Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Official Incursion Alerts Rabbits and Vessels Ancien

Salutations, this official site of the Military's alert today about the HSA homeland-invasion coded home-invaders in military styled multiples of ten attackers included yesterday lots of rabbits freed by many of the youths of this nation besieged by extortionists with them by dawn; rabbits tortured and sold illegalis (films of) were the methodology of a series of DAR-typed raids by 'those who came up under her' a now dead known-prostitution-madame herding dna-social-classes and maybe more than one, plus other attempters at men-as-redhead-goddess-replacements-for-to-it to do the deed of evil upon a landscape otherwise unhindered and other terminology of pasts in militant-Common/s. That the styles of life and shipping at the time of the attackers apprehended by the D.A. Offices and Law Enforcement noting cult-attempt attack-lines continued on after a pairing of identity thieves entering DAR social lives in college years when many make friends for life found a judge's and a royal's identity thief among the pair pretending to buy a local business. Also apprehended by Oregon P.D. was their own casework to stop an identity thief pretending to have worked for them and joining local Sheriff's anyplace travelling in erroneous cars, stopping at houses with pretend interest to buy them. More business sector attempts will be announced later as affected noted by the FED's worldwide announcements of missing workforces now being found and reformed and new ones (up to 40) trained in the Economy sectors. White rabbits recruitment of supposed secret agent levels were also linked to DAR followers chased out of Australia years ago already and seen on surveillance by USMC Reconnaissance now worldwide placed always recording and at Police Stations and Courthouses worldwide for instant printouts. For Law Enforcement also like for Judges instant data up to omnipresent seeming levels of information 100% verified to non-invasive dna-tests 100% accurate to the conception cells of the person and defining all organs such as skin and percentages of that are grafted or other differences from an instantly calculated comparison to the duo-conception cells of the four from the sperm-ovum. Already familiar to you the Good Readership. The rabbits being freed into the wilds again is a good funding level available now, and the boys lauded (mostly from Scouting BSA and others for that run against the enemy declaring itself by technology of familiar phone systems and Internet). Other data on the mostly Fashion Economy and Resort of History attacked lines being repeat terrorized by old leather-logs of seismic-ozone hole terror plans is in terror-hazen, a level of enemy following it by 'instinct' or by also now stolen leathers of and using the steps listed from elsewhere and else-when to scheme at the same historic pacing of terrorizing a countryside is in the FED offices and the Military heads: Joint Chiefs of Staff are fully apprised, and heads-of-state.

Useful are the now mobile protocol services information levels of networks exchanging the new rules added or changed of etiquette and other good things worldwide between cultures that appear in Department of State revision-levels seen as completed. Ice for example may be chewed a bit in public again but not poured into steaming cups for now if adhering to the crowd management crowd control levels. Foot wiggles beneath a table or putting a foot on the table pedestal on the floor is acceptable not required but care is still being taken with chair legs not to scuff, etc. Mostly rules due to crowded places and amount of personal space needed to not kick someone passing by or to cause attacks in public. The idea being from the White House level on down to have uniformity in expectations: if people from all over the world could sit in the same event at a State function or in public places as happens now, there would be consensus on rules by the attendees to keep to them, for the sake of peaceful terrain. Other rules of living are abundant in the 61% of Americans now having put themselves through finishing-school in its four year levels as noted in recent blogs. Many schools are now giving grades for work and homework and college homework that includes finishing school data of training, acceptably.

USMC ARTS/R is the Abess office open for more data on the historic cults in history that others are trying to retrain for meaninglessness home invasion circuits spelling letters across landscapes again if viewed from air above to satellites. The letters have begun to spell common words that may be either threats or a missing workforces attempts to get fashion-resort-economy codes of business trends out to the public. Including stalled ones that cause all others to await, as you've learned here and in other places.

Uniforms are being designed all around you into daily attire or job attire, now 'wear' from anywhere wear lists too handed out by the USMC and USSF to 81% of the populace known by years ago now. The dinnertime suits ala uniform styles of the contests from the USAF AirForce1 Office's: ProjectFashionOne are quite the success, and if needing to be viewed by Education, for their time-adherence to notable historic moments and facts, they are available now, for a pittance or a song, proverbially, into grant-paid. Some other winners of other contests are still at Moffett Federal Airfield such as the train contest submissions honoring a bequeather known to support the militaries. Great entries, all, in all the contests.

Balloon histories are being looked into by the USAF also for its timing of the historic points of interest in the Military histories when they were once designed for survival, long term, too. If you have interesting or any data on this type of ballooning to racing data, please send it in to the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne.

Animals from the Spring litters by the Military into other groups such as the DEA have requests out for fostering homes to care for them in between work shifts the animals report in for to search and rescue, again. Second litters this Spring. Recalling most of the working animals under untouchable funding 'budgeting' amounts from the private sector are paid for for daily work between USD$40,000 to USD$50,000. Emergencies to surgeries of the animals are also all covered, automatically, so that the imposition of one being prioritized in care in homes is eased. The food and medical care is fully mobile from the Military and for now including from USMC ARTS/R and USAF.

Remember that the ARMY(any)heraldry office is still hiring for the Economy of Fashion or Resort job openings. USD$70,000 plus USD$10,000 for accepting part-time work. The jobs are on schedules of it all and long-term but the next few years are foreseeable as scheduled. Also remember the listings in Fashion or Resort (into food and housing and jazz) from the USAF AirForce1 Office work listed includes a few thousand directors-of-[topic or cuneiform] for handling Fashion the term including trends of Business worldwide. I hope you'll keep applying for the many other jobs listed, too, at below directors' levels I'm told are very good.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), Finance
Navy(any), Project Literature