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Free gifts those below of continual CIA nearby promoted from former President Teddy Roosevelt personal fund to do a gift or a book or each or some more to public place populace to it for getting all need entertainment of it former fabulous to now future fabulous the equalizing textbook available availability of Fashion and ARTS the recent made most needed granted ask by topic yours or others of one and on prior sites to links of staff seargents seargents sites the actual topic sent some bookshelving included in underoffer to other game and training alike and etiquette a staff of DOD equal to do for governing ruling a system underemployed but not royally titled such as a social club dominant and the agenting of such similar system as the immediate response today in each city listed for revealed retaining an industry each or any other the NAFE and NOW and equal a Citicorp official at each for security purpose to help along:
* purpose_purposeful:novel; by taum_tom
* 9_of:text fashion code; by KSWISS
* vogue_pare_now:books by duo Vogue Magazine; by California State bear official search and rescue animal coded full human Alabrasus
* sxym:novel; by john_-go
* rain_or_shine:of gold attacks; by L.Gardiner, James Ricks doctor of entertainment, a head of state within it, and Metallica
* 20_and_1:text fashion code economic; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* vogue_pare_now_things:by Vogue
* on_un_music:song by Metallica with booklet
* a_new_poetry:by Angus Young
* accountancy_X01:ARMY Accountancy leveled; by govan of at any dot mil
* better_than_you:novel; Anna Wintour
*ask by topic
Hint helpful children keen on bear bobcat games educational stupendous response to soon be in also educational sites as well as their schoolrooms the first cannibuales a known unicorn legend derived from it the first animal granted guaranteed by its ability to house household livestock to do search and rescue with USMC plus others official already trained also as the first animal named therefore thereby being Alacuus the canniubale speaking then the first lengual as they do now and of the paramilitary language only formerly held only for it now revealed a Fashion Industry and of Resort World to Atlantis the City missing on records only to surface records recording still in tact, more of it on the California bears trained for search and rescue alongside the dogs K9 dob8 plus it from Moffett a Federal Airfield is name Alabasus the first bear also of it all.
Gratitude mine to other writers of sudden poll by judges and their own grouping lawyers private to the Writers Guild and RWA of asking who'd be a dream speaker at international conferencing and my name was the unanimous speaker of choice saying much to me of which offers I'd always be glad to send for joncular vernacular of soldier broque and a Queen's English spoken of official to comprehend more from by less of mine this listed the soldier in uniform a USN or of it to give grand speeches to their uniform discussion being discussed any legal topic to this an educational site permanent only to the USMC ARTS/R inquire after judges thorough inquiring or to my private site listing at each or any of Yahoo! enounters now thanking you the Good Readership; enjoy the site.
Kristin M. Wall aka kmwall
minister Ministry of Fashion also FFL and a SAS officiator and a Knight of Columbus
USAF director fashion/art designer also a RAF+
all ocm Marine Corp it USMC as co-head its ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and in its USSF special-ops as unit a one
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