Friday, June 17, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alerts and Fashion Wary

Salutations, you'll be allowed into this site and two to four of the previous ones on the tight schedule on it lately by the military servers helping you meet your own schedules with its data, although the IP address protectors from the military and governments indicate not all of you have entered yet for your scheduled view from last one (3 or 4 times facilitated) set up this official site of the Military for Costume, history of and PhD referential: History, of costume as Incursion IX is underway. Yesterday relating to the averaged 110,000 dna-Insurgents miscreant led by mentally retarded persons to homeland-invade in paramilitary application of once-gang or crimeworld tactices the crowd control and crowd management level worked on from the "-g0" regionalized as county levels cuneiform-UN systems of ARMY(any) Heraldry Office use, against picture attacks also on the public, into attempts to daily or more form pictures on the Kinsean-graph of the economy: today a broccoli tree greeting of the yesterday's common energy recorded in sudden deaths of brainwaves in historical kingdoms now being decoded medical manuals. The day was of the also sometimes lored by religions or pagan-filed groups as a fun to lovemaking day, but in crowd-management to crowd-control levels it is noted for an astronomical quiet phenomenon of what to the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project:FashionOne appears regularly in fashion-code-files as labels for files in an Ancient filing system. Holding in its data the relevant crowd management to crowd control level data of how an equivalent of the day's seismic activity daily recorded and used alters health in some to a stressful detriment. Heart attacks to annuirisms and such were treated by the Military on its mobile hospital approaches at no cost for the unusual stresses that caused the reactions while working under pressures from the day in dark economies to countryside raids. The picture imaged is of a 'stopwatch' with shimmering edges and a funny bird pointing at two apparent times on the watchface and also distinct arrows as watch hands pointing to apparent one o'clock and the other to 9 o'clock. 'Fingerpoints' to ten o'clock nearly and about two o'clock. The FED is using the data too, as it explains certain motivations to do the data damage. The circle edge is golden this week. If silvered or other colors or overly tilted other types of energy patterns to ill health reports in public in larger than usual amounts are also recorded in history to now. The day of it meant that it is noted by Law Enforcement and Military. Twenty million worldwide raided in tandem on USMC Reconnaissance surveillance attributed for now by the Governments as linked. Calls to emergency systems to 911 landside U.S.A. were at about even 90Million per hour. Worsening it the mastermind-type behind the raids had baffled some regular types into behaving in noted on surveillance 'tactic' as historically once hired mentally retarded persons were known to have done in military fields of combat. In vice versa to having charities for mentally retarded situations out and about regathering into proper care the mentally retarded persons appearing in swaths to stand guard around others, but missing their sometimes dire medical care in the decisions taken back into control of their now assigned guards. How to determine if you or someone else is being hooker-recruited by the actual Insurgent-dna-miscreants is if they've taught you to say, For us or against us, instead of using your own training and codes and also interfering in actual radio levels. Radio out terms were going around as the real militaries determined that hackers or invaders had deteriorated communications lines and went to State Police or similar for assisting them into known terrain to responde on time to stop homeland invasion raiders. Mexico's and other heads-of-state came to claim or remove from citizenships those noted to be from those areas of the world and caught in the act of home invasions, etc.

On the searched for mode for the search and rescue squads and others signed up to do so the USAF is seeking those who are missing from the expected worldwide trend data development interest for a recurring "donkeyknod" that is a traditional Fashion Economy symbol for a type of hotspot-interest trends. Usually certain bloodlines do the trend as it returns, on occasion. Of the Merchant Prince class historically guarded and helped. Now by USSF also would be guarded for its trend development phase which normally takes about 5 months, more or less. With the supercomputers prepaid at the listed universities' math labs as the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne can assist with by the prepaid computers in use for it all.

Other things of interest include the mistranslations of terms in history noted now by the grant-funded monks who are king-guarded for awhile for such things as: death in sentence being mistranslated into "death sentences" for people.

City Councils and that level of governments to councils set up to do the similar function of are being set up on grants such as Stockton's today paying for levels of interest shown statues for gardens and driving tours of the future. This city has about 5,000 to half a million at times driving through visitors coming to and from San Francisco area to the Capitol. It should make some nice additions to the areas where the O.E.S. were planning as we were here the next step on bike trails to walking trails around the perimeter with the Fire Department and others in the cafes in the morning meetings. For those in areas looking at fire departmental levels of layoffs from budgets or such the USNavy's spaceman1234 callsign of has openings for the civilian hires included of emergency response levels such as the USNavy does have to respond to. Canyon fires. UFO calls. Undetected levels before of emergency.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
USARMY(any), finance
USN Project Literature