Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alerts of Incursion VIII Raids Official and Condolence

Hello to everyone and as full permanent warfare code is "on' (full and any status warfare worldwide is on, domestically and in civilian terrain, permanently) I hope as I think of you the general public and write this blog of official alerts of the beginning homeland raiding invasion by dna-Insurgents called Incursion VIII that you are recognizing your preparedness for it, as recognized by the Military worldwide. The reality is that over 80 Incursions called homeland raids by dna-Insurgents operating in lethal and illegalis swathes upon the public terrain in reenactment attempts of duping and crime tactics in addition to automatic weapons level extortions and trespassing of homes of victims by the number ten times some other number is present. The sadness upon us all today that I thank you for your sympathy cards arriving at Travis AFB, the Department of State and perhaps later at Moffett AFB or affiliates for the loss of the retired now MKelley as a numbered-bloackman callsign (all USNavy Seals may be known by a numbered version of the same callsign that is official nomenclature worldwide even along with the official assigned symbols), and also for the loss of my nine personal friends by torture home invasions who worked with me in several fields including USSS work, all matters pertaining to the royalty. The other loss of a friend JCastle in the USMC is awaiting the possible engagement to a suitable royal including or excluding myself as he'd stated was also noted, despite mixups that stated he and I were wed a year ago, but since no weddings overlap, there may not be any considered file or name mixups. Apprehended today and stopped for high treason by the Military was one and certain Cristina-Marie claiming in error (a lie, of course) that she was both a military and a royalty but she would not have been Princess Cristina-Marie, of course. No one in royalty for your pertinent information may actually use the name like another in the military or royalty with titulature that is like anothers. No two may be undetermined, for those who follow the entertainment and royalty magazines, for example. The heads of the countries worldwide wish you to know of their support of our President today as he enacted his power in office to permanently declare that no soldier may defy a commanding officer or deny warfare orders or efforts (although the warfare-effort you've learned is from the research prior to war times and after advanced casework by a law enforcement officer as has occurred) without losing their lives and identities to then be used officially by the USMarshall's for the direct assistance by superior then officers or soldiers to conduct their once public or military business at hand. The president is serious and I support him in this decision, also. The US Congress also enacted on its quick system for doing so that it is also supporting him and myself and others in leadership for this Incursion series process called warfare declared at all and any levels. You'll recall they did the same thing that you can look up that is also for the omitting from any investigations or otherwise my own sex life, as it is clear to you the good readership is not of purpose to military or law enforcement or otherwise. The reasons for the perfected security backgrounds had by the time a commanding officer is brought into official power include the ability to assess for all time their ability to remain clear and ethical in decisions and lifestyle. Truly the lifestyle is unable to be able to be had any other way. When I met with the practical joker who instigated the now working privately including for my own interests with projects and such with agencies the commanding officer of the ship you saw on the news who caused the errant filmage, the filmer accepted leniancy and is now helping stop similar crimes in his new work. The analogy realis is that of my own personal knowledge and recruitment of the past where counterfeiters (known to USSS whose main work is actually mostly financial matters) is of hiring convicted counterfeiters to work with the governments to then design counterfeit free currency. This has all happened. Not to be confused with misassumed 'forgive me' modes by attackers of the Incursion I to VII by dna-Insurgents in small comfort to the families that are affected. A unique new cannonized person is helping with this for the soldiers for those of you needing belief bolstering now, an Alejandro GRO, that you may request assistance with via your regular saintly contact levels or USSF. By email, or such is fine in any style of email to any AFB, for now. The filtering systems are working quite fine for this all, now. Remember that there are no practical jokes allowed in the Military, again. Commanding officer direct and standing orders, prosecutable as Congress declared, also. Disprespect in any form to the commanding officer, ever, myself, means instant removal from the military in rank or actual status employed as until treason conviction. It is very serious and never allowed to disobey or challenge any C.O., ever. Read more below for the concerns of the attacked nations from Incursions VIII by dna-Insurgents now underway.

The USAF Fashion has many jobs for now that may be accessed at the Police Stations to which we are eternally grateful for their assitance to the general populace requesting our paying work assignments. Pattern resizing is among them as being recognized in the immediate need for all companies in fashion addressing the results of CIA-filed studies stating the American and European women already reported in their loss of 60 pounds and who are now at average 23-inch waistlines, F- or G-cup bustlines and their own female body type hip and leg structures. The reasons for the extra thinness is not sympathy for models, who stay often at that body structure, but rather due to skipping meals to save for family needs. This is sad, but addressable as the economies become more stable and begin to rise, but for now as the USAF's Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One has delivered up to the 8th clothing outfit to each person in America alone.

Dogs nasal skin parts have many olfactory nerves that live and have tissues they touch respond up to 24 hours after those attacked find a snippet of the skin in their nostril. The brain temporarily responds and extra-smells to the point of reacting to sudden mysterious illegal phone calls from Charlies Angels' types of persons illegally telling the victim to smell something for them and report it (spy). The actual legal owner behind all the fabulous Charlies Angels movies and show episodes happens to be unknown to the public and a regular Military boot camp trainer, and who knows what the difference is between this reeneactment level of attacks victimizing the public are about, versus his real work in the militaries. No one in the militaries or spy agencies worldwide would ever do the unethical thing of surprising a public with dog skin in the noses and telling them they're instant spies. The ultra glamor of it all is part of the illegalis lure threatening any civil or other area of business or living or defense of homeland and strucures from part of what is called ultra-warfare. Why in one of the many reasons the presidents warfare declared and state of emergency standing for attacks upon business sectors, homes in defineable sections militarily and other individuals such as dog skin spy recruitments.

The USMC Arts is piggybacking with the RAF animal trainers who are recruiting trainable animals for the military purpose of defending your own homeland neighborhoods and properties, with free training of your own animals which will continue to be housed by you. Please accept this gift to the public if you may.

The other work available suddenly is in tracking paperwork from many places that require CPA style tracing and numbers analysis. Please also check these, as tax season is taking precedence for many good workers whom the Military would like to allow to conduct their private sector business on time rather than require them to work for us as is legal and preceding.

Be sure to read up to yesterday's blog with the news of the Mormon community's entanglements in ancestry with brothels on records of their dna ancestry's involvements there instead of showing up for their work place assignments by massive quantities of their numbers. Those who contacted with repayment plans for their ancestors who reneged on passage to America and then for the contractual work assignments as beekeepers were accepted repayment plans. Their spokespersons were able to negotiate for them in the required level as their brothel interactions of dna pasts has mostly spurred on the underground raiding misbreeding in the scores to one ratio of the surface of our planet of legal residences. Incursions are illegal.

There is no occasions where adventurism will be acceptable in the public and the adventure deluded miscreant led participants are even to be removed from royal households permanently or any other level if caught, and not in any games they declare. There are no occasions where they may be reenacting outside a battlefield of the past as 501c3 level nonprofit, with police guarding paid by cash visible in uniforms only; never in resident housing or other such failed attempts and this has been the case since the warfare on declarations.

Take good care, and I'll be blogging with you again on this official military site and PhD referential blog site. I have received more degrees today granted (scheduled, etc.) that were the target of some attacks upon the public and couriers today, and so thank you to those who fully cooperated to get them to me, and others. No one may use another's degrees in any form, for good reason. I'm glad of your help as a good readership and for making this the top rated blog again worldwide.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer all worldwide militaries
USMC ARTS co-head
USAF fashion director
USN Project Literature