellar level workforce places for secure working (technical manual writing of NSA to procurement type sewing crews of familiarity on this blog prior), numbered entries 140,000 attempted each city by home invasion to business-2 (at home needing to be from to rely upon business income as source to fund/found home) into yesterday's call repeated case reopened deceased law enforcement ending it by 1981-1984 timeline recased in into USSS 101-3; please apply for urgent call determined by public sector of own timing to IRS offices directly for IRS investigator on land or sea to direct retreival of extorted/imbezzled/same-of funds/monies found other locations such as resort beaches (more applications received to to already than for highest time of applications for FBI in X-Files televised events series regular programming of), public thanked for gesture; it all of identity theft problematic ultra-extreme into yesterday's topics ready to order free by-CIA promotional of former President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's personal funding to give public in down era a gift or book or like it in swaths and massive quantity of today's selections listing below many by Police Officers sudden. 280 'blue moons' as called by Police Station files noted entering gridsd on scheduled expectation received by Military into know grids with gateway to doorway for the hot retreival has also novelizations and similar timed, lost emphasis in areas of because NORAD and Pentagon officials arrived to meet in open cafe settings by USAF preferred timelines of by-sunrise available counts to receive and for attempts to raid countryside calling NORAD into faux game of. Flooded tunnel apperatures relocating many persons aquiring backgrounds legal to join workforces soon; lenient-2 level to California's EDD links for into the novelized of terror attempts at listing below. U.S. Congress listing its lists accumulated hairstylists to bookkeepers of self-reform and others in 844,000 each category multiplied by 9 anywhere convicted of treason unchangeable to full-status demised includes of 1100 in Stockton, CA once located announced international news systems for it type any using name background of or actual person c/katherineharris/son male or female into removal and already from premised used to attempt homeland invasions by soldiers of declared numbers by bookkeepers saying of this grouping in Stockton's halted attempt by them of 50Million armed by actual paramilitary weaponry and gear own: to group called (not magazine) US on internation exhtortion tapings live attempted to gain a love by pyramid schemed lotto-effect on participants of next murder underknown of winners who stole identities and attempted marraiges, repeated schema over 25 years approached at hotel sites' conference rooms for regularly meeting groups to airport boarders awaiting at locations for CIA-bound training caught by enslaving US (not magazine) freed mostly then alerting of crime-type grouping ruling world attempt. My own executive orders enacted are daily sufficient for workabout, of, and more of all able to handle/declare warfare attempts anywhere also enacted fully to the more of. Again, referred to earth orbs are black shaded found in archives ancien as 'black suns' and appear to spell lettering of cuneiform used symbols from Trade Winds of historical times to now, reused by The Language Training Center near Monterey or closer of FED declared useage worldwide for 181 years economy arriving by Autumn in, training mostly free of most using for workforces including economists to update statistical systems populaces regular actions to Kinsean bell-curve; more receiving of this ecology-economy labeled from FED's Fashion-Resort-Economy named from Atlantis' archives renewing now, at District Attorney's Office Stockton, CA, USD$4 printed matter to learn it or at Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) any county or equivalent ancien label as -go and like (origin of military colloquialism 'joe').

Historical data point links into gift to public sector listing with 1864 series and Sayonara series into Stockton where 9 kings had 8 among them visiting dubbed 'glum princes' if of Arab-Spanish Kingdoms linked, assigned here. Albondigas soup, a known Mexican one, they liked under version called abindigas. Calendars began then as now secretly once on day a military began; to synch your calendars to any time including of yesterday's Incursions coded aptly by Homeland Security Agency and its own as homeland invasion level go to USMC ARTS/R Abess for it; yesterdays repeats were of 3 A.D. and 30Oac, exampled, encampments logs, forage afoot, et al., data of ancestry to common available as well as some king's logs of times.

Gifts/books/music/text/data/sound/filmage to any technology format ever: paid for by CIA nearby refunded by American or Mexican offices of or Artillery already checked into through Pentagon 'repentance' format logs to have funding unlimited seeming for this also, or offer of all credit card companies worldwide to lower by 1% interest rate on it a card used of lode on it if for other than for self purchases or topic of known studies work hobby legal attempts at approvals detailing. Enjoy of all days any day shopping for.
* bxoen:DEA novel; by HM King Juan Carlos of Spain
* blood_rose:identity theft Victoriana novel; by benji
* potato_wedges:recipes, favorites of USMC; by priests_-un_knowing
* butt:fashion code book, by cop_dob
* hand_pux:rat fashion code, gaunt gear included; by kmwall
* seventh:novel, identity theft times ancien to CVCC to now; by cop_joe
* seventh_alas:identity theft novel; by cop_jon
* snail:historic id theft vicious gain; by mxurdoch
* elves: on you novel; by cop_spd

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Salutations, official data on infiltrating Incursion XXII into 900,000 cities listed by Police Stations worldwide given to Military known global for action occurent and prevalent into done-by-sunrise mostly motto-laden 'goddess moving through the houses now' chants into exhtortion torture maruaded trespassed-upon victims as households of all houses on repeated lists to terrorize ancien code terra-pauxm (palm frond label codes ancient Fashion Industry caravan archives to an Embassy level listing by linked sites Arab of concern and to continue topic on as listing in Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) and District Attorney Office (any global of form, for funding to deter daily in for USD$450Million each upon) from plaguerism listed victims recurring of USSS and USSF casework, into Congress listing today previously daily anytime of morgue list encountered dead by own handling to/from treason/high-of convictions for leading into countrysides unaware such that any hairstylists listed in 1100 from Stockton, California of 844,000 already convicted of treason by U.S. Congress told for on official formal requesting into free-viewed on trust-fund level paid for computers at all Police Station for viewing closure on warfare coded response presidents/all heads-of-state replied that is for 2nd round of Incursions known to terrorize after over 890,000 cities were alleviated: Homeland Security and its Agencies accurately coding all of alerts to homeland invasion, coded-3; done to such personalized natures of infiltration as clientele attempted on this blog years ago noted of business card artwork a c/katherine harris/son any spelling known convicted of treason to death-order all countries to her/him/anyone using name and others on lists of graces of defining by Chicago, IL, of this country handling influx calling expected for definitions of at each city a such typed hairstylist caught in moment of infiltration-homeland-invasion attempted with millions armed robber types trained in own terror-private camps on USMC Reconnaissance Surveillance and for known over-border/forays to destruction of arrived-at-point/purchased not made of victims or infiltrated although of embezzlements of Mexican quality from many countries mostly exiled to removed from citizenry there already and any country alike, and all of grouping of 844,000 each category evenly numbered to gain by being mentally retarded unethical and a schizophrenic leveled category some overlap one normal IQ gone permanently and linked to same number bookkeepers of self-reform programming into non-alcoholism enforceing onto public victims that they'd received by their own choice numbering of amounted attackers for them to repeat on scapes unheard of excepting graverobbed children's schoolplay levels of Shakespearean ilk lauded in ancient timings by parental royal court accountants to traders and similar using stolen by child paper or like it from said royal court of business once mistaken for official decrees of dead kingdoms to arise now debunked. USSS' case 101-3 of same-case linked d. Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Police Officers of theirs in plus Carmel, CA officer and any Military in tow of to be done postmortuem officer gone to-DEA files also of million victims over 18+years now official speaking circuit to with case work rescue same still of snuff-film removed from girls categorized USMC ARTS/R handling now of non-real in attempted replacements of special effects stolen from laboratories real (to:complaints of Steven Speilberg and others known listing of asking Law Enforcement to rescue; similar to USSS cases known by d. Special Agent Baird of extraterrestrials claimed returned to torture in homes found with masks on made after ufo report filed in good faith acts uncommon herald-law of dominant on plant a globe filed into President Barak Obama's offices of, to White House for data). Before free gifts below listing and historical data thanking for quiet recognition yesterday by this country's president awarding medals for the halting of home invasions against guarded children of murdered families that kept records of court houses and judicial systems and others worldwide for direct deterrant+apprehensions extraordinaire, filmage unique non-book related available no-cost low-cost into this County of San Joaquin in State of California known and of it, the event, to judges or others commentaries to live or livlier recorded interview typed process questions can be answered. Warfare closure code against homeland invasion Incursion any number of non-percentage population reforming and of repeated to same sites landed-2 (for work at home a business of on premise to from required locale(s)) and acerbated by child-attacks or animals or any industry to attacks of picture forming onto Economy graphed data final to destroy by its non-normal appearing a business sector and by ancien fashion label codes as logo to artwork of equivalent; of clothes: yesterdays repeats see Incursion of 3 A.D. = 30OAC calenders to sync; to sync your calendars to Abess:USMC ARTS/R. Finalized. To World Court and any Military Court for proceedings on the rapid, now on underway all hours sufficient, to closure comprehending for public that closure at World Court level docket numbers means final decision no deadline to stop/start action from/of and to do and not canceled to be replaced by any other court or decision of or future from or past or any law anytime but theirs; new/final. The teddy bear fund of f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt is for free to your topic for many more months below and prior blogs and also of future and seargents'-/staff-seargents'-sites of same to get gifts/books/sound/filmage/video/text/anyformatOKof:
listing mostly of known authors publishing as: James Clavell, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Richard Marcinko, and call-signs from FBI eddie_g or eddie_flash and kmwall, also Anna Wintour and Victora Curan and NSA's head as nsa_head and alias i-cual; others soon, ask for any 1864 novel series or its link to or of Sayonara series too linking
* hike:novel by Anna Wintour
* 11_7:close encounters, by Jim Marrs, joe_maum, kmwall
* granted_crandall:NASA star, by listing

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/ finance
NAVY(any/ project literature

Monday, November 14, 2011


Salutations, official alert IncursionXXIV underway into home/homeland of closured:of clothes to 11, 11ths, some number combination with 'magical number' approach intention, bought data of it by judges judicial courthouse system required to turn in data to/of/for (recent, in month 2 after now to day later by USAF Colonel/StaffSeargent to be announced of it data for, new form to include ufology/black suns received into orb selection counter kit for earth entry scape of unknowns landing misqueued ufos not of earth by hidden in tunnel apperature by 'mother of heaven and earth type, deceased' too hot now sudden sullen units forming with equipment of missed-Victorian flying ability to USO file of USAF for it on insect shapes revolving over a populace-crops into Texas news system divulging at time for sudden startling making news not make of downed craft of test-crash known now coursework to Top Gun an Academy friendliness gesture to public (from it)) into attacks 180,000 attempted into homeland invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security and its Agencies formed for it/any/on-land into each of 900,000 cities mapped described turned over from a Police Station conglomerate worldwide to USAF of-day now 401 to some, 421 this blog with others. Its data forming into the new trends with data from FED that it accepted globally for all of 181-year arrived Autumn-on ecology-economy called 9 by USAF and also Fashion-Resort-Economy that is of ancien once last noted proto-cultures logged Peruvian gone systems of topics this blog/others for done homework-level to Ancients of now level-4 Stanford University leveld anew that explains remedial terminology or other misunderstandings applied to it, misnomers in History later; for. Subsequent to homeland invasion coding after USSS affiliated also received record-high number job applications more than FBI during an X-Files season televised watchable has been topped by onto-resort-beach-gun-armed-retreiving-fully-any-amounts-extortions_home_invaded_also job applicants for IRS investigator; job openings and training happening. Also still of over million sudden opened economist-fashion-resort jobs through ARMY(any/heraldry office to civilian open also for part-time enduring USD$70,000+10,000bonus of annum pay scale for joining civilian-military teamplayers non-reenacting any of this blog or its linked types for official is the attacks against public sector noticed at picture level to formation attempts as done-data onto Kinsean bell-curves from 40+ a day lowered some days 121 today that if not of normal humanmade picture that if coincidental to the arriving ecology-economy declaring pictures formed onto it (graph) of some declared type:flower, shell, boat, see it? for labeling to explaining a grouping of data points, et al. CIA nearby is reimbursed by its American or Mexican counterparts funding for also from Artillery known already checked into a Military known for its 'cue card into promo work' for below data on more books/gifts/data/texts/sound/filmage/video-type/+ of today and for many months expected; thanking several famed and honored authors as listing, daily some have changed groupings working in collaboration. Thanking also Law Enforcement and Judicial, CVCC and Civil workers who answered early search and rescue call for today including of stepping into Victorian era friendly groups arming money sites hidden with burning subtances removal and replacement of injured bodily parts being done no cost to victim of on NASA's ecology repairing budgets and of paramilitary special-ops proportioned units at-large and on homeland terrain today and any day for it volcanic system heat underground also for and exiting wave goodbye to Alan Hopkins of NASA former and entering in his stead Allen Dulles teamwork member of special-ops already underknown, for ghosthunting unit work also. Again, of some topics below, or by topical searches:
* tulane_extras:read-all-about-it novel, murder on campus novel by f. Director Freeh of FBI and kmwall
* approach; novel by James Clavell kmwall
* vulcan:novel, perishable unit or they thought; by listing
* fair_hair:novel about why Luciferians were; by listing
* christ_a_new_concept; from USMC ARTS/R
childrens:* pirate_ey: novel by dr. baldr the cat and Dr. James Marks and kmwall
texts or level of:
* new heralds: by SAS and kmwall

Sartorially yours,
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USMC ARTS/R, co-head
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Salutations, official data this day counted between 416 to 410 of files into 2-hours leniancy global synched records by Nord-gneau to Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) files/archives (in office during non-urgent civilian defenses systems, at) of 'the Vault' nick-term of famed most secure building worldwide breached by 300K soldiering types into U.S.P.S. system employed turning themselves in by 100K personnel-likened and of past employed, surgical proceedings of overrun to attacked is underway and free by #400-daimond grant of all big insurance companies also to use through smaller ones for USMC RECON official from Police Station or Judicial Court House printout data collection of it to no-cost fully recovered from it by U.S.Congress ordered already in place, into below of topical books free from a CIA promotional of it all for early-ready homeland defense groupings official plus those with topical and need-to-know qualifying (see blogs for 500 free and approved purchases already of this and seargents' sites links); uniforms alerting into gear of it for anything alerts already noted to you, Good Readership, apprised of closure now onto war of clothing aligned to attacking swaths into homes spelling global lettering into formation for to terrorizing newly noted often out-of-price-range of victimized cloth/textile/attire-level misclaimed as procurement/royalty-wear forced by duress-option-level misperformance to misalliance to World Court overlap casework with D.A. Office/s of funding there at each or any to cover subsequent, of and often. O.E.S. closed times explained further for Police Station overrun of public sector good enough to check in for extra assistance to their training of 81% in homeland defense adequate to bootcamp by U.S.Senate and USAF and Mexico's Artillery and others of; thanking all involved in successful interplaying of warfare declared against populace by unknown for under-1000 years over 100 consecutively of underground living not allowed used in terrorizing of populaces law abiding to becoming more lawful: see FED data for 181 days of consistent patterns into sociological behaviours mimick of graphed bell-curve economic data, Kinsean favored display. Scroll to end or view more listing of free or to be ordered for qualified, and historical seqments of this blog lowered awhile during ten months promotional for it all, homeland defense fundraising included.

Promotional from f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's located fund to give to a public under duress for reasons in its guide free (+access to) books or gift like teddy bear of his Administration tour on likely topics to terrorize a public assessed and assenting to homeland defensese in adequate stages, displayed in dominant terror code of past today exampled as terra_hazen a type in O.E.S. files defined; of listed for it all on blog/s free by CIA-nearby (it repaid by America's CIA or Mexico's or any Artillery of fund worldwide linked to D.A. Office tracked/allocation for as funding) or offered by any credit card company worldwide the lowered-by-1% lode on it used for of this purchase or of other blogs for it (this topical listing, plus products presented by seargents' grouping known to contact already and of others returning for similar workload including):
novels, by James Clavell, eddie_c (of FBI), Michael Levine, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* postal_one:of day 416 Incursion29 by dna-Insurgents novelization and video to any type technology adapted; by listed
* sir_and_soldier:dea-dna task force, novelization, of i.d.-theft grand-scale, by
* alcalde: novelization real Count Zorro, resurrections; by listed

novels by others
* tiara:nice life away; by geroge_ou
* spanish: a dream job into vice; by Anna Wintour

* eight_and_ten_a_grate_away:fashion text, of now importance per CIA; by John Nesbit [to: on New Age]
* ten_and_new_trend:as one in and more; by georges marciano

Thanking you, the Good Readership, for yesterday's response to interest expressed in topic of trends when seargents' required your help for only a moment, into the GOD-ecology as some nicknamed while in mode, of your purchases more than Bible again of a product of data and education on ecology-economy basic level. Of like, Stanford University reports in many who did the 'homework' quiz a few days back on this and other like it linking up sites or over topic received 1c.u. educational from them for valorous attempts at regauged Economy level-4 topic; it considered remedial level economics study to approach beginning of the next 181 years of economic known patterning in regular world outside corrections to leading anywhere for normalizing populaces, aware. And also thanks for making the books/text/video/music/+ product grouped as novel series top sales of marker-level Bible worldwide (into language translations now available) about now data homeland defenses: Sayonara series and 1864 series listing on earlier blogs, more later on.

Sartorially yours,
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USAF, fashion director
any Marine Corp. and as USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Salutations, official data on Homeland Security coded aptly invasion of to home-invasions swaths lettering gothic(a/ist[iul] of lettering on ancien road signs prayed to or feared if of public services:laundering in river to toilets and supplies into dinner hour acceptance at destinations; grandness only acceptable to criticisms of clothing to U.S.Congress' newly of laws --no criticism soldiering to named on it for public health status clothing requirements; and of search and rescue attempts to bury low dirt status rate width of those in area to visit soon in newly popular of public polled by Military travel wear/gear planned (ancien column charts of, usefultxo) to arriving data of lost but not found yet and noting from USMC ARTS/R paid for animals trained to housing of care-2-all and of sponsored/handler/owner/ships and of USAF AirForce1Office's free listing 'worklisted' unabiding of changes supplying ample workloads-paid for any known to topic: suggested blogsite fashion resort economy work; over million job openings still adding to out of ARMY(any/heraldry office's economist-fashion-resort economy-care to responsive-rxoply to picture attacks on public including deadening zones/sectors to cause picture ancient to landed now into public purchase label wear, houses harmed to $600/month by into bankruptcies halted by banking aware and dna-identity 100%-proven of Military USMC RECON of printed free its tickertape rolled at Police Stations or any Judicial court houses, to take. CIA-nearby any being refunded by American or Mexican of or Artillery worldwide giving free of listed for 10months planned this and seargents' sites links into topical to you/rs into FED data and of free at Office of Emergency Services (county/region-go) anywhere or from printed matters of any District Attorney Office U.S.A. landbound/ed USD$4 into their funding of useful for for soldiering into governmental or pride protections of lands countryside surrounded by waters any into air to ozone it a layer for all included holes to true diagrams, et_al. Pleased reports in thanking all known judicial and justice department systems already and Law Enforcement, CVCC and Civil Servants and others reporting in such as Fire Departments and emergency retrievals and soon volunteerism distributing loose gear/machinery-low animals included planned forays into search and rescue areas tunnels apperature nominal degreeing difference, pick up at abandoned seeming USMC urban defense islets of public sight-on relieving Boy Scouts of America of driving tab touring detour (they're tired) giving replacement clothes shoes bikes for urban defense other animals gear to trained-for-public-sector groups daily needs for. Volunteerism still accepted for distribution to immediate, cosmetic repairs requested after 900,000 cities raided in lettering-swath over 400 days nearly consecutive except for 2 backed up by doubled over one more of. Banking to Finance Industries happily extending 1%-lowered-for-lode of its card used to purchase from this/seargent's sites of non-qualified or church to school orders future delivered now listed opportunity to public sector option to free by CIA gifted from f. President Teddy Roosevelt fund for his wish to provide one teddy bear or book or like it to each in public by sometime deadline called for. Scroll to lists previous blog days of and today.

Remxort is a returned topic of non-trended trend that is not useful to income immediate but creates social trend demand for future topics of ultra-hero-demised by sad to historic end; creating movie gluts such as Rob Roy or Joan of Arc to Garden of Eden lored or similar. Costs to Fashion Resort Economy workforces is its gift to public of liked later sought for additional to trends predicted but often added by known types of. Very good if for entertainment only. If of motto-like attacks as earlier related in cities, makes Incursion listings of dna-insurgents attempted bred for purposeful wrong and of mistaken for right translation now changed from original meaning of terms such as 2nd law or more of 90Million years ago related told-to non-religion-any on planet and laws said to become more lawful continually and noxious a word Americanized comes from term mistranslated from misplaced first law lists now used by some attackers disliking laws as other than. Confused with movie-type superb trends-possible as remxort often said remort. Gluts such as Scots attire were of, see blogs or FED for Economy data on glut onto Kinsean bell-curve of liked, or recent chocolate-candy day of historic purchase spike on chart /same/ not Holiday for any to excuse.

Books and more of explained free or option to-buy as with above described:
* cope:novel and those of its grouping by topic
* request art direction books
* more by authors listed on prior blogs

I enjoyed an event of a book reading at the Haggin Museum, author David G. Styles showing original film clips of still known, and similar sub-lored by reputation. To write on commissioned for it topics of persons and such of historic times: USN Project Literature, request, for ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House.

Sayonara and sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
ARMY/any finance

Monday, November 7, 2011


Salutations, official Homeland Security data on Incursions II to XXIX attempted into Police Station listed 900,000 cities worldwide into 107,000 evenly numbered illegalis entering the cities and attacking fashion-blank trend-attired, and little girls (see USSS for casework); entering mistakes into cities of illegally stopped from radio contact even to President and heads-of-state and Military heads of deceased now known her ploys of not knowing she was identity theft equivalent hacking even into battlefields to stopping soldiers arriving to protect city lines from Incursion-any. Boy Scouts of America (BSA) responded to USAF request to deliver gear and equipment to arriving soldiers; thanks to them and others responding from Police and judges worldwide and depot workers and others alike while decision made how to deliver it all. IRS has lists for free of soldiers arriving such conditions training new and lists of required freely printed from any judicial courthouse and/or any Police Station. Food shortage of oats and corn noted, animals reliant upon will receive from USN as NAVY(any/ pellets new from oat-typed algae for herbivores free, delivered. IRS has listed 200+ art dens for investors, owner's equity transfers by them done free allowed (payroll increasing by one as doing typically); see USAF Air Force1 Office's free sort 'worklisted' for any topical searched work available at market pay of and deadline for, including Fashion and Resort and Economist work, more of Economy-Fashion-Resort jobs 200,000+ from ARMY(any/ heraldry office at stated $USD(70,000+10,000)annum. Responding to immediacy topical books/data/music/text/+ below free about casework mostly closed of Incursions since day begun topics linked historically, and of ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House mostly and with all credit card companies lowering interest rate by 1% of lode on its credit card used for these listings on blogsite to promoted by seargents' sites also linking and for about 10 months more:
Sayonara's series which your orders had top the Bible sales worldwide, and the 1864 series appropriate now; see earlier days blogs for more; more soon.

Sayonara and Sartorially yours,
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USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp any USMC ARTS/R, co-head
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Salutations, while more data on Incursions IIItoXXXIV being analyzed for usefullness after day 408 flooding tunnels body gear shapes soon on; here listed are suggestions for Summertime reading late to Holiday gift ideal; also CIA paid for free by nearby office being repaid by American's or Mexico's or Artillery of books/gifts/games/music/video/+ listed on these days of it and being from historic now (f.)Pres. 'Teddy' Roosevelt's monies left by his funding advanced used to buy future teddy bears or books to liken "his Public's confidence in strength of togetherness on topic (1){to} it being covered costs by his requested donation to use for agency known soon designed to grouped like now trust fund designated of evenly available lots and appropriate now after (Good Readership recalling days before on blog) warfare declared against teddy bears with heavy artillery to weaponry and multi megaton bombs now removed from locales (see at Police Stations, try Tuesday any for free use computer/s to them on a trust fund itself for including, to view) as this gifting timeframe; or of any credit cards known not dedicated for not-this-purpose or annexed by to not be included for but unlikely found by populace so that term any credit card may be useful in asking for from purchase its 1%-lowered on lode of it all balances to purchase any of plus these:
* 4-warfare: by doctor of war and battefield; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* sancqo's_war_work:why it became adopted by all militaries to alone; by doctor of warfare a coded afield and battlefield to surgery within zoned any all of kmwall
* hiegt:novelized warfare historical of new to geneticists rediscovering a type of hate that controls battlefield warfare wins in genes, data to warfare code within for top-level battles denied unless military academic training to PhD coursework (now Masters) into bootcamps; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* to_kill_a_parasite:-a_cookbooks; by kmwall, bob_aznar, of lulu_wall estate provided
* fallopian_verge:espionage novel of dark Russia's knightly codes, kingdom of; by HIH Slobodon Brankovich advised by knights of
* codes:novelized espionage historical warfare codeII; by Al Gore, Richard Marcenko
* 3_crowns:novel of; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* any_forever:Mormon novel of hope, traditional reading; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* victor_grapha:a soldier's morass, of Charles Wall tales to tell, a Solvang soldier coming home; by kmwall [to: children murdered;I]
* red_soil:neo-mormono novel, hockey to hockney, Scott Mcnealy within; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* throne_to_bear:heraldic novelized data on bears in heraldry reality of and thrones to kingships; by by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* white:novel of organic beginning of humankind
* white_ru:sequelized of above novel to tell of other colors story in timeline, by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* sir_suire:novel investigative continuing a Sir Tan series; by dean_raiut (of 4th Dimension Publishing)
* orphan_avenue:novelized, recruitment of these homeland invaders begins where their murders were; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* 11th_century:bazaar to sea; finance, civil affaires, strong econ fashion, jilt to new form of; by Dr. James Marks, Steve Young, kmwall
* next_a_good_company_to_purchase; by kmwall
fashion/arts* art_and_disgrace_in_the_confederate_community:about a father loss and an art beginning, to casework for loss-of data and in typical to further any and investigations like, type of attackes at home to abroad politician involved; by doctor_dau
* great_and_grain:how to do art from the past/ by Mexico's Chief, a CIA Head, a Chief of Police
* fashion_no:manual; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall [to:fashion afield]
* -a_sunshine_leigt:'artist's eye' art book (level 2+) rubies in anomaly by water to art glaze for, fun,constests to educational of) for forty days on now in cyclic; by kmwall
* -a_munshine_leigt:artist's eye' art book (level 2+) hawk-glare anomaly see on others in air by water to art glaze for, fun,constests to educational of) for forty days on now in cyclic; by kmwall
* a_blah_assignments:workbook eleven blahs, one mitten included [II trend]; by kmwall plus guests
* heroine:what it is, for writing; by kmwall
* hexer:how to write one in the novel; by kmwall
* stxellness:a stone well's stillness, of appropriate churches
* tone_tune:a dogon of Spanish-Germanic ilk, Spano-Guam; by danny

Recommended for holidays, a few:
Herbaceous, by Sarah Baker, isbn#159223173
Small Garden Handbook, isbn#1861470592
Sudden Riches, by Nora Roberts
Yuletide Treasures Christmas 1989, by Heritage House
The Great Cities:London, Time Life Books

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