Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Salutations, official data on infiltrating Incursion XXII into 900,000 cities listed by Police Stations worldwide given to Military known global for action occurent and prevalent into done-by-sunrise mostly motto-laden 'goddess moving through the houses now' chants into exhtortion torture maruaded trespassed-upon victims as households of all houses on repeated lists to terrorize ancien code terra-pauxm (palm frond label codes ancient Fashion Industry caravan archives to an Embassy level listing by linked sites Arab of concern and to continue topic on as listing in Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) and District Attorney Office (any global of form, for funding to deter daily in for USD$450Million each upon) from plaguerism listed victims recurring of USSS and USSF casework, into Congress listing today previously daily anytime of morgue list encountered dead by own handling to/from treason/high-of convictions for leading into countrysides unaware such that any hairstylists listed in 1100 from Stockton, California of 844,000 already convicted of treason by U.S. Congress told for on official formal requesting into free-viewed on trust-fund level paid for computers at all Police Station for viewing closure on warfare coded response presidents/all heads-of-state replied that is for 2nd round of Incursions known to terrorize after over 890,000 cities were alleviated: Homeland Security and its Agencies accurately coding all of alerts to homeland invasion, coded-3; done to such personalized natures of infiltration as clientele attempted on this blog years ago noted of business card artwork a c/katherine harris/son any spelling known convicted of treason to death-order all countries to her/him/anyone using name and others on lists of graces of defining by Chicago, IL, of this country handling influx calling expected for definitions of at each city a such typed hairstylist caught in moment of infiltration-homeland-invasion attempted with millions armed robber types trained in own terror-private camps on USMC Reconnaissance Surveillance and for known over-border/forays to destruction of arrived-at-point/purchased not made of victims or infiltrated although of embezzlements of Mexican quality from many countries mostly exiled to removed from citizenry there already and any country alike, and all of grouping of 844,000 each category evenly numbered to gain by being mentally retarded unethical and a schizophrenic leveled category some overlap one normal IQ gone permanently and linked to same number bookkeepers of self-reform programming into non-alcoholism enforceing onto public victims that they'd received by their own choice numbering of amounted attackers for them to repeat on scapes unheard of excepting graverobbed children's schoolplay levels of Shakespearean ilk lauded in ancient timings by parental royal court accountants to traders and similar using stolen by child paper or like it from said royal court of business once mistaken for official decrees of dead kingdoms to arise now debunked. USSS' case 101-3 of same-case linked d. Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Police Officers of theirs in plus Carmel, CA officer and any Military in tow of to be done postmortuem officer gone to-DEA files also of million victims over 18+years now official speaking circuit to with case work rescue same still of snuff-film removed from girls categorized USMC ARTS/R handling now of non-real in attempted replacements of special effects stolen from laboratories real (to:complaints of Steven Speilberg and others known listing of asking Law Enforcement to rescue; similar to USSS cases known by d. Special Agent Baird of extraterrestrials claimed returned to torture in homes found with masks on made after ufo report filed in good faith acts uncommon herald-law of dominant on plant a globe filed into President Barak Obama's offices of, to White House for data). Before free gifts below listing and historical data thanking for quiet recognition yesterday by this country's president awarding medals for the halting of home invasions against guarded children of murdered families that kept records of court houses and judicial systems and others worldwide for direct deterrant+apprehensions extraordinaire, filmage unique non-book related available no-cost low-cost into this County of San Joaquin in State of California known and of it, the event, to judges or others commentaries to live or livlier recorded interview typed process questions can be answered. Warfare closure code against homeland invasion Incursion any number of non-percentage population reforming and of repeated to same sites landed-2 (for work at home a business of on premise to from required locale(s)) and acerbated by child-attacks or animals or any industry to attacks of picture forming onto Economy graphed data final to destroy by its non-normal appearing a business sector and by ancien fashion label codes as logo to artwork of equivalent; of clothes: yesterdays repeats see Incursion of 3 A.D. = 30OAC calenders to sync; to sync your calendars to Abess:USMC ARTS/R. Finalized. To World Court and any Military Court for proceedings on the rapid, now on underway all hours sufficient, to closure comprehending for public that closure at World Court level docket numbers means final decision no deadline to stop/start action from/of and to do and not canceled to be replaced by any other court or decision of or future from or past or any law anytime but theirs; new/final. The teddy bear fund of f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt is for free to your topic for many more months below and prior blogs and also of future and seargents'-/staff-seargents'-sites of same to get gifts/books/sound/filmage/video/text/anyformatOKof:
listing mostly of known authors publishing as: James Clavell, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Richard Marcinko, and call-signs from FBI eddie_g or eddie_flash and kmwall, also Anna Wintour and Victora Curan and NSA's head as nsa_head and alias i-cual; others soon, ask for any 1864 novel series or its link to or of Sayonara series too linking
* hike:novel by Anna Wintour
* 11_7:close encounters, by Jim Marrs, joe_maum, kmwall
* granted_crandall:NASA star, by listing

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
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USAF, director fashion/art, designer
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
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