Friday, July 13, 2012

This Weekend Summer Vacation Essay To Do Time

Salutations. Although I found out late about these that caused me to reminisce, they are what I'd be doing if I wasn't on the way to another event this weekend.

Keep a shelter open this weekend. At the Delta Humane Society where you'll remember the doggy dashing events I once volunteered for there is a need for funds. They'll have a fund raiser at Whirlows in Stockton to keep providing for these animals in a no-kill environment. Patrice Davidson, their executive director. Whirlows has regular event nights, lately, I noted. Acoustics are fine inside the bistro.

Wheat. An event? The colorful dance costumes of a male-oriented competition at harvest time has a feature about the women joining more in the traditions. At Delta Community College's Atherton Hall.

What I did on my prior sabbatical, a bit like a proverbial Americanism essay of what I did on Summer vacation. Lively in Utah, the events at the Krishna Temple and Cultural Center in Spanish Fork. Worth adding into the canyon vacation time. The food excels in a simplistic buffet for the flavor awakenings. I thought their gift set jewelry kits were phenomenal in the boutique. The kind to send away for. I'd meant to tour their service, also.

About ghosts, as I research a topic of insects in the Victorian era for a story. I'm on a timeline partial-sabbatical while sorting through the family emergencies and crisis, I have to be home bound awhile. A few weeks? The time is good for another writing and art sabbatical, and I hope to have a good story for you, Good Readership, from this time. I will also update you on Facebook:!/kristin.wall.399 Sabbatical support to 2187 Christina Ave, Stockton, CA 95204. If unusual, a gift.

Some of you liked the heraldic artwork on this site, including some of the Yahoo!360 from the early years of the blog. A point then to the Historical Names dot com group for their accommodation of requests. They were helping when I was attempting to set up a non-profit business, and the colorful artwork still warmly greets many of you.

Take good care.

Kristin Marie Wall