Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Incursion VI and Neo-Mormonism Wardrobe Raids

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are fine despite another Incursion VI alert, official, as the high amounts of cities affected is still high. Neo-mormonisms is to blame for its high baptismal underground illegalis rates, again, anti-citizenship activities being that they are coded and as such declared warfare against by our country's president and all other heads-of-state. Wardrobe planning met underground illegals to contrive a raiding party of twenty million invading this country and all others worldwide, but with a fashion-forwardable twist of bad fate being spun into woven webs with four attacking groups of four-season color analysis being their grouping but one-fourth of them turning on the other three to protect those of their own color season. Other out of fashion twists are such that the attackers don't know what you know now that there were originally twelve categories now grouped by moderns into four-seasonals, for business reasons known. The prior Incursions in history of the same dna-Insurgents were attacking, according to historical logs, because of wrong eye shades declared. Turn in the mormonesque invaders, anytime. They rely upon a false sense that Joseph Smith, Jr., the historical founder of Mormonism was giving accurate prophecies, and everyone else, and supposedly said no homeland invasions, or kings as presidents. Already negated, since he was excommunicated twice from his own religion and since then four bloodline titled presidents sat in the White House top office as president (albeit not ruling a kingdom) and in 1921-9 the City of Oakland has been reported in as having been officially invaded by the same. Reported now, and also previously in the scholarly halls for PhD coursework and military academic studies. Console your friendly Mormon friend or neighbor for being the third religion inaccurately led and joined by dna-Insurgents. You'll also recall the Insurgent is officially expected and anticipated but never welcomed after each argument-settling battle amongst and between professional militaries having met upon a battlefield. Insurgents are a dna-misbred mentally ill by choice of action grouping of imposters who impersonate and or attack both militaries having met or warred, etc. They don, often, the uniforms of each or of locals of the regions. There is only a short leniancy for citizenship aware persons who were not only fooled, but really truly fooled by an imposter voice on the phone or similar and told to pick up money or equipment at a base or training camp and also to appear via consumer travel methods at or near battlefields, having also been handed weapons and told to execute one or both militaries at the battlefield. The survivors of these false escapades pulled off by the dna-Insurgents have contacted us from jobs that are regular including from the FBI, and so they've learned also as you are that there was an irregularity in their experiential mis-training that was not provided by this country or any known. You may notify any you know who have not 1) reactivated in the military by demand (recall, neo-mormonism which is illegalis thinks the word reactivation means church attendance but it means rehiring in the military), or 2) who have not checked in for their reasons for non-service in the military again as deployed and at home. It is by demand, and if there is that confused past of theirs to account for there is a one hour a day continued civil-leniance-official for getting squared legally away and back on track legally and into the rest of boot camp training as a good citizen or regular person by reporting in at a non-raided military installation between the hours of 1 to 2 p.m. Or, at any Armed Forces recruitment office, worldwide, at the local timezone, if possible. Or, ask a trusted clergy to call in for you, if you have difficulty with logistics, and the military only equipment or monies will be picked up and returned to their rightful use and you can explain your story and get back on track. Debate-leniance is for any others lost in the shuffle, lost in the cracks, or whose paper work sunk on a naval vessel or whose file was miscombined with a lookalike or brother, or cousin, or similar errors made by humans during wartime. There is happening now a look-a-like confusion that had ordinary people raiding bases without being aware they were and by being told falsely they were to cover-up for a country. No such cover-ups were authorized or trained from the public sector, and all who missed their adequate bootcamp training because someone else who was a look-a-like was asked to attend instead of them are being caught up now and continuing in their bootcamp data, required. There is no condition where anyone will be left out excepting death. The soldiers' minds actually stay well acclimated, as do those around them. Another unfashionable type of attack on soldiers by Incursion VI-reenactors-illegalis are due to marraiges being attractive to impersonate and they are therefore - the soldiers - being encouraged by the worldwide militaries officially to marry within the military, and discourage the reenactors-illegalis in their attempts to gain access to computer codes or military personnel addresses and other such. Military personnel are not allowed to be bothered by schemers of love lifes and an official code for love lives being on is displayed on official systems and must be off before one is able or allowed to date or plan romances or marriage with another soldier, or from the outside: security clearance levels require full fidelity of all soldiers and it is those who harass them in this area that are handled with no leniancies by the countries of the world meaning each soldier's love life on is a guarantee that theirs is guarded from infidelity attempting approaches or such schemes. It has been sad that some organized social echelons stated their own disappointment that they don't at the moment have enough unmarried partners to offer in marriages for our soldiers to choose from, and they agree they'll be counseling their own to prepare better for relationships that are long-term.

Creams are a good way to protect yourselves in the Incursion VI-affected cities right now because they raiding invaders altered autos to include illegal combustion engines from Russian history denied by that government for use that spew fecal dust and anything else put into the engine. The wrongful engine, unlike our tanks which use a non-fume engine that burns up anything at all, spews illegal dust that coats even eyes. Harming the eyes, go ahead and avoid this by putting on glasses and sunglasses at anytime. The fecal dust damage has had the military replacing eyes quickly to U.S. Congress' demand to do full restoration, so many organ donations have been accepted, with gratitude.

I will look forward to blogging with you again soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director