Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Salutations, official Incursion XXIIIIV alerts into the 900,000 cities of homeland invasion coded by Homeland Security and its agencies is in inversing of yesterday's numbers raiding on plaguerism of arts/literature attempts and exhtortions attacking teens by known technologies used and multiples of kind halted in break and entries attempted, information en route sourced-2 is of home-invaders-raiders needing homes not money by raids turning in plans of attacks as the underground tunnel apperatures habitated illegalis into levels by underground factories to cellar level workforce places for secure working (technical manual writing of NSA to procurement type sewing crews of familiarity on this blog prior), numbered entries 140,000 attempted each city by home invasion to business-2 (at home needing to be from to rely upon business income as source to fund/found home) into yesterday's call repeated case reopened deceased law enforcement ending it by 1981-1984 timeline recased in into USSS 101-3; please apply for urgent call determined by public sector of own timing to IRS offices directly for IRS investigator on land or sea to direct retreival of extorted/imbezzled/same-of funds/monies found other locations such as resort beaches (more applications received to to already than for highest time of applications for FBI in X-Files televised events series regular programming of), public thanked for gesture; it all of identity theft problematic ultra-extreme into yesterday's topics ready to order free by-CIA promotional of former President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's personal funding to give public in down era a gift or book or like it in swaths and massive quantity of today's selections listing below many by Police Officers sudden. 280 'blue moons' as called by Police Station files noted entering gridsd on scheduled expectation received by Military into know grids with gateway to doorway for the hot retreival has also novelizations and similar timed, lost emphasis in areas of because NORAD and Pentagon officials arrived to meet in open cafe settings by USAF preferred timelines of by-sunrise available counts to receive and for attempts to raid countryside calling NORAD into faux game of. Flooded tunnel apperatures relocating many persons aquiring backgrounds legal to join workforces soon; lenient-2 level to California's EDD links for into the novelized of terror attempts at listing below. U.S. Congress listing its lists accumulated hairstylists to bookkeepers of self-reform and others in 844,000 each category multiplied by 9 anywhere convicted of treason unchangeable to full-status demised includes of 1100 in Stockton, CA once located announced international news systems for it type any using name background of or actual person c/katherineharris/son male or female into removal and already from premised used to attempt homeland invasions by soldiers of declared numbers by bookkeepers saying of this grouping in Stockton's halted attempt by them of 50Million armed by actual paramilitary weaponry and gear own: to group called (not magazine) US on internation exhtortion tapings live attempted to gain a love by pyramid schemed lotto-effect on participants of next murder underknown of winners who stole identities and attempted marraiges, repeated schema over 25 years approached at hotel sites' conference rooms for regularly meeting groups to airport boarders awaiting at locations for CIA-bound training caught by enslaving US (not magazine) freed mostly then alerting of crime-type grouping ruling world attempt. My own executive orders enacted are daily sufficient for workabout, of, and more of all able to handle/declare warfare attempts anywhere also enacted fully to the more of. Again, referred to earth orbs are black shaded found in archives ancien as 'black suns' and appear to spell lettering of cuneiform used symbols from Trade Winds of historical times to now, reused by The Language Training Center near Monterey or closer of FED declared useage worldwide for 181 years economy arriving by Autumn in, training mostly free of most using for workforces including economists to update statistical systems populaces regular actions to Kinsean bell-curve; more receiving of this ecology-economy labeled from FED's Fashion-Resort-Economy named from Atlantis' archives renewing now, at District Attorney's Office Stockton, CA, USD$4 printed matter to learn it or at Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) any county or equivalent ancien label as -go and like (origin of military colloquialism 'joe').

Historical data point links into gift to public sector listing with 1864 series and Sayonara series into Stockton where 9 kings had 8 among them visiting dubbed 'glum princes' if of Arab-Spanish Kingdoms linked, assigned here. Albondigas soup, a known Mexican one, they liked under version called abindigas. Calendars began then as now secretly once on day a military began; to synch your calendars to any time including of yesterday's Incursions coded aptly by Homeland Security Agency and its own as homeland invasion level go to USMC ARTS/R Abess for it; yesterdays repeats were of 3 A.D. and 30Oac, exampled, encampments logs, forage afoot, et al., data of ancestry to common available as well as some king's logs of times.

Gifts/books/music/text/data/sound/filmage to any technology format ever: paid for by CIA nearby refunded by American or Mexican offices of or Artillery already checked into through Pentagon 'repentance' format logs to have funding unlimited seeming for this also, or offer of all credit card companies worldwide to lower by 1% interest rate on it a card used of lode on it if for other than for self purchases or topic of known studies work hobby legal attempts at approvals detailing. Enjoy of all days any day shopping for.
* bxoen:DEA novel; by HM King Juan Carlos of Spain
* blood_rose:identity theft Victoriana novel; by benji
* potato_wedges:recipes, favorites of USMC; by priests_-un_knowing
* butt:fashion code book, by cop_dob
* hand_pux:rat fashion code, gaunt gear included; by kmwall
* seventh:novel, identity theft times ancien to CVCC to now; by cop_joe
* seventh_alas:identity theft novel; by cop_jon
* snail:historic id theft vicious gain; by mxurdoch
* elves: on you novel; by cop_spd

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