Thursday, August 19, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Musicality in the Air

Hello to everyone and I hope you are taking your regular precautions during this officially defined Incursion V which you'll recall involves military styled raids by those choosing homelessness for any length of time, but with more details from the worldwide police departments stating 900 million municipalities worldwide are affected by Incursion V. There are only about 840 million police protected regions, so that there are other military types of zones that will happen in your own areas. The nine hundred affected cities after Incursion IV have passed into this new Incursion V. No reenacting in public or outside nonprofit designated places guarded by official police departments that are paid to guard the facilities is allowed, and is considered part of the Incursions I to VIII which all including the President and Heads of State have declared official and continual warfare against. There are those soldiers returning from the frontline of combat that have asked me, frankly, Why was my fashion trend unit sent to the front line? Or, similar with performing arts units, and others like them. They are trained soldiers, for one thing, but beyond that they are familiar with the most overtly and illegally targeted economic sectors of our business world and other echelons. Those being again entertainment including Music and Film and Performing Arts including stage, with private business network heads (legal ones) that came to the military and asked for protections of their business as a whole economic sector. Similarly with the Arts and Fashion that you've heard mostly about on my personal blogs.

The other alert for Incursion V today involves victims homes or locatable places by house or other numbers, as the Incursion V raiders and invaders are using these numbers added together as binary then plus or minus one: 212 would become 5 then with one added or subtracted to make 4 or 6 the Incursion V perpetrators' operative form of function against their victims. Take precautions normal to you already, now, as you've been keeping up to date in your additional home safety training courses at churches and schools and such. The seriousness of Incursion V is that our U.S. Congress offers USD$80Million for each apprehension or execution of any Incursion V perpetrator found to be working openly in normal jobs around or about you; payment is on demand or even on the spot with no 'clean up' or repercussions and that is how valued our general populace is to our worldwide governments, while it can be shown in dollar values. The military can be contacted for this in usual manners, or through your police departments or other law enforcement or your regular and listed clergy offices at the USMC. If you haven't been reactivated in the military for at least part-time for your own hard work you're probably already doing again anyhow, please do so. Some nice benefits await the urban defense levels of service.

Thank you again for making it a useful tool of communication by your readership numbers which indicate it is the most popular worldwide. As you've followed up on items, others from the blog discussions have become very searched out on the Internet and elsewhere such as jeweler Lisa Sysombath and the book authors, so that you may rest assured that we in the military anticipate guarding them during the times of our online discussions or research together or alone. I've started the R. Doherty Area 51 novel and will fill you in later on other projects.

Someone asked me how these novels get selected, besides my own suggestion. They are analyzed for the size of the readership for the good of the large group in communication. The topics are suitable to be read aloud to children or others, and they are on unusual topics usually that belong in entertainment, not to be repeated at home, most often. That is the nature of the surviving and evolving entertainment market that includes novels, being guided but actually rather driven by the Christian book market and its guidelines. For those interested in this field's direction and movement, you can contact the CIA for studies or the various Christian book market writing groups, or even many other writing clubs of sizable or historical longevity.

Music is also surviving today because of the diligence of many in the field who felt it ought to be defended and by Constitutional powers to use the military to do so. Therefore, we are pleased to list some and certain jobs from the military that are available to the public sector as well as to soldiers. Career musicians looking about today may consider our postings for performing musicians of fine arts or classical backgrounds and training. We need to have many filmed and recorded segments made prior to films and other entertainments which will dignify any participating artists. These recordings will be available for purchase by filmmakers and other recording professionals; this is part of the steps that will be assisting those recovering the fields of entertainment in the Arts. These job listings come with the usual job reference from the military, so thank you, if, for example you are an impresario or an accomplished single instrument performer such as a banjo player. Soon, there will be more of this type of opening for those who can be recorded or filmed in the act of preparing musical instruments of beauty or historical note, such as an ancient harp, or other you might have around as a genealogical gesture.

This leads me to mention some interesting facts from the Cherokee Tribe and its various Councils that have relayed to the Military that they have an unusually high percentage of their populace now that is mentally retarded. About fifty percent, and yet what is a pleasant gift to societies about this other than possible volunteerism is that these Cherokee Native Americans are highly adept at historic musical instruments and even skilled at carving or creating them from scratch. Their performances may need instructors, or not, but this might be an dedicated way to contribute in volunteer hours, and the regular charities have been cooperative and helpful, already.

For the children, as well as adults, be aware to watch out for our military animals again, which you may know are part of MI1 officially. It is easy to imagine as I've explained your favorite movie spies such as James Bond and MI6 types of systems are similar, where all MI6 are also USSS equivalents and all USSS are also MI6, now. These military animals have much training in transporting documents, carrying weapons or otherwise fighting for victims' safety and defense. They are very brave, but too inquisitive on their own time, so that I need to alert you to watch your pet doors in your own neighborhoods as our military trained cats are making new patrols on their own effort to guard you and yours further. Some of the cats treat themselves to an unscheduled reward not on their lists approved, often by dipping into fish bowls in homes where they've tread without invitation but added by themselves to their patrols. Be sure to let us know if you have your house invaded and see signs of the military cats such as Dr. Baldr the part bobcat and Siamese at my own home who attempted to guard a house and then dip into the fish bowl for repayment. The owner is having the fish repaired in our own NSA Project: Echelon lab (if you're searching for the lab in your directory from a government facility, the spelling is the old style you're accustomed to, for speedier dialing). Although Dr. Baldr has received an honorary PhD from some caring folks to help his status in the military, he is still not above reproach by Count Zorro his senior tomcat who is making him do extra guarding today until the younger tomcat gets it right again. Remember that Count Zorro was also caught in the act of paying himself for extra guarding in raided houses where he scared away trespassers when he ate pizza lunches left out and about. HsLadyLove is above reproach this week as she's been sailing again on Navy docked ships here for various things and is so pleased with all the attention that she is behaving well.

Be well and take care of yourselves, and I'll see you on the blog again, soon, likely by next Thursday.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Incursion V Royal Imposterism Alerts Not Fashionable

Hello to all, and as it is another day of Incursion V attempted raids upon the cities affected, there is a high alert at all police departments just moments ago, and be aware that royal impostors are attempting to pretend to be one just to then pull rank in any form and remove you or loved ones from your own lives. Remember that there are 27 claimed murders by each apprehended i.d. thief that is part of the official Incursions that are part of the series of warfare executive order events after the enactment of continual nature. The president and all others with executive orders enacted permanent warfare with real military action against any Incursion I to VIII invaders or raiders or those who carry out their orders such as from the paranoid schizophrenics and mentally retarded hairstylists numbering 400,000 in this country's morgue lists, alone. It is illegal for them to be giving orders to anyone, in their groups, including using hair or similar for genetic determinations any longer on anyone in the public which is why the Military and others such as the FTC have made available the actual one hundred percent accurate dna detailing list that provides exact data on who is your brainstem, now the only repeat only way to determine the identification of anyone in a public place or their houses. There is no one able to stop this progress, and no tolerance for lying about dna data. Be cautious as those in the Arts and Literature are especially being targeted and therefore protected today in these raid attempts. Only 900 cities are still as vulnerable and Stockton is one. You are not obligated to accommodate these mentally retarded led cultish attempts and military type groups who try to soothe you or alternately claim that you must be in their version of a good mood. Recall that even that is conspiring against a public official or anyone else which the president stated is illegal to the point of immediate treason conviction process. There is no one who may tell you to be in a good mood, or a bad one, excepting the points we've discussed before such as when you work for an employer with a public interaction and then if you have to represent the company. There is simply no tolerance for these Incursions that are re-enactment illegalis declared official warfare upon. And, misbreeding as they've done intentionally the mentally ill and mentally retarded in order to outnumber the regular percentages in a populace with ordinary people is part of the warfare declared against them, as you'll see in your churches and temples and other places of gathering now and soon.

The returning soldiers are to be welcomed, and are fine with your taking pictures of them in public places as long as you keep asking first. The Security Council is pleased to greet them in person, each. The meetings are happening around the clock as the soldiers are truly welcome. Some have their old jobs back and are still making the training meetings to learn new technology and other things they need now. We are still short-handed on just people who can hand things out to the soldiers and also to give them their data on what their returning and renewed benefits are about.

Thank you all who read my Silver Linings story and purchased more than the Bible in order to fill up urban defense funds in your area, and also for purchasing all the soldier's fundraising items. There is less emphasis on uniforms and wardrobe upgrades officially worldwide until the Incursions are removed from our world as a threat. The ridiculousness of the attackers spelling out letters in their worldwide raiding patterns and other situations warranted these decisions, as it takes more time when such attackers and raiders and invaders are non-military trained and run away to hide. They're hiding among the public sector, though, so the military is entering houses and this is not jurisdiction sensitive as it is a worldwide official military and it is not policing weighted but actual and rather military. The sergeants are glad to be putting you into other sites after this one as your clearance levels and interactions have decided.

I'm glad to be the fashion director for the USAF worldwide and so this is an interesting note for those not usually in the fashion arenas that this month is one bereft of actual fashion trends. This should not panic anyone new to the field or work within it, as it is a good time for getting creative, and many applicants and new designers are getting posts because they're being daring with a design or trying a new tactic. It is typical that a month at a time be empty of trends on a regular basis and so I hope you'll enjoy creating your own this month.

There are far too many good ideas for books out there also to let them drop, and I know that several publishing houses are asking through or by the Military for good manuscripts to be sent in. Especially series or continuing stories. The USNavy Project: Literature can assist you, still, with these areas, and there is direct pay or studies or both available when you work with us in these projects.

Keep in mind the mind control officially named computer chips that record your electrical impulses called thoughts, that are on each corner where the military interactions discussed above are obligated to be present and remain. For your protection. They'll also enforce the facts that include you are not to receive anyone's medications in public nor are you to be identified as anyone else. Any and all of the known organ donor recipients will be showing up on these chips also with the FDA type data you learned about before that reads and records whose dna it is walking into any place or by any place. This type of step is safety regarding the public sensitivity alongside the other correct decisions by our elected and other officials and leaders, such as our governor who added tanks that are included in the six per city block, for everywhere, in our city. Others, also.

A new trend that is not likely to be attacked in the same manner as the recent adventure trend in entertainment (by those into adventurism) is one of royalty in literature and other entertainment. This is expected to be recognizable in traits historically considered as well as of actual historical figures and those characters modeled after them. I have a few I like to write about, and soon I'll recommend one or more books about the historic royalty that are interesting to writers for designing their characters to appeal to entertainment audiences. Just recommendations from me, personally, rather than the studies you can request from the USNavy Project: Literature and also from the CIA.

Soldiers returning today are receiving some fashionable Winter attire that was designed by fashion designers and PhD students in fashion while their business area was very low in activity. They are beautiful outerwear and unused, and so thank you goes out to those helping to distribute them as well as those who helped design them.

It is a busy day and I look forward to an art gallery reception tonight, and all going well, I may see some of you there. Remember to avoid the re-enactors out in public as they've been declared to be immediately treasonous and are not to be condoned as a game and sent home someplace. Otherwise, be cautious and enjoy the no-fashion month upon us. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and News in Lifestyle Fashion

Hello to everyone, and I enjoyed a good day at the museum yesterday but found as much of the Incursion V raids were happening there and enroute, but the USSS and soldiers were in fine form and handled the crowd control to management level. There were many celebrities from Europe and I was pleased to see USSS personnel that I hadn't worked with since I was closer to San Francisco. About eight to eighty raids by Incursion V attackers also known as Insurgents-dna are expected and the returning soldiers including certain MIA are numbering 203,000 personnel fresh for helping their own neighborhoods. There is no reenacting allowed and only in the future if nonprofit clubs already approved and established who receive express permission from the official military. This is no game, nor game illegalis. Additional precautions go out to remain alert to doping and drugging attempts using steroids of illegal manufacture that affect breast size development of women. They are short lived, but many people reported a size change in bustlines they presumed correctly to be from Incursion V attacks. Your local D.A. office is focused specifically on the bustline attacks as well as other cases. Many other private law firms are helping with the other localized body parts attacked, including any beauty marring incidents.

There is less than one day leniency if a soldier's family member has mistaken in their disorders the real from their reenactment status, and they are not to be given leniency if they've decided to declare themselves the real person they're copycatting at all, and will be convicted of high treason as the others on the lists at the morgues which list is free.

At almost 400 real courtrooms convictions of high treason in the actual ones where you go for any other case you have, this 24-7 system has the judges busy and they are notably serious and dedicated to the unpleasant task at hand. There is infiltrations that are being noted now that are characteristic of Incursion V. There are no discharges from the worldwide militaries going on, the soldiers are returning to their homes after training going on now where if you have time to help catch them up on current technologies and assist them with their bank accounts and IRS payments then you will be awarded later. The Incursion V is underway and are they attacking the 800 plus 100 copycatted cities worldwide left of the originally affected cities. Remember that the soldiers are just finding out what has been happening in their own home cities since they were working under certain conditions and so many didn't know that their families were being raided more times in battle formations by the variety of Incursion I to IV invaders. They are again after the Fashion World and may or may not be remaining color sensitive.

Remember that no one can put anyone on any medications in public places, ever, and if they try it is automatic treason conviction and final result of, as explained by Congress anew. The mind-reading technology explained in the prior three blogs that assist law enforcement permanently and are on every street corner as well as anyplace where important meetings occur are being received with welcome by the public. There may be 40% populace apparent in any affected city that is considered an identity thief raiding through illegalis methods as explained by President Obama. The News is to be thanked for their help with explaining the organ donations and the beauty elements around them for recipients.

I understand that the Surgeon General's office and Attorney General are receiving about 100 million requests per hour for the here before listed diagrams and official statement of explanation about illegalis surgeries used in attacking the populace by Incursion V. Your patience will be rewarded in awaiting the official White House documents.

I'm pleased to be remembered by many of the soldiers as 'the general' of my variety of titles or rank, and any other notation. There are many reactivated titles and ranks that you will become accustomed to hearing in your own areas. My own of royal rank is combined when coming out of retirement to be one of official military job status, and similar is happening with the officers to whom we are awarding additional work in the form of royal or noble titles, accessible from the USSS office or Department of the Navy. Recall that we are all one military worldwide, now. My own rank is inclusive of the royal historic title that includes the equivalent of commanding officer worldwide and USSS equivalent, and certain businesses of fashion concern in order to help run the fashion world. The others in my house are also receiving their renewed or new historical royal or noble ranks, and with them the job descriptions. Only certain duchies currently receive income from the historic holdings so realize if your friends or family are receiving such royal or noble titles that they have a lot of work that is new to them without the reward of payroll from those places but will have some combined with the military job. That is how it works, now, that most countries are not in the old system just now.

Along with the titles discussed are the degrees of education that are available for work being done around or towards the Incursions I to VIII deflection and deterrent to the point of extinction of the problem. There opportunity for those who've worked beside us in the affected or other cities to increase their certifications or degrees lists in exchange for work they've done; you'll have seen this benefit is a fresh one for the soldiers returning, and others who've battled Incursion I to IV. I've been recruiting some I know to help fill out the paperwork and coordinate the documentation for these sometimes unusual degrees. One soldier was point blank about hoping for a Civil War degree, and after receiving nine of his ten degrees for returning home from work that was applied to the other degrees, he was bold enough to ask for the tenth one to be regarding the Civil War. That is fine, to make such requests, and professors of that specialized timeframe were glad to help out with the proper documentation I'm mentioning.

It has been my extreme pleasure to greet some of the returning soldiers and I wish to thank the Law Enforcement for their patience in the tactics handling the thousands at a time in various formations throughout the cities, a bit different from the less directly noticeable patrols from the foreign visitors. The remarks on the uniforms by them are courteous and they are quite dignified in their appearance in public, to the point that more pretty uniforms will be appearing in public by military and in fashion stores as a result of. I've been glad to explain that the military suits I'll be making soon will be of historic content, non-reenactment status. Many women have been purchasing or making very ancient uniform styles for their everyday which is to be officially lauded for their dignified beauty. They simply look lovely in their nearly undetectable uniforms that serve the double purpose.

The children have been asking for more information on the military animals, and they are welcome to visit with some and learn more about them from their nearby soldiers. The dogs and wolves with USMC and Sheriffs are quite acclimated to the public and good at cafes and such at restful moments. Yesterday, it was nice to watch one of the all white wolves visiting and working alongside their military trainer along a city patrol route. Something out of the novels of my youth, such as the White Fang you may've read along with the Library this year. The military cats are learning to get along with the dogs, but seem to be gaining their appetite size and are notably eating twice as much food per day. It may be that some surveillance will show the suspicion that the military cats when at home are hiding other friends, perhaps that match the paw prints found in the yards and near food bowls. Count Zorro my military tomcat is quite pleased to have befriended another opossum, but their diets are different from one another. So I still think that the militarized working pets may have others for us to recruit. I've been using some of the military pets to fulfill a grant requirement to sketch several cats per day and some of the cats have been bringing others around to pose, also, and teaching them how to sit just right with their feet in the correct position for a portrait, already.

The day here is still young and I'll look forward to being on the blog again with you soon. Take care of yourselves, as usual.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty Marring Illegalis Surgeries Arts Alert

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are well and I thank you in behalf of our militaries and governments and all for your support of the mind-reading computer chips placed at every street corner and public place to guard all, and suggesting silent restaurants with them in use is fine play. Remember that the attacking Incursion I to V have been pretending in lies to any that they are simply interested in playing games, called The Game as destroyed by the Church and Military in Mexico, or Reenactment Illegalis now as warfare officially declared permanently against by all countries and churches. The notable details for you today are about illegalis surgeries on the public and its animals by Incursion V as well as those before that surpass beauty marring incidents discussed here and in other official news worldwide. This other level of attacks is in information available from the Surgeon General and the Attorney General; you may contact the White House from anyplace or through your own systems to request the illegalis surgical diagrams and official explanation. They include disillusionment that the soul or the person or any other term of use for "you" resides in a heart or a brain mass, rather you are resident as a being in your own brainstem, and the brainstem is transferable by the enemy in attacks in about two minutes, and we now have caught up to them in under one minute to transfer brainstems to organic recipients. Stanford University is one of the educational institutions supplying PhDs in this focus called organic medicine. The diagrams and explanation from the White House Administration should be enough to get going on your case work, along with the FDA and other equipment I explained here on the blog that verifies one hundred percent accurately whether the brainstem or other parts in a body are the actual person to identify. The cost is no-charge for the verification and ranges again from one minute to instant, and is available at military installations and to all the concerned civil servant and public servant facilities. I hope this will set your mind at ease, as Congress has declared already full restoration to beauty marring and other attack victims from Incursions I to VIII. Eight hundred cities are still affected with one hundred new copycats, with up to eighty battles outlying cities or into homes typed and expected in any city, as we are now prepared for with the military and its cooperative law enforcement hires and others.

Tomorrow I'll be gone all day in San Francisco and exploring art museums with others on a short tour. Please check the prior blog or two for the list of benefits coming to the returning soldiers and those signing on in your area that you know while as the international news announced the worldwide accountants are helping us in the military search for the embezzled paychecks of the returning military personnel. Take care of yourselves and I'll be on the blog again with you, soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Incursion and More Fashionable Mind Control Chips

Hello to everyone, and thank you for your public gratitude and cooperation with the announcing of the security levels in your Incursion I to V affected areas of the mind-reading computer chips used in detection and now prevention. The law enforcement getting their equipment retrofitted with the computer chip that reads your thoughts exactingly and records them are glad to take you on scheduled ride-alongs that may cost a few dollars and fund. About a hundred thousand law enforcement are receiving this mind-reading chip that the soldiers use at a time, and it is manpower timeline driven, so about a hundred thousand chips retrofitted and eight one-hour ride-alongs per day are possible in each area, or thereabouts, partly for your education and somewhat for entertaining you with our technological advances. I was told to expect more soldiers arriving in Stockton and other affected cities today for training underground for a couple of days of camping and doling out their renewed supplies and benefits, so while they're exploring the tunnels and such, I hope if you have a security clearance level or civil service type of training such as working at a school district or for a registrar of voters at voting time that you can volunteer to help hand out things and data to them. We are simply short on humanpower, not hours, or supplies. Some of the soldiers are already signed up to hand out the benefits-added listed yesterday available and now utilized by all law enforcement and fire departments, etc., that of food provided from private funds and delivered to qualifying by USSF or Civil Affaires and now others who want to hold down this style of preserved peaceful living structure. Please let the military or city council or mayor's office in your affected city know if you can help today or soon to help distribute things to the arriving soldiers underground. They are, for example, accustomed to having spent one time a day in battle, and most affected cities have been battling underground or in outlying or in city limits eight to ten times per day with law enforcement in formations, also. Gratitude goes out to all who've helped, but this new level of added freshness and expertise is simply part of the character response to Incursion V which is underway. Some current dangers to the affected cities today include attempts to drug in the water systems and at cafes with a laboratory devised synthetic hormone that makes one feel ill as well as the Dramamine that you've heard of or handled in city-wide attacks before. Other attacks in affected cities include fecal-powder attacks on air pathways, again. Be sure to report anything unusual that you sense or feel as it may not be the pollen.

A quick refresher list of what the arriving soldiers are getting, as well as the added benefit list being delivered to all on lists such as law enforcement and fire departments and school districts and civil and public servants or charities and such affected negatively for helping combat the Incursions I to IV, already:

*Soldiers are caught up retroactively in the arrival training with their new or renewed accounts set up with their full salaries and upgraded pay grade scales as arranged by former President George W. Bush, and Administration.
* Fully-assisted, which includes scheduled meetings paid for, also paid are scheduled entertainments where they partly work at to protect on site (dubbed, getting out of the house), weekly deliveries or refreshing of items stolen or used up as needed up to full support levels, etc.
* Transportation, they select something
* Housing, they select from lists or their own, introverts alone and extroverts together for upcoming working from home
* Clothing, fashionable as by USAF determination, delivered or up kept, etc.
* Full medical treatment and care and performance levels upkeep by Military as well as veterinary care for animals owned or cared for
* Unlimited work projects
* Ten certifications or degrees of education verifying time in service or at work with the militaries that encompass passage of time, on funded grants and run by soldiers; twenty are required soon so that the next ten will be batched and bunched up after this round of distribution

I'm enjoying three days of blogs in a row with you very well behaved readership, and have been delighted to get a beverage from the resident military installation at Ola's Cafe here while the library is preparing to become a military installation, itself. Some people are working very hard to make these conveniences for continual warfare and eternal safety measures happen.

Other types of volunteers are needed if you have weekend timeline hours available to help returning soldiers catch up on technologies on the public marketplace in use by many, already. Basic explanations, and the soldiers are geared up for about two days of training on their schedules. The President has been by already to meet and greet many as their schedules overlap. Some families, though, attempted to meet them along the way, so there were a few glitches in communications among other things. The number of meetings that are rewards for the public and those working with us now to help in fighting the Incursion V are unlimited and prestigious. Some are rewarded with meeting a favorite celebrity, a head of state, a notable personality, etc. Searches on databases of who has bought real estate or other types of things have led to interesting discoveries of who is in the area, at some times.

A quick follow-on:
The USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One hopes you'll think about our question today, What would you wear to meet the president or the Queen of England or a favorite diva or others travelling through our city? I found out that as commanding officer not only am I allowed a first in the ciao line time, but now I can also have any unlimited styles of uniforms on any day including our business uniforms you've heard about. Have fun designing your own possible attire, now or in the future.

Take good care, and I'll be back on the blog with you again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Friday, August 6, 2010

Incursion V Alert and of Mind Control Recording Devices and Fashion

Hello to all of you and I know not all have had time to read the last couple of days blogs but today's is deemed timely for the urgency of alerting the public sectors on Incursion V's difference requiring ultra-advancements in technology from your governments and Military that protect you now by recording the electrically readable thoughts and hormones emitted. At the military installations are installed invisible to detection computer chip systems and also along the streets of the affected cities by Incursion I to IV attacks. The identity thieves are among the boldest waves of attackers in groups that maraud through cities and attempt to impersonate with illegal surgical changes and other alterations. This is official and NASA and space affiliates such as SETI that are accustomed to the public who will be glad to offer training filmage or courses for those wishing to learn about the Boolean logic in the computer systems that read your mind, now, literally, word for word if and as you think a sentence and self-talk, so that plans of the self-declared enemies who've declared warfare upon any and all countries and even the mayor of the city where I live, Stockton, CA. Law Enforcement's equipment is being retrofitted with this type of computer chip that is ideal for their work and others out places, and ride-alongs are a low cost that would allow them to demonstrate their use and the job that overlaps with our military urban defense systems in place that are now called Emergency Services by city council budgets and groups. In the next few days I'll go more into more about the Incursion V and the historical notations of Incursions I to IV relating to archeology and motivations drawn from it. For now, there are 800 affected cities being dubbed 'the 800 club' by our military today and also 100 more cities of copycat attackers in marauding form and formal gang like approaches to homes and businesses in sequence of form. Fifty thousand Incursion V invaders attempted to enter Stockton, CA in the wee hours this morning, and between 28,000 to 80,000 in others of the 800 club dubbed affected cities worldwide. Everyone involved in stopping the invasion raids are to be thanked, again, including the animals that help in the forward defense above or underground in tunnels and with their own paramilitary gear on.

Due to the very violent wave of attacks upon the public sector for motives of having gotten their wardrobe planning or decor color systems analyzed and updated or other fashionable options, these telepathic or psychic types of categories of analyzing the public are now being implemented. Utilizing the NASA and black-ops levels of funded technologies, you may've imagined in entertainment or movies and fiction before now how exciting new technologies could protect and change your life. This doesn't change your lifestyle except in your personal and group awareness how you behave in your mind control level and interact with others, in courtesy or in giving orders if you are in law enforcement or military or civil servants of public office. So that you are aware of this successful and infallible technology that resulted from the advance-casework from the lady officer's input here and then others data and information. This allowed our Military and my own teams of data and storage experts from my past interactions and business worlds to use Technology to in entirety create at speeds of light these and other needed steps to protect us all. The FDA reading equipment is also from these space technologies that help us detect exactly who's DNA is in your own body, or upon it, perfectly. If you had two brains in one skull of yours, it would show up immediately for law enforcement and emergency workers and similar, and within one minute at most leisure or recreation places for the public. These are hand-in-hand technologies, and complementary. I know you'll be pleased by this confidence level with the public and the fact that this level of protection is good for us all, now.

As we mind our proverbial P's & Q's while in public places, anyhow. There are many finishing schools and their equivalent that help with their constant complementary training systems. The fact that Fashion and Decor and those attempting to apply its benefits to their lives have been attacked in homes and businesses for such is untenable, but no one need hide in fear. Courage is for our times. There is a singular opportunity for those with verifiable backgrounds that can be verified at a security clearance level or style by the military that protect an online school where I co-moderate and sometimes teach. You may apply if you're a young lady or a lady with the interests of learning what you might've at another time in your life, send your request to

There are many soldier and returning soldier benefits I listed yesterday also available to all and any law enforcement and those in urban defense stance or vulnerable to public takedown attempts, i.e., fire departments, civil offices, etc. You may also have available from the USSF and Civil Affaires offices food, if you are among these lists or in businesses affected by Incursions, primarily, or as a result of, etc., that is private monies provided to and through USSF to help in extended warfare levels as now declared by all governments and those with executive orders of such. This option is delivery of food on this schedule, only, and may be in addition to your other lifestyle implements: one day's amount, one week's then one month's then one year's, and after that we'll see how we are all doing. The office to contact directly or in your groups or someone such as your neighborly minister or city worker, for example, is Civil Affaires. I enjoyed being part of the planning process when this gift was presented to the now-called Emergency Services. There is plenty of food for all, it is a matter of getting it to the right times and places, and that is a specialty of Civil Affaires.

My vacation is rolling along and I'm pleased to be doing some fashion studies on my own again for my historic manuscript and also my own upgraded wardrobe plans. My part-time continual profession with the USAF that I've shared with you as their Fashion Director controlling worldwide fashion by the military protections and guarantees of our governments usually includes daily cafe meetings or similar. In twenty minutes a day, the entirety of the world of fashion was redesigned around our military systems and now the day may include for those of us in these official jobs up to half a business day. I'll share more on the new styles of business links added to this field as I go along, and thank you again to the many of you who've applied for work with the USAF directly for your careers in or overlapping this historically enjoyable career choice.

Have a good day, and I'll be on this blog again with you, soon, as the Military courteously added more servers to help the traffic on the blog and to protect the readership from hackers and i.d. thieves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alert to Regard Returning Soldiers and Other

Hello to everyone, today, welcome into and through Stockton many soldiers returning and arriving to help defend this and the other 8000 still affected cities under attacks turned raiding-barrage by Incursion IV ending and now Incursion V. More soldiers are arriving on good schedules after today, as well. Please consider helping them with setting up their accounts for where they are, as the Military is providing them their caught-up paramilitary pay, plus a token they'll have in hand, and so those who carry such things and work at financial institutions or investment ones including private ones that are legal may offer this assistance level to those arriving today, already. Bankers, included. They are also receiving forever 'fully assisted' which is their weekly refreshing of personal things that may include those they've ordered or are gifts or simply a toothbrush. You'll recall we sometimes use those, lost in the grasses, for satellites to race and test and search for so mine that went thataway has been replaced also by the fully-assisted. Their housing and food and transportation and clothing (yes, fashionable) are also provided and guaranteed, as we are not tolerating any loses as have happened in attacks on Military and others such as Law Enforcement and professional sports teams and technology communities that were illegally targeted in Incursion I to IV by those who'd tried to foreclose on all of each category at exactly the same time, to time of day, before and during the pattern detection of the attacks. Those working with Law Enforcement and Military and Civil Service and similar may pick up a schedule of reply from the Federal Bureau of Investigation where the director's level gives a schedule of recovering all such illegalis-loses, and with recovery for all abiding legally as best as they could, and other etceteras. Those interested in other ways to help may also apply to join or rejoin military units that may be depleted or have any kind of unexpected opening, as they'll be working in our own areas very much of the time. You'll recall I asked you readership about helping out with the traveling (now) water units, diving or snorkeling or helping examine even dredge areas, and other such necessary tasks, while the special-ops unit might reside specifically in Hawaii but belong also now to your own affected city. Or, one where prevention is being undertaken as you'll notice with some specific movements confidently in your areas by desert special-ops.

Of the prom-date-late attackers I mentioned just previously, all 8,000 cities affected by the Incursion I to IV have cases done and ready to be given out to be processed of attacks by 4,000 such pretend dead teen dates or similar interests who returned to attack the same victims or families. The entertainment and music industry will be benefiting more now as a result of the apprehensions and there are many openings in the music industry forming that you may access at the USMC Arts, and may apply as urban defense special-ops, also, to defend your areas, too, while making beautiful music or planning to, somehow.

The clergy offices have been and continue to be graciously receiving lists from the military and providing them with the available to the public and soldier alike work projects that list the kind and timeline required. They are regular marketplace pay, and schedules for real world projects of business sectors that the military is assisting or restoring, including that of Fashion that I've discussed with you here extensively, lately. Gratitude can't be expressed enough to those of you who helped and are helping with the uniforms for the soldiers for wearing in our own terrain, from donating or loaning your sewing machines and facilities and also to the point of making the complete uniforms for soldiers. Some who sewed up a hundred uniforms each were gladly accepted into more permanent positions by the USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion, so opportunities are always possible from your volunteerism.

My official vacation is fine and has been even extended again by the military so that I can work more on some changes and enhancements on my project, a Civil War timeframe story underway. The follow-on next time will include a Robert Doherty novel, Area 51, the first one, that I've put on order. It has eluded me because it kept ending up in others hands and leaving with them in unexpected gifts so that they could read on their travels or such, and it is a hard book to get back, so I'll go ahead and look forward to reading with those of you who have been or will join in.

The pets and military animals are being lauded this week for extra heroism in battle defending homes and city limits, as one entire Incursion IV invasion attempt was deterred entirely by and all-canine military unit, and another by another animal military unit. Such are available as filmed by official surveillance for your education purposes or approved entertainment such as nonprofit clubs or churches, etc. for you to request, as before. And, I'm certain if you select to ask a recruiter, they'll be glad to sign you up or help you with volunteerism, or you may inquire at the Justice Department level where health services are provided as many of the counselors are glad to hand such film footage out.

Another round of gratitude goes out to the media which networked itself to assist many, and because of announcing that over a million women attacked by Incursion I to IV or similar could use the benefit of wardrobe planning color recoding the work got done. The USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion One will continue to have other types of projects similar or more sporadically for those with this type of home business available to us, there. Other thanks continue to go out to those including Law Enforcement, Rangers, Churches and Clubs who are helping the Military with deterring and defending against grand scale home and homeland invasions by the Incursion IV to V miscreant-palatable-by-now (so, you didn't notice them yet is their attitude), and today's official changeover status. This blog will now move along as already said into less schedule detail or location information and continue to keep you updated, and while discussing more of the Fashions and Arts and Literature of its primary focus.

Another volunteerism opportunity for those interested in the work of educational grants to help those that are returning from or involved in warfare protection modes for all of us; they need their paperwork levels processed for their grants and such to help with their passage of time education levels. For example, they're training along the way or getting credit for work in the field of battle or combat of any sort. To speed things along, we need proverbial paper-pushers who are able to help the soldiers organize the documentation for these types of degrees and certifications because more is being required of them. For example, seven languages were a requirement or to be in training of them, now it is eight. And other levels and types.

Until the next blog, I'll look forward to getting more of my writing work done and artwork, and telling you all more soon. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer