Thursday, March 31, 2011

Official Alerts of Incursion IX to XX and Days of Contests

Salutations, there are a number of consistent reports of official data to the Military being turned in by all for the search and rescue underway of the now being placed little Jane-Doe-dna girls, 9, of yesterday's blog alert that were rescued near Stockton, CA, U.S.A. by USSS guard cats and others volunteering. Remembering they were baptized Mormon by a parent then abducted to be tortured on illegal broadcasts, they will be ideally placed in Mormon households as opposed to the other children and minors rescued often by their own volition who are placed automatically into their care and to adoptions in the Fashion and Resort lineal bloodline families similar to their own lost ones. These 9 girls are in the U.S. Sheriff's case work and some others also, underway, who followed USSS animals trained to do just what they've done by leading to safety, any. The first family applying, with sympathies, to adopt one of them, has had a loss by sudden death from health complications, normal. I hope more will be able to help, with the added assistance provided by the USAF for these charges who had only baptismal font dna traceable and no school or health or birth records anyplace known, worldwide. They are being made citizens of Mexico, and can list residence in Stockton, CA, granted by the Office of the Mayor for their recognized valiant efforts to guard this city in the tunnel apertures along the route into; from the Victorian era. More volunteers into paid organizations are needed, still, to feed and allow 9-minute breaks to these USSS animals who refuse to leave the tunnels until the children they sense, or other rescues, are extracted. There are two types of animals also needing grooming care for the warming weather, and so those who would like a security clearance as groomers for the wildlife that work part-time with the USMC and U.S. Sheriff's Office's may request via the Animal Control nearby. Other timely but less urgent matters for the USAF AirForce1 Office's: Project Fashion One include getting clothing to the people who still have less than 8 outfits of attire; the usual benefit of ultra-deliveries for the ultra warfare declared in retaliation to those threatening, including declared by our President and other heads-of-state. The Red Cross is the place to request more from, or to offer assistance by delivering such as if a Girls Scouts of America troupe or similar 501c3 group, currently operating. Many rewards exist such as book signings by beloved authors of all types, and more.
The Red Cross, you may recall from my years ago blog on a non-profit site or more recently agrees that most people need 2 weeks of outfits to function minimally, and can use more.

Onto the other places in the world, Japan's recent repairs include for them now the repair of their artwork benefit for them, meaning jobs offered to those who can do so such as photographers who can repair a portrait, or painters who can touch up or clean a painting. Etc. Again, please apply for this job type through the Red Cross today or soon, as the USAF AirForce1 Office is busy today with the contest matters and other parts of their job. For now. The Police Stations have also been normally able to find this type of job for pay for you, the good readership, but most of them have been going into the tunnels and other locales to do search and rescue or prepare for the future interactions there. Gratitude goes out to them for helping with these work for pay listings all along for the Military to give jobs to the public sector.

Recently, the general public and especially many victim's families delivered numerous grants to the Military and often to myself, the commanding officer. Handling them is a small matter. There are average 30 or more grants for schooling or training of any legal type available to those who work with us, still, as a benefit from our Public. This type of boon to or through the economy has been a type of exchange, of a sort, appreciated. There is now more coming out with boosting to careers of those in the Fashion and Resort and others aligned, which all do, eventually, in the most primeval system of economies that restarted the planet after cataclysms in the past in common. The contests will be coming out to the public for some time, with entries being rewarded with letters of reference suitable for job applicants that demonstrate willingness to work in a career or avocation at all times, whether employed for pay, or not. In the future, about 5 months or more from now will be a contest of Mauritanian 'race cars' which will require early sign up and delivered to the participants educational material and data about. This is not unlike the contest underway now for four more days of the Victorian transport converted to engine driven, any, even into spare parts levels, or for fun and funniness, allowed. The costs of transporting the vehicles for entries to the Moffett Federal Air Base are covered in the grant from a public anonymous person wishing for the educational and creative-arts aspect of their human ingenuity studies before the bequest. During the Victorian Age, many patent applicants disappeared, or many patents did not actually get built, and some are so ingenious and appropriate that even low-working times for the paramilitary units often find them there. Or in places like NASA's library for the public where creative inventions can be housed, used for research and theses, even if not constructed. The Performing Arts special-ops paramilitary unit I've joined used the Victorian patents unused, crime case files from then, also, and similar, to construct things for modern times usage. Very interesting work for us. Between these two contests will be another one, designing your own special caboose. I hope many of you will participate. And don't forget the daily fashion design contests of women's military ilk dinner suits. Another contest begins tomorrow for poetry, so please send to any base attention USN Project Literature. For six entry days, 2 USD$50 prizes will be given to the winners. Panegyric Arabic styled to bleight poetry is the contest subject. USMC ARTS/Religion has another art contest that is open now for artwork of a metamorphosing dragonfly, from either a butterfly or a snail or a worm into a dragonfly. It relates to astronomical skywatching of the Ancients historically, and soon, stories or lore about them will be requested. An interrupted artistic project of an ancestral past, reviving for this current contest. In mode, as the dragonfly became a selected symbol for an Americanism of Native American beauty. For those interested in more details.

Guatemala, Mexico is a luxe ecological environment that has drawn many to reside there. Often, though, they've asked USSF to assist them in removing from homes and businesses home-invaders that refused to leave, overtaxing the law enforcement (which often now assists affected cities by the Incursions dna-Insurgent led by miscreants, there, too. Guatamela has also seen many abducted babies from cribs past decades ago return to the world of the living, grouped by tribal clergy underground or in remote parts into their saved groups. Ready to be reunited with bloodlines or join up in the military to help others in such areas, they have interesting stories to tell. Those who wish to use their real life stories in fictional accounts even to transposing them into other times and places my apply for this to the USN Project:Literature via any Law Enforcement phone number. Today or soon. Journalists or majors in this field are encouraged to apply. Documenting their return is a military statistic, but so is their human aspect of their recoveries remaining private and closely-held.

Travails in the ARTS was mentioned in yesterday's blog, and so questions arose about it. A simple explanation is that travails in artwork are things preceding known downfalls to tragedies soon to happen, for example, in historical literature or arts. It is, of course, the ghost in the attic, into the ghost artwork that arrived, with gratitude to those who sent them. An example is a portrait featured in a moment in time of the Sun King but the audience knows of the French Revolution, but the happy face in the portrait without a care, didn't. That simple. The request now from the USAF is for UFO artwork of practicably any practical venue or type able to be transferred or delivered. Like the ghost art, in its charmed-snake in the economy moments, the ufo artwork is coming into its own as an indicator. Please send to the air base near you, or your favorite one. Thank you, in advance.

Arts texts are one of the places my special-ops paramilitary units sell much text and material to, for funding, especially since the collegiate level texts are following requirements to refresh or provide new texts on the market at two-year intervals. Addressing the art directions, and other guiding factors. Among new texts being recommended for their recent acceptance into textbook category for school systems worldwide are two new ones, a good thing for this PhD referential site of Costume and the history of: The Judgement of Paris by Ross King, isbn#0802714668, and John Adams by David Mccullough, isbn#0446363669. Other things needed for future historical education and also for the Fed are of any lore or legend or data on Venuvian cultures or histories, known or remembered. Please send to the USMC ARTS/Religions, any base. Of the recent request in urgency for any of the four missing Victorian Age trends -- detected by recalculations of the systematized mathematical equations by MIT and Univerisity of Utah and BYU to aide in search and rescue even if only forensically satisfied of the workforce persons who were working on them, then, or their bloodlines into present -- two have arrived. A red and white mushroom shaped project, and a musical trend similar to jazz meeting the Garden of Eden music. Both have been delivered into their respective fields that can still use them. As you'll recall from this blog, trends unstuck will still abet an economy, anytime. Always a dam to what would've followed behind. Illogical or logical, it is based upon the systems of language and cuneiform calculations that you've relearned or remembered in your dna levels as well as consciously these energizing systems in our lives. The other two trends are still desperately sought.

Another call to the public in recruiting, today, into the USAF is for millinery paramilitary units, assisting Fashion, the field of. And donning head coverings of nearly any style as part of the uniform suit in public places. Thank you for applying to John at the USAF AirForce1 Office. Or via any recruiter of the Armed Forces at official hours-open-only locations, for part-time or full-time work with the military in Fashion and Resort.

For those interested in crowd management to crowd control, please request from your registered clergy the recent sermon from the USMC ARTS/Religions on the translation of the biblical term, Word, as wyrd, and other deciphering of its parts. The lesson leaked into the groupings of many and has pleased and energized correctly their masses of participants, to the point of hopeful gain in their religious moments. It also helps them comprehend behaviors in public places, intuitively, and further.

Again, thank you to all, for making this site one of function by the use from Law Enforcement assisting the Military in search and rescue rather constantly and others, and also to you the Good Readership, for making it a PhD referential site in Costume History with your support of it over the years. I'll blog again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN Project Literature
Army (all) Finance
USSS-USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSS badge reactivated