Saturday, February 26, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Official Alerts and Uranus Fashionable

Salutations to everyone, and I hope you are maintaining all things well while you are in the affected cities by the Incursion IX to XI especially attacked by dna-Insurgents as miscreants that are attempting to home invade to raid, maraude, murder and rape and extort to full retirements and full-on identity theft, still. The Military and Law Enforcement and Governments are side by side in the roads and tunnels leading into the county lines of the affected cities deterring the most part of the attacking parties in the tens of thousands, still typically near 100,000 of the homeless styled departers of real world by choice. There is again from the recent blogs a new categorization for the homeless found that were not choosing to be and are comprising the missing segments of our economy as noted by the Fed and affiliates worldwide, including the teens that were located working underground but for fashion contracts. Elders had trained them in these fields before death. Today, more were checked in to training at a recalibration level, complete retraining therefore, which were located from the segment-4 of the 7-part world economy workforces you read about recently here. These segment-4 were caught up in the African morass that the USMC turned down defending across the horizontal parallel to Tropic of Cancer due to lack of religious warfare; the irony being those located today were certain they needed to restate that it was a religious war to them, therefore dialogue ensued and the missing worforce segment catalogued. Thanks to the privatized 111 militaries and those acting on their own, paid by the military and governments through the USSS offices, these actions are finalizing into several successes of multiple layers, continuing into more successes for all. The future autonomoes will include this level of interest, and those wishing to help can sign up early with the Military as these are officially handed over autonomoes with quick actions also from the synchronized governments and militaries aligned. The dna-theft and identity-theft relating to the present autonomoe and the beauty marring incidents are the present action underway. Official.
Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O. worldwide