Saturday, August 14, 2010

Incursion V Royal Imposterism Alerts Not Fashionable

Hello to all, and as it is another day of Incursion V attempted raids upon the cities affected, there is a high alert at all police departments just moments ago, and be aware that royal impostors are attempting to pretend to be one just to then pull rank in any form and remove you or loved ones from your own lives. Remember that there are 27 claimed murders by each apprehended i.d. thief that is part of the official Incursions that are part of the series of warfare executive order events after the enactment of continual nature. The president and all others with executive orders enacted permanent warfare with real military action against any Incursion I to VIII invaders or raiders or those who carry out their orders such as from the paranoid schizophrenics and mentally retarded hairstylists numbering 400,000 in this country's morgue lists, alone. It is illegal for them to be giving orders to anyone, in their groups, including using hair or similar for genetic determinations any longer on anyone in the public which is why the Military and others such as the FTC have made available the actual one hundred percent accurate dna detailing list that provides exact data on who is your brainstem, now the only repeat only way to determine the identification of anyone in a public place or their houses. There is no one able to stop this progress, and no tolerance for lying about dna data. Be cautious as those in the Arts and Literature are especially being targeted and therefore protected today in these raid attempts. Only 900 cities are still as vulnerable and Stockton is one. You are not obligated to accommodate these mentally retarded led cultish attempts and military type groups who try to soothe you or alternately claim that you must be in their version of a good mood. Recall that even that is conspiring against a public official or anyone else which the president stated is illegal to the point of immediate treason conviction process. There is no one who may tell you to be in a good mood, or a bad one, excepting the points we've discussed before such as when you work for an employer with a public interaction and then if you have to represent the company. There is simply no tolerance for these Incursions that are re-enactment illegalis declared official warfare upon. And, misbreeding as they've done intentionally the mentally ill and mentally retarded in order to outnumber the regular percentages in a populace with ordinary people is part of the warfare declared against them, as you'll see in your churches and temples and other places of gathering now and soon.

The returning soldiers are to be welcomed, and are fine with your taking pictures of them in public places as long as you keep asking first. The Security Council is pleased to greet them in person, each. The meetings are happening around the clock as the soldiers are truly welcome. Some have their old jobs back and are still making the training meetings to learn new technology and other things they need now. We are still short-handed on just people who can hand things out to the soldiers and also to give them their data on what their returning and renewed benefits are about.

Thank you all who read my Silver Linings story and purchased more than the Bible in order to fill up urban defense funds in your area, and also for purchasing all the soldier's fundraising items. There is less emphasis on uniforms and wardrobe upgrades officially worldwide until the Incursions are removed from our world as a threat. The ridiculousness of the attackers spelling out letters in their worldwide raiding patterns and other situations warranted these decisions, as it takes more time when such attackers and raiders and invaders are non-military trained and run away to hide. They're hiding among the public sector, though, so the military is entering houses and this is not jurisdiction sensitive as it is a worldwide official military and it is not policing weighted but actual and rather military. The sergeants are glad to be putting you into other sites after this one as your clearance levels and interactions have decided.

I'm glad to be the fashion director for the USAF worldwide and so this is an interesting note for those not usually in the fashion arenas that this month is one bereft of actual fashion trends. This should not panic anyone new to the field or work within it, as it is a good time for getting creative, and many applicants and new designers are getting posts because they're being daring with a design or trying a new tactic. It is typical that a month at a time be empty of trends on a regular basis and so I hope you'll enjoy creating your own this month.

There are far too many good ideas for books out there also to let them drop, and I know that several publishing houses are asking through or by the Military for good manuscripts to be sent in. Especially series or continuing stories. The USNavy Project: Literature can assist you, still, with these areas, and there is direct pay or studies or both available when you work with us in these projects.

Keep in mind the mind control officially named computer chips that record your electrical impulses called thoughts, that are on each corner where the military interactions discussed above are obligated to be present and remain. For your protection. They'll also enforce the facts that include you are not to receive anyone's medications in public nor are you to be identified as anyone else. Any and all of the known organ donor recipients will be showing up on these chips also with the FDA type data you learned about before that reads and records whose dna it is walking into any place or by any place. This type of step is safety regarding the public sensitivity alongside the other correct decisions by our elected and other officials and leaders, such as our governor who added tanks that are included in the six per city block, for everywhere, in our city. Others, also.

A new trend that is not likely to be attacked in the same manner as the recent adventure trend in entertainment (by those into adventurism) is one of royalty in literature and other entertainment. This is expected to be recognizable in traits historically considered as well as of actual historical figures and those characters modeled after them. I have a few I like to write about, and soon I'll recommend one or more books about the historic royalty that are interesting to writers for designing their characters to appeal to entertainment audiences. Just recommendations from me, personally, rather than the studies you can request from the USNavy Project: Literature and also from the CIA.

Soldiers returning today are receiving some fashionable Winter attire that was designed by fashion designers and PhD students in fashion while their business area was very low in activity. They are beautiful outerwear and unused, and so thank you goes out to those helping to distribute them as well as those who helped design them.

It is a busy day and I look forward to an art gallery reception tonight, and all going well, I may see some of you there. Remember to avoid the re-enactors out in public as they've been declared to be immediately treasonous and are not to be condoned as a game and sent home someplace. Otherwise, be cautious and enjoy the no-fashion month upon us. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer