Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alerts of Incursions IV to VII and Primordial Fashionable

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are about all as good readership have been able to read up to the last blog as the official alerts about the dangers of Incursions IV to VII of dna-Insurgents raiding worldwide and underway are stated anew. Incursion VI may be closing soon, but not soon enough for those who need time off from it all. My own mandatory vacation days (to utilize the ones on the calender) are coming along just fine, but mainly in a focus as I read and do more artwork. The raids in affected cities are going down in number reaching their end target within the houses or work places or automobiles of the victims, which will allow for more productivity and reaching of goals in these cities. Please keep reading below.

Remember that the ruse of the Incursions by dna-Insurgents is that of reenacting, as the lure and ploy that they actually think we will believe. The daily paperwork for part of this type of warfare has opened up many legal profession types of work load projects including searching for names, divorces, and other ploys against those unwitting or unwilling to change their names or get divorces or sell property to those caught removing it from properties, en masse. Please check with the Army finance. The USMC ARTS is also pleased to be looking for more attractive artwork in weapons in history and of angels, any kind. Both relate to the upcoming Incursions VII on forth. The President of our country would like to see the Incursions shortened to three years or so, which would require a great amount of public cooperation, maybe probable, but the ability to do so is going to be up to you, the People. The reasons have to do with the fact that even more years of warfare have been declared by dna-Insurgents, so it might take zone after zone to nullify their attack effect. There is a good announcement in the underground layers going on in a new form of lifestyle available to those who are willing to assist many who were trapped in strangely monitored underground layers imitating the surface of the planet. I just traversed in the last few days those reported by a law officer of his report of up to 100 underground layers looking just like the City of Stockton. I also viewed a 101th, started. Why would this all be built? I don't have an answer for you yet, but some soldiers sought along with others thought to have disappeared including retired law enforcement who answered pleas for help or assistance underground are amazingly fine and well. But, some have been gone from our surface life after being trapped without a way back to the surface for two or more years. The Military has a way for those of you in the public to work with these layers and acclimate those underground, and who have been defending the surface from rising dna-Insurgents. More below.

If you have an ability to volunteer or work for the Military to do this type of acclimation then please be ready for some astronaut style training. G-force machinery needs to be built quickly so that the under-surface working crews being requested from you the good readership can get you ready for the disorientation of rising and sinking between layers of living levels honed out and now structurally approved. Fast is going to be the experience, and things such as soft street tar and immediately drying paint will be demonstrated so that you are not disoriented. There are tens of thousands to one per over hundred layer, and they have some animals that need care including wildlife birds caught up that need feed. Rivers and waterways are running through, and the experience of being in the underground layers are not unpleasant and can be anticipated as a good additional lifestyle element for many of you. There will be more listed job projects work like this listed at the Police Stations and the NSA is in charge of the element of survival training courses including the building of the training equipment. How to handle the wildlife will be assisted by zoo personnel and perhaps your favorite local or worldwide animal charity can be attracted to the budget for working with us all, cooperatively.

The underground under city layers are considered available to those who can sign up to do the longer-term or deadline sensitive projects with us in the Military as public sector assignments in ARTS, Fashion, Literature, and Finance. There is for example one under city underground layer that had a good time explaining to me that while they were trapped and watching the surface street levels from periscope types of monitors that they were working jazz musical compositions and other works of art, and music, together. Although their layer of earth was stocked with food supplies, they even had a corner store of alcohol and libations, they were beginning to wonder. The music reflects a sense of wonderment, and other things you may soon hear in our worldwide musical scores. I don't know that tours are in proper effect, just now, as the living situations were just analyzed, but you're welcome to propose economic and economical methods to the cities affected by the Incursions I to VIII plus of dna-Insurgents and to these 900K cities listed by the Police Departments. As handed over to the Military, officially.

Another disorienting but entertaining moment on this blog now is an official request to send in your ghost stories, or anomalies such, in any form, to the USAF Armory and or NASA special-operations unit novelle8 or its other names of novelle 9 or novelle10, or Army Little Girl unit of, et al. Very quietly is how your stories and tips will be handled. Any operator can assist you, or the regular numbers for these regular places of contact. Some reports are also appropriate for reporting through the law enforcement which carries numbers of the right contacts. Other options for those of you with religious or political belief systems in place that prohibit contacting either law enforcement or military (none known and legal prohibit both) can contact any MUFON office which is a non-profit group working currently under the scope of the Mexican Air Force. I hope this data helps you out in deciding how to send in your data.

I am reading on my vacation while devising a new plot line to submit to the Military and other committees for approval for the public sector. Later I'll list some books, and some of the cook books I've been using lately but didn't have time to list by Christmas shopping time. Have a good day and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, commanding officer
USMC ARTS, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, project literature