Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Incursion VI Opens and Lazy Days for Fashion Also

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are well enough on this fine Fall day even as Incursion VI warnings and reports of illegalis-attacks at home-invasion and homeland invasion levels especiallially newly of concern are occult-illegalis attacks of physical harm since this weekend. The ending of Incursion V is noted with trickling of straggling military-attempting groups of attackers being led by devotees of mentally retarded persons or hair stylists cloaking lookalike embezzlers from other places, notably known for such crimes in those places. Again, check the morgue lists for your favorite or worrisome hairstylist's name, and the morgue does list whether it was by treason conviction they were found there; for your safety concerns. On the worldwide trend scope, closing out the Egyptian trend with its typically expected cliffside drop to things includes the Egyptian hair focus, and so that field is not to blame for the main attacks from Incursions I-V invasion styles; rather the hairstyling field is going into classical if not classic styles that were comfortable and stand-out in past cultures when the military ran the proverbial show during raided cities. It was very interesting to receive this statistical data that clearly showed the many beauty industry fields are intuitively aware of what will or can work for now. Many of these industries are still being illegally targeted, though, with the continual daily wrongful deaths or nearly so of their personnel, and so many unusual job-projects to study these situations or other profiling or sociological work is being listed in the military work projects lists. Many people usefully translated the invitation to pick up work projects from the Military incompletely, by assuming it was only gardening or building maintenance or guarding of homes and sites where government or military work is conducted daily. This is again incomplete, and you can be a helpful readership by referring your out of work friends or associates if you are already working and don't consider trying to take on more work just now. One reason is that there is a lot of job projects in the Arts, Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Finance, and more, that are needed to be done in addition to the gardening at the houses where the facilities are designed for such work projects to be done from home. These houses are security clearance level situations so that is why the work projects listed are easier to send to someone else's place of residence or business rather than to have the new worker over at the residence, etc. It may take further explaining. But, for now, you are welcome to apply for the Military listed work projects in these fields listed. Some are only two hours in duration, others up to twenty years, but come with a military job reference. Sadly, because of the attacks from Incursion I-V there are simply more work projects listed than ever before because of the loss of persons in their lives or their abilities to work as before. There will later on be many openings for persons in the generalized categories of healthcare that can work with brain damaged or nerve-damaged victims from these attacks listed by military statistics and not for now crime-wave statistics. More on our worldwide response to Incursion VI attacks in the next section.

The character of Incursion VI is that warfare was declared against our world by some possibly 9,996 miscreants attempting to take over the world, by their statements of warfare and crime-waves rising was the type of warfare threatened. You'll recall other warfare threats from the prior levels were of physical beauty marring incidents or extortion or real estate frauds or forced-hairstyling-visits, betterment and consanguinity attacks and other sensibles and nonsensibles. Which brings to mind that the Military has just changed all of its call-signs, which you'll be able to liken to the ham-radio nicknames. My new one from the soldiers dubbing is officially Sick Sense. My contact name at the Military sites or levels is still kmajorgeneralmarie, for emails, and other equipment. Thank you again to the soldiers who all said hello one day on my dot-mil email. Many training courses for the public and military and sectors that work with them are being offered for the unusual dna-level awareness of self-defense against occult attacks that are coming in to the military surgical sites as physical burns and genital severing or limb severing once again; history has left us good manuals from militaries that defended castles and keeps from such identical attackers. The historical details, alone, are very interesting and study of for accreditation levels is allowable, but the training level is also at the life-saving level. Many animals were attacked first and have been recovered by the Military, WWF and Humane Society and others who are conditioned to handling such victims. Occult Services is the group to ask for at the White House level when contacting which resides at the Office of the Vice President of the United States of America. I am also pleased that the Miracle Workers special-operations unit, now allowed legally and worldwide, has over a hundred medical physicians on call and on duty at any given time of day or night for responding to attacks by occultists-illegalis. Usually, the attacks mimic one another and the official profilers from the FBI, the States of the Union and the localized law enforcement profilers consulted agree that a 12-year-old-adolescence-level of occultism attacks and ability is what the Incursion VI invaders are attacking at. The Church sites are already security clearance cleared for such training since they volunteered their sacred ground for this training for USSF years ago. I hope you'll learn what needs to be done in this renewed area of paranormal-occult-miracleworking if you have an acumen or are desensitizable to be able to function around this level of attacks. Hundreds per day, so the training is for about as many as can be located to do this self-defense and offense-to-defend-homeland levels.

The ability to feed the planet is a very openly and curiously discussed topic in many public places just now, as well as among the world leaders and local leaders and they've asked the military for help. But, it is not limited only to the military persons, although you'll see the Swiss Army and Swiss Guard and FFL and many military units typically in urban-uniforms during distributions. Other large organizations such as the volunteering Mormon Church are capably set up for distribution food in large scales that we ask in a few years time, so others are being asked to help with this in between that timeframe and the Catholic Church's and other's daily bread style shelters. If you think of some ideal system that can be set up in your area, such as a very populous and constantly sized Boy Scouts troop, or rowing clubs, or others that might like to sign up to hand out the food or deliver it very carefully to their own neighborhoods. The amount of home invasions has warranted this situation and so it doesn't require my executive order or others to get this level of work done for the public sector. Just good people, who can even be paid by some of the grants, or get their credited volunteerism time in, and other such ideas. The truth is that now there is plenty of food on our planet for all, but getting it to everyone amply enough is the next hurdle. China as a country did a service of kindness by asking each citizen, quietly, to spend one overtime hour daily gardening in underground tunnels to grow worldwide capacity food, and so they did. USSF has also done the same thing, but with less efficient time use, but has also now guaranteed amounts of crops underground enough for the world, so that math is easy, that there is double what we need at anytime, now. The hard part now is to figure out from where we were all interrupted in meetings to plan at city council levels and as hirees by this type of food distribution. This is regular styled deliveries, rather than food lines, but those can also be considered now and again. Continual efficiency plans can earn scholastic degrees from grants being donated or paid for now for these types of problem solving matters, or other benefits. Some soldiers have come up with fun versions of their own alter-economies by creating from thin aire and good contacts in resort areas their own vouchers good for anything that they're trading about or buying off of those involved.

UFOlogy is meeting Fashion in a sensical way, just now, so if you have 1950s styled artwork of UFOs that you think would make a good, for example, fabric print or button logo or even less noticeable than that, like a light fixture idea inspired from lights and clouds in photos ... send them along to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. I'm pleased to have already renewed my contract with the USAF, now permanently, replacing the older contract many of you looked up with your clearance levels or through your social order groups that help law firms and police departments, sometimes. I'm quite happy with this broad-scoped worldview and other similar levels that I get to work with in the USAF created job for me of Fashion Director. Other such worldwide-scope positions may be opening soon, and some of the luminaries qualified for them are no longer with us, not always household names, so there may be a rather active recruiting going on later on. And other types of positions related to them such as accountants who want to work for a fashion field, or a financial guru, or a literature publishing house new project line, etc. With the Military taking in forever certain fields which are Finance, Fashion, Arts, Literature, there will be new ways of working part time or from home or mobile meaning by remote equipment that I hope you, the good readership, will consider soon. "I don't want to work anymore," is one line I've heard in reply, often, so maybe some of these new methods of occasional or part-time work will be pleasant enough to be considered, anyhow. Over the Holidays, for instance, there are many openings that are unusual right now for work by experts in the ballet, familiarity with it or research expertise or comfort level in guarding or musical proficiency, are just some of the short-term job openings we, as the Military, are asking you to apply for to the USMC Arts. Again, and thank you, ahead of time, from all those involved, officially.

I hope you'll all have a good day, and remember to read the two prior blogs, also, and that no DOD employees of past or present or Military personnel of past or present can be removed from their residences by force of foreclosure, and other already there laws. Another topic, today, everywhere. Have a beautiful day.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer