Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incursion X Alerts Officially and 48MM and Sigmagnu Recalibration

Salutations to everyone and I hope you are prepared in the affected cities by Incursion X dna-Insurgents and the miscreants that are raiding in tens of thousands or attempts of, again. All 900,000 cities identified by worldwide law enforcement which list you may obtain information on at your local Police Station, on any, and also including the remainder of the original grouping which includes Stockton, CA and 7 more. Welcome, good readership, the now one hundred percent of worldwide law enforcement including retired or any trained by academies into the worldwide Military known. All, again, repeating myself, all law enforcement now are in the military and are in bootcamp training, if not already in it. A Senator began teaching them, personally, as are others. Their courage in the night raids equated to the battles of military styling attempts that demanded we of the military actually be the respondents led to more dialogue, besides monies to them. The other item of data which allowed for them to philosophically merge in these defenses of the affected cities with the Military include the explanation of the peace sign you have seen about. The actual meaning of it is going to war in warfare but by returning all things as soon as possible to what they are like in the times of actual non-war peace, meaning buildings go back up in about 50 seconds preformed by technology companies, windows in about 7 seconds, et al. Some subcontractors made their work for themselves by approaching and requesting to do so in 40 seconds or under. Many errors due to facts tampered with into hacking levels by Incursionsists of dna-Insurgent miscreant groups are being restored by the Department of State, but those with working data and records still not corrected will now know that it is due to their being infiltrated against their knowledge. The corrections to data are coming in at light speed in the autonomoesforth4 level underway to deliver the actual correct facts that are known and worldwide handled by governments and militaries anyhow. The amount of people able to do the corrections is what has been the delay, and with more than ever signed up in the military and being trained there is going to be less delays in the future. There will be also an urgent and immediate recalibration (official military other career given, now) to the sigma gnu 10 million person working military unit of past and their working associates. They are similar to a mobile DOD contract business gone awry from infiltrations, and will now be removed from the identity theft scam scandal that would've been possible to destroy them had the identity thefts attempting to become wives of soldiers by stealing identities via hacking and lying through sigma gnu methodologies and tactics and hacked equipment known ... well, you can comprehend a fiasco being avoided. They are not to be confused wtih the already cleared military units of sigma=gauxonne of impeccable data as of today. The Department of State thanks you for your cooperation and for those who have humanpower and time to approach our Protocol Services Office of ahead of being approached yourselves for what you can verify at any law enforcement facility (actual) that you have been working from corrupted records or methods taught to degrade or disgrace (especially religious sensitive to downgrade unlawfully by ego-push-pull). Thank you also goes out to all who are cooperating faithfully and correctly, and not to be forgotten the California National Guard for two-days of quick work erecting even more interment camps to hold the raiding miscreants that are held for questioning, often on drugs illegalis during the attacks so as not to be reasoned with and having damaged their philosophical ability, anyhow. All over California now to guard the world even further. U.S. Congress today in the over-raids anticipated is paying out $48MillionUSD per bodybag or apprehension to kill of miscreant homeland invaders into the home invasion or other conspiratorial level as declared by the enacted permenently warfare acts by all Heads of State, and those with executive orders. Your congressmember will deliver. Thank you good readership for signing up at ten million a day training in deployed-at-home bootcamp and sometimes that per hour or minute. The worldwide unrest in the news reported correctly requires only the added data that it is miscreant raids that are affecting those zones, and many sent help anyhow to the affected cities. Your housing offers are appreciated.

Things that may make people feel good during the predicted hard work and even difficult times ahead are actually of the simplest nature, such as popcorn and the scent of it. Good for generalized gatherings, rather inexpensive, so that bags of it are coming your way to group meetings and in open and public facilities courtesy of your gifted supplies (rations) from the Military. Enjoy during your own funding meetings, and don't ever accept any imposters to the good data ones for business, especially, such as the ones that are fake where teens were told to strip dance for audiences. No such thing ever happens in the actual church-building typically located funding meetings, funding you'll recall being what you pay that is a donation for taxation records and of the monies used to protect your own neighborhoods from extreme and military styled crimes, beyond gang warfare. Be certain to look at your local church for the next business funding course on keeping your jobs, and soon on keeping your careers. It should be factual dry data that is about as opposite in sensationalism as miscreant attacks that told minors to strip. Thank you for reporting such crimes at hand. Another fundeless-fund-funding for little boys who wish training in the Ps & Qs will cover the cost of 4 male children from each church locatable worldwide, learning things that gooptas learn etiquette and deportment and comportment and protocol as well as fashion and styles including into life.

The USMC ARTS has several day of work ahead already occupying them for this week, but the USAF AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne is able to offer more contests for fashion designing. The ongoing one of daily dinner suiting for ladies for military officers or those who wish to look like one is still paying out daily wins of $50. The ability of designers and now also philosophers or writers extraordinaire disguised as sociologist in essay is also being awarded for two more new ongoing contests by the same office, paying. A $27 win will go to the fashion design of boots for little girls, any, that are not on the market, deemed appropriate for their age group and that won't deter from their safety. The essay contest is for some time to come and will be asking for the philosophy and sociology or similar to explain the detected poetry trends over sixty years, being at peak of power spikes in 1)jam poetry, for two decades, 2)epic poems as a power less noticed in two overlapping decades, and now of use in recording current affaires and history for collegiate levels 3)a present power poem spike of unknown prestige, perhaps any trend you note. This latter for $27, paid out up to daily per winning essay, from any audience accepted.

Trends being linked to the raids by their nature to attract those who consider progress or even regular and legal business to be an enemy to them or their way of life, are not being tolerated. But the data is interesting that there are some spots on the globe that mathematically can be detected to do about the same in trends and other energies of progress for continuing economies. Such as the magnetic data going awry near Northern Africa, around and about places in Morrocco. Magreb being a word association with grey, a non-trend sensitive color that items utilizing in even retail stay current to all economic times; and there is the color brown, reliable as the grey. Taos, New Mexico is another area defying trends but by grouping of peoples whose interest in color defies even trends in paints, decor, clothing, or auto paint pigments or other less noticeable to the conscious mind the conscious choices of which color to choose. Trends being more than color, though, are what many are paying the businesses they know more than ever for trend-data, in the uphill push for the economy determined to be ready to go back ... up.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O.