Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Incursion IX and XX Alerts and Streams in Fashion

Salutations, as the weekend saw to the Fed rushing away in black garb doing justice to Pygmallian movie storytelling refinement and maintaining their good manners as they landed in cities including Stockton, CA seeking more data to find workforces missing from Fashion and Resort. Success is underway, and more children and adults are now being restored to their bloodline groupings to learn in family style groups of their genetic interest in those professions. Since they were attempting to learn and carry them on, anyhow, that will be considered superb focus for those assisting them and also giving them the gift of extra training after regular curriculumns. Do recall that while many of you are aligning your schedules to add extra work loads to your own to deter the Incursion I to XX raiding homeland invader dna-Insurgents miscreant led that you have available to the many of you grants for education at most costs except spending money (fun money, in my day) and for quick and even Ivy League and advanced training. The raids upon the affected cities still in military formation or attempts to do so with paramilitary styled weapons are still being deterred daily in amounts around 90,000 plus invaders and who have grouped homeless style or recruited from away places from identity theives. The data is available from the Military, in stylized reports reduceable to your own organizational or business needs from most registered clergy or any Military official recruitment office. Since last blog, the raids on cities affected, all 909,007 worldwide repeatedly targetted illegalis are still at a taxpayer cost to defend and deter to destruction of an enemy oncoming, any, at USD$110Billion each raid. The money was put ahead from military personnel planning after the advanced casework from the Police that you'll recall, also watched for by the Department of State with USMC Reconnaissance appropriate to the levels discussed here also available. As usual, at any court house worldwide, and civil service offices. What is happening now is an attempt by the invaders to also attack those who protect actively Fashion and the Arts and similarly Literature and Resort by approaching directly in traffic or into homes in a strangeness of blaming the potential victim for the death so claimed of an unknown homeless person the attacker didn't defend to the death in some recent scenario. Called Code Fashion, for the mental health field interacting with the CDC at Justice Department levels, psychologists to request and not the psychiatrists, please, for.

The Fed working this weekend is also reminding that while we find many to bring them travel kit deliveries and help make them comfortable until they can return home, that the future of pushing our economy uphill means that the future will likely require 5 to 8 streams of income, per person to household to group of persons working and living in like linked manner called estate-living. Many tiered businesses of commission orientation are succeeding at the predictable levels and although often steady, such as Avon that you noted helped from this blog with special high orders to emergency funding, and others like the Kroll and other identity theft and law package solutions are still able to with additional protections from military systems now reinforced make some work from home most feasable. A future becomes more known, then. Some of those active in their fields will be finding they're sought out now by the Military and Government for fast response for extra work contracts going out now and for a long forseeable future, especially in areas that make comprehending and using the new and returning data on economics and philosophy and how it now layers more into the trend-sensitive workforce returning world, again. Over a quarter million computer science programmers that work from home as part-time businesses in addition to their regular profession are being contacted to help with new business in the Arts and also in the trend areas connecting into Fashion and Resort, which according to the emergency charts being used now by the Fed and Search and Rescue workers, too, include all normal and legal business sectors in those two groupings. Somehow. With more women in history, in Mexico mostly enrolled, attending computer science coursework, there may be obvious need detected by you, the good readership. The types of home businesses that are likely to gain work overtime considered projects, unique to continuing, are like those you noted in music from Andy Pope that was on this blog before as he composed symphonic music for European opera houses, from a background of Silicon Valley computer program musical compositions. I searched for his site on the Internet, but it is behind lots of others with the same or similar names but many of you bookmarked him, anyhow. Another link you may recall from the other search engine blog is bonnie@dejathoris.com, who was going to school for advanced degrees and advertised her part time consulting home business in similar. When one of the vest patterns she'd sold to USSF one day was used by one of the travelling USSF members I was meeting with for OES, I asked him why he'd selected her design. "He liked it," with a smile, was enough. The other home business site that is of consulting business level consistently available when asked to help with worldwide or individual concerns is from Marshall Masters that you probably bookmarked, also, at yowusa.com. The quick responses on even calculations needed for determining black-sun arrivals or asteroid collisions is of the professionalism quality expected from his CNN science editor background, plus NSA experiential interaction. Over time, I'll list more business sites at home for those who are regularly able to organize their time to meet a market or customer satisfaction with their product, whether a game or literature or analysis, and more.

Meanwhile, as the good readership that you are having ascribed to and officially signed up for the largest tribe now, Tribe Fashion AC which includes about all known to have birth certificates or baptismal ones or school records verified, etc., I count on you to remember to ask your Police Station for the no cost listing from USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne that includes work for pay available for the public in Fashion, Arts, Decor, Finance and Literature. Also, spacefaring items (and especially balooning and dirrigibles today).

About the economic topics being a renewed focus for the many on this blog and through the news networks and your schooling systems nowadays, there is more about the recent blog introduction today about the charmed-cobra economics. Although positive gluts are being sought, most would not be possible until after 2012 and not more than about a decade apart. Charmed-snake economies, where the cobra on the Egyptian heraldry and crown came from is of the somewhat familiar foot-tread or foot-pad onto a bell-curve tracked economy. Pushing aside and not destroying, this type of foot-inserted, heel coming down with a leg of pouring in data-points for awhile adds good things to economies. Once the data-points tracked stop pouring in, it is still a good thing as the economy twirls and twists the economic impetus spikes to then reformulate. They appear when mathematically charted to be the charmed-cobra. Your amusing moment with the economy under discussion as a good readership made a good impression on the powers-that-be with your largest purchase of chocolate in history during a day and a half. Your other interest of a hobby of ghosthunting is still considered a healthful to helpful one in official analysis reiterated, and if it becomes a charmed-cobra from its tippie-toeing into the economy pushed uphill into a rise again by all, then it may be fine for all involved. Based upon historical data. If in your similar interest of finishing-school level training underway in equally massive numbers are also interested in my showing USD$1Million original of the ghost tea called Le Temp Fuit: Time Flies, it is at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in this city for a present show.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O.
USAF, fashion director