Thursday, December 1, 2011


Salutations, into cities lettering-swath attacked by bird's flight view Incursion XI iis is 104,000 attackers entering-illegalis(sudden-to-war-for/of-by) 900,000 cities-even-numbered, reason clothing settled on bodily parts removal from victims illegal organ donation attempts 2-stalking to wear organs:skin/scalp/eyes/etc., shopping for them ritual attacks suspected into Abess Office for it all USMC ARTS/R data form from FFL to any detail under-system attacks of information clogged by correctly reporting unusual to-warfare from found, into logs of missed coursework soldiering to harmful of them hand-to-hand combat or mortal-of missed instant data-chord any spelling any country's military for it prepaid populace donated fully cost of training to USSF 'Bob' Mayer to schedule if unable to reach regularly or at Visa Company's or American Express Company's president's offices/desktops, asking. Mascot attacked level data from NASA library for public of yesterday's announced delta cats attacked, now other household pets attacked same returned to homes mostly repaired by search and rescue workers, found: exhtortions by 'enemy' declaring itself pretends animals in coloseum styled competitions losing, persons illegally held hostage from workforces found also in animal-hutches, to USAF AirForce1Office for data on workforces Fashion-Resort-Economy. Alum bear data down. Bishop's/equal's religious message annual to contact family/like to schedule activity later instead of gift now; high suicide rates holiday of low-amount for gift. Fish below. Work from USAF AirForce1Office's: free sort :worklisted any industry/economic-sector, topical, civilian, too. To promotional below listing CIA's free by it American/Mexican reimbursing any country's by shopping topic Holiday season express courteously by USAF, official kindness from f. President "Teddy" Roosevelt's personal fund for gift to populace in down timeframe, teddy bear (see alum bear story seargent's site/Mick's attached), book or like; to purchase otherwise credit card companies known offer lowers lode on its card used for by 1%-interest rate; IRS offers tax write-off for party given if helping any school district get purchases from these listings CIA-promotional from Army School of Medicine Publishing House or official of from USAF/Army School of Medicine Publishing House:
* in_to_utah:novelized, DEA, of State, 51% populace used drugs one day; by Michael Levine, Richard Marcinko , kmwall
* roger:novel; by kkourt (FFL), joe_maum, kmwall
* 3_crow_ins:novelized; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko
* hay_brother_bear:novel; by John Mayer
* alone:novel, by SFPD its Museum
* a_tall_forest_II:novelized, by John Jakes
* canteloupe_un_el_envelope:novelized, mickey slipped paramilitary victims; by guide_bee_known
* drama:novel; by dean
* drastic:novel; by cugenia, unit-u, kmwall
* when_its_in:z-finance economy fashion; by Dr. James Marks
* bi_blessing:mormo; by Mormon Prophet, other prophets, USMC ARTS/R, joe_maum, kmwall
* god_novel; by Dr. James Marks
* jo_go_book:novelized, cop J, gangmember, military career soon; by cop_jannsen, jo-go
* ocean_says:Metallica special; with duex:French language version extra gift; over-narrated by priests-common-all-churches; of USMC ARTS/R
* tulane_extras:novel, murder on campus; by f. Dir. Freeh, kmwall
* bast:novelized; by kmwall

Alum: Parks welcome visits to bear locale, Alum Rock Park, San Jose, CA, for bears on blog/s legends tours behavior data needed; personal story: gladness for cafe patrons/owners with toted alum bear search and rescue called omu bears of Atlantean histories with Mu tales Islands of Hawaii, my day.

Patagonia: Human sized fish in delta of prehistoric Patagonia legged-walking 2-type lungs fish non-food chains found 6-foot laboratory lobster released into illegally by dead scientists (it ate all mid-catch fish and small of delta cats' food grottoes) it in laboratory habitat but patagonian fish extreme interest 2-submarine/submersible to advanced technical film of; fun migration (no victims from); history claims talked to persons lored, ask at Moffett a Federal Airfield for tourism holiday Civil Affaires Office Dr. Steve no/low-cost.

Orbs: Still touring netted by NASA mid-air in Trade Winds sound off letters descent of etched by Ecology onto sides of, black suns files archives historically many names now, at Travis AFB contact for: USD$43

KMWall, c.o.
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
all Marine Corp at USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
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