Thursday, July 29, 2010

Incursion IV Downed Numbers and Fashionable Alerts

Hello to everyone, and I hope your week since the last blog has been good and effective for you and yours, as Incursion IV alerts are still high at warfare mode but have downed into only 8000 affected cities worldwide. From 80,000 affected cities there is much to celebrate now with the Military and Law Enforcement and those of Civil offices and other just good community minded citizenry and residents. July 7th was the official day of change for many things in this set of Insurgent devised Incursions particularly number four. Attacking each city affected today was fifty-six thousand and more Insurgent-Incursionists described today as miscreants-neo-mormonism and miscreant-retardant-retardant who for example believe erroneously they are the missing Russian royal lines and of course are not when their dna is tested at the military installations as required or by the USNavy or the USSS and affiliates where the exacting bloodline records are housed. The less good news is the continual discovery of the infiltrations by Insurgents everywhere stealing identities and lives and with illegal surgeries to cover their evidence by altering to non-recognizable levels their victims. The escape routes may take any form, anywhere, worldwide and no longer relate to mythical cities such as Mu or calligraphic letters spelled out by paths on each continent. There is consistency in that Arts and its counterparts and parts including Literature and Fashion and their business world connections and affiliates are being continually illegally targeted by the Incursion IV, but are sticking close by each other and communicating well together. Cases can be opened anytime of day for the victims and the Military is on patrols twenty-four-seven or all day and night, as well. Some meetings can still be attended by the public for the defense of your own neighborhoods, but be prepared for them to be speedy and as quick as the activity at Wall Street, with little time to catch your breath.

Communications are again becoming very necessary for forward progress in this economy being primed for a next-step of further recovery, not all doable overnight, but with cooperation. The USAF handles Communications worldwide for those requiring very accurate teachings on this matter, which includes often uncomfortable ones such as repeating what is said in certain ways to re-include data and overlap other tactics and for comprehension. The department at the Air Force is called Communications, which as you can correctly guess does other things besides this level of basics determined to be needed by the general populace and businesses recovering. There are other projects still to be also picked up by the public work sector for completion by their deadlines, especially in Fashion from the USAF Air Force One: Fashion One project.

Today, Count Zorro has been resting in the sun after several search and rescue forays that are just like his exercises. Some are still in tunnels but most are above on the surface of the crust of the earth, and occasionally to be expected over car tops or tree tops or roof tops. I'm pleased to be his commanding officer as well as one for the rest of the worldwide Military and the animals are coming along very well in their activity. They have been finding many more extra large genetically altered animals that require extra care and handling because they were tampered with by Incursion attackers, with chemicals that increase their species size, in most instances. Some help from the public is needed for babysitting some of these adorable but large animals who've become reliant upon human contact and care and feeding, and may be really unusual such as big moles that were mistaken for trained dogs, etc. Also, there are some small tours that are quiet available after success with the animal and bird watching clubs coming through the cities affected, and especially our city of Stockton that is pleased with the respect given to the NSA Project: Echelon laboratory animals released part-time on the delta waters to restore the natural ecology determined to have been damaged by humans abusing it before now. The tours can be done privately and if the cities' Better Business Bureaus and tourism offices are contacted with your plans, much like a flight plan, it is for the best. The black hawk and his family are quite adapted now to our houses nearby the water and we're in their flight plans, now. Remember that if you are raising or training a search and rescue or military animal or one for the USSS or similar that you are entitled under our present warfare budget set aside for such things to be fully assisted and with military veterinary care and food and housing guarantees. The animals also get groomed, but may be objectionable to it just like any other, as I've found some prefer certain soldiers to groom in one direction and not the other soldier in another, but those are fun times for those helping. The military animals also go fishing with the soldiers and personnel of the various agencies and counterparts helping with urban defenses (now called Emergency Services on the budgets in many municipalities). If you'd like to go along on a fishing walking or boating excursion, please let your military animal handler near you know. My near daily walking path includes stopping at the delta with my sketchbook at different times of day for different types of lighting and sketching some of the genetically preserved animals in their environment, as well as the natural residents they've befriended.

Other days are ahead of us and I have been hearing how busy everyone is and that some of the items on this blog also spur on more work than some have time allotted for, while others qualified for many things are still looking for work. Time for entertainments, though, is reportedly being given more and more priority, and even reading in particular. Some of you have asked me for more lists of what I'm reading and even approached in public to find out which other books I have in hand, and that is well and good. I'll try posting a monthly reading book again soon and keep you up to date on my follow-on projects. The next scarf project for me is a cadet blue one, if you want to keep apace with the knitting or sewing or self-designing.

As the Incursion IV dwindles and becomes numbers 5 to 8, I'll remove more of the Military data from this blog except for more specialized alerts, and will refocus on the historical applicability of the Incursions and their data for Costume history and such. Arts are only affected by them in the worldwide protections given to the fields of it to help get information and even special artwork past the attackers. These are serious protections, including those given to Literature and Fashion fields and others you'd expect the Military to assist with and involve itself with Law Enforcement for such as grand schemes of conspiratorial nature. Trying to steal a Mona Lisa is a singular event, but trying to stop a worldwide artistic direction of certain styles and shades for example to the point of kidnapping or killing teachers and hindering textbook printers or chasing down writers at gunpoint have become the types of repeated schemes that require Military assistance. Since they are repeated if not ritualistic and to large swathes of the populace such as all those with surnames beginning with AZ in the West End of a city or at a time of the moon phase, as is today's set of capers available to Law Enforcement from the Military, there will be some historic notations in curriculum of the future of these times we're passing through, together. Many a time you've read my touting of the USMC Arts and some of the stories of the protections that occurred are available for fodder for the writers of screenplays or approved literature, and other artistic ideas. Those interested in adding in UFO types of data to arts or literature may also request real cases and stories authorized to be used, that are factual, and of interest on entertainment levels to the public sector that is the market. After having over a thousand writers arrive in Stockton to interview or observe in public places with permission the retired secret agents that had them on their calendar, the successful interactions will allow for more of these types of appointments to occur. The comparison is to perhaps a ride-along with law enforcement, requested, close in contact, but may have less capers first-hand available, but can be just as good. The most prestigious agency on surveys to the public lately is the DEA, but this may change in coming public perception marketplaces just as sometimes it is the local police officer who is the hero most preferred on-screen and others times it is the fireman, or the ranger, and other ideas.

I hope you'll enjoy these opportunities as the historians are sorting and cataloguing urban events of recent times. Other types of data for those lending credibility to their artistic venue or even their news story will be on this and other similar blogs soon, including more about the factual and actual royalty and the changes that have happened in allowing information on this and similar protected persons categories to the public. In light of the styled and evil Incursions being consistent lately in attempting to include the Mormon pioneering histories in their written plans of attack by infiltration attempts, I have in mind also that the USMC handles all religions worldwide and so all have been welcomed into a singular grouping of categories that verifies their correctness and protects them, including the actual church nicknamed Mormons which has been fully cooperative. The Scottish Clans are still their interest this week as well as the general public's renewed interest and so there are more people planning to join the clans that they may qualify for, and there is always one operating that takes in most any, for the sake of it all.

I plan to see you on this blog again in about a week, hopefully each Thursday for awhile, and I'm still on an official vacation with the Military while I work on a specific writing project. And also some artwork. Many cats are being sketched just now in preparation for the children's story I've mentioned. Have a good week ahead and take good care of yourselves as you continue to avoid and deter the Incursion IV's re-enactors-illegalis and other traitors listed at the morgues and at the courts of law.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer