Monday, July 25, 2011

Official Incursion Alert and Camels to Fashion Codes CIA

Salutations, the morning is grander than most in the Incursion to-XI attempts today that are of the methods of extortionists that attempted a White House takeover as happens up to 67 times daily from any site with computers to on-site, and today by stealing prostitutes and mentally retarded dna-lines hidden by ecclesiastical charities called to the forefront to not endanger the populaces with them as the housing raids and home-invasions officially coded by HSA as homeland invasion is at 70,000 and the animals to be repaired by NASA free parts and veterinary service paid-reimbursed again of now reported 70,000 victims. Also, a few copycatted stragglers may be found, still treatable, too. Mostly wild cats to dogs and camels of travelling militaries arriving for tunnel and search and rescue where these superior trained animals for any terrain are welcomed again. As once during the Victorian era, then espied in Mexican deserts and entering caves and tunnels after military service forgotten. These gentle animals have a good ability with saddles and warfare more than historic steads and war cattle or war donkeys such as from the Mon Asinarius monastery breeding lines some of you recall some things about from my other web sites before this PhD referential one of History, of costume; and official site of the military for Costume, of history. Thank you again for the Law Enforcement that helped look up data while busy to work with the military in the Costume and Economy areas, while answering questions on differences came up for codes of fashion economies of the ancient past and comparing to gangs and gangland letters or symbols about places. The reformed gangs as you know are welcomed by the militaries particularly to a comfort zone of homeland defense often stationed at home, for. The CIA Factbook has an opportunity for those interested in helping themselves in Fashion or Resort or similar Economy outlook to gauge the threats assessed by the DA Office that are of those all benign used to attack by strangers to them on the Economy Kinsean bell-curve graph or other types; or to attack in other ways called picture-attacks upon the public allowing for now unlimited numbers of jobs for civilians also out of the ARMY(any)heraldry office, about it and to prevent picture attacks upon the public and to respond to even with the codes of fashion taught at no cost for those employed. The codes chosen don't endanger the unique codes of the various workforces of the ancient system. They are of the worldwide FED selected scope-handling level, while most workforce dna-lines are of the only-for-their-interests level. The CIA Factbook Office has a credit card number to use for those in the need to know to stop such attacks or who are viable to prepare against these types of attacks and can benefit from a purchase of the State University of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology's list of 71 degrees that have data and topics relating to the actual attacks or those anticipated that that data can help prepare to stop. The CIA Office nearby is adequate for this request. At the SUNY-FIT please enter the CIA number given at the 'buy now' prompt. By phone is fine, also. The attacks on the Incursion affected cities relate more and more to these Economy factors. Other attacks in the public places or to its populace again still include from Incursion III to IV attempts to poison the public with medicine not its own, from transport-methods to attempting what U.S. Congress and all countries say is illegal to try to put one on medicines for something such as 'paying a bill late' or 'being into clothes' or other normalcies that don't relate to their participation in your part of the world. From the Justice Department where I'm a part time as needed military psychiatrist, too, it was correct to be determined to remove most of the populace from most of the 'meds' it was under for about twenty years as most medicine would only be short in duration and only allowed if assessed by over six months of conintual need for by a family member in residence to the supposed patient, anyhow. Up to lethal force may be used in self-defense to stop a pretend to actual attempt to medicate someone in a public place or public sector known and understood. There are so far almost always identity theives behind the medication attempts illegalis, and my and other executive orders are encacted daily to protect the public from this type of declared by miscreants and deviants warfare attempt. Had they not declared it recorded by USMC Reconnaissance and other legal methods it would still have been detectable as takeover attempts by non-landed non-indigenous non-ascending-or-inheriting persons or groups. Rumors have gone about of nine-year-olds leading takeovers already claimed to be in place or holding position places, with authorities supposedly, but no facts stand of such claims; they coincide only with raids illegalis of even numbers multiplicable by ten. The profilers at the FBI are all on-call today for quick and active assessment in a 'birthday spirit' of no-cost service for the profiling of the types of raids or threats near you, especially of the Incursions I to XXI underway or attempted worldwide. Into the letters and words spelled by the incursionists as they traverse visible from the air such as recording satellites.

Ancient Economy included several partial segments labeled that are the renewed interest of the Governments and FED and heads-of-state who are often beside others in desks or such studying the fashion-codes of at The Language Training Center nearby Monterey, CA or closer to home. Remxort is the latest topic of interest, modernly said, re (like read) mort (like more), written often as remort. The ancient remort system was gift giving to exchange of gifts. The seasonal gift giving to birthdays is the type I'm discussing with you, the Good Readership. The ability to participate in this economy was once thought to 1)require equal gifts to be exchanged, or 2) be given both directions so both are recipients and givers. The Xmas Season and other grand holidays is the eventual realization on Kinsean's bell-curve notice of such economy teachings still with us. A simple concept. Others of the Ancient past selected for study and accepted by the powers-that-be for modernization will be future topics.

Pedigrees are also behind the hopeful attackers of the Incursion to-IX that are now related correctly to a general populace known to be the first focus of the humans since designed around the Garden of Eden and its lore of up to 70,000 or more years before it, influencing. The bloodlines raising animals never left them by deserting their care so it was only necessary to track the animals and livestock for centuries as people were known by what they raised, trained, grew, and similar. They had records but less obvious than once thought and more for modern genealogists to learn about, for searches. The animals were given titles of importance, as often still seen in competitions in modern ages. The USSS reminds that it once used this ancient system to protect working families with royal lineage or ennobled lines in my and other cases 103/14. Of my badge 1018plus. That relate to procurement levels of protections, and now known as family pedigrees published or publishable over something such as the Internet were not allowed to endanger actual royal dna-lines, but used the historic and still legal tradition of printing the pedigree of the animal lines still with the same families, happily. And successfully. Thank you again to all who cooperated over centuries to the recent decade with employment and other records asked to be guarded in various manners to allow all to work equally and not for less or more or not at all due to dna. Not the same as from personal work records or crime pasts recovered or from reforms, etc.

Those of you knitting with me this Summer may have found audiences to it, too. The project I'm working on has made many smile and then recall that I've regaled them with becoming permanently the USAF fashion director. These types of projects are available also from the USAF AirForce1Office's "worklisted" by topic. Ask any operator of the phone system for example or a reference librarian or civil office for example on how to find your public access by phone or otherwise. My Project:FashionOne is one I hope you'll look for also. The work is good from it.

Many of you, the Good Readership, comprising 81% of the known populace soon to be joined by another 10% in training by the Military and governments for the data type are reporting in through the churches a low income time. Net profit being low is part of the current business trend cycles I've discussed here as have others but not about the lack of ability to invest or plan income into working in smarter ways. Such as combining into the group investment clubs recommended by the IRS again ironically from the high times of the Technology Economy of Silicon Valley. Remember to not be fooled into faux investments of non-monetary methods such as was announced by Congress to help many recover from ploys to have cosmetic surgeries in low economies taken from homes for higher mortgages owed; into signs of mental illness if done and as most persons would never be allowed more than three cosmetic surgeries if needing them for wellness sense anyhow ... another round of ploys to lure homeowners into quick monies from houses to have suddenly satisfying cosmetic surgeries is being addressed at lower costs by the Churches of Funding now. Most females within the 'youthful' categories are being reported in to the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne as being unable to purchase nail polishes as normal this Summer. The bare nails are not out of trend, but often ideas of how to combine colors on hand or with friends can be useful, too. Free training from the Girl Scouts of America about, or from AVON if using their cosmetics (or not, from some representatives) and other volunteers from the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne, listed of.

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature