Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion's Cattle Call and Incursion V's New Cattle Stampede

Hello to everyone, I hope you will renew your home and hearth defense systems that will be especially helpful against Incursion V home invaders armed and entering through rear entrances in the past three days for rape and murder attempts with families home at even numbers of identical tens of thousands to over a hundred thousand of attacks synchronized in timing worldwide, as reported to the military. The paramilitary nature of the grouped and rerecruited attackers are seasoned at these home invasions and so the Military is glad to be providing the fully restorative surgeries as designated by U.S. Congress. I'm pleased that this blog newly an official military site, also, is able to give clarifications on these types of reports to the military for the populaces. The type of stampeding raids of recent times by Incursion V raiding parties are both still now of the nature of being a cattle stampede as if a gunshot was fired off nearby; newly added is the aspect of the additional raiding parties being overly educated to absurd amounts. With degrees and certifications being used to attack and battle-plan against the public like this the renewing benefit as listed in previous blogs is being heavily focused upon: the educational degrees and certifications. Any credentialed certification will do, including cycles or fishing and hunting or gun clubs, as well as the regular degrees of education. Truly helpful will be willingness for the helping soldiers of the branches of the military and public including the public officials and civil servants and governmental nonprofit workers (librarians, etc.) and the law enforcement. Data from closed cases about such raiding parties and the patterns of them are being put into lists as degree topics to focus upon, such as the one discussed last time by HM the Queen of England. Inclusive of the thirtieth degree of certification is being asked for no-cost-anticipated-to-participant level, soley for this degree of certification. The enemy delcaring warfare against our world and grouped into separate Incursions listing their non-military trained attempts are now also those who have up to forty more degrees for each soldier's one to ninth. If in a field at the top or top focus or even esoteric then also up to the 100th, or by groupings equalling over a hundred in threat notes to the president and other heads-of-state and church heads. This good benefit to the soldiers and their communities worldwide will have long-term good repurcussions on the economies, as a whole.
Please sign up with the Armed Forces recruiters at their regular offices, or through your continuing recruitment with any of the branches of the militaries such as those tens of millions applying to and through USSF being scheduled today and now on for training camps within the year. Today's USAF is also beginning fashion-focused bootcamp training at the usual training facilities for all soldiers but at ten thousand per day beginning official training. Today there is room for an extra thousand, if you make it your contact day. There is a lot of good happening in Fashion, otherwise. Don't try to include with your application and training any of the waylaying sordid activities that are being illegally propositioned to travelling and arriving soldier recruits and applicants, of course: leave that hooker recruiting you behind, for certain. Especially those of mental-retardation threatening around their insistence that all match their one of six emotions they're capable of, and only those emotions used in their attacks and raids this week. There is a military mind that replaces all the vulnerability of such strange recruitments when a soldier attends boot camp. Thank you for applying.

Vacations are still in order for many and the other kinds of boot camp style getaways are also filling up this Autumn as many such as the Red Dot Army (the annexed philosophical order of vigilantism-legalis to the USMC, religions) passed through this area. Seminars and sign-ups for the 30th degree military and Board of Education benefits are finding many participants helping the military conduct this new level of battle up at favoring vacation resort areas to get their studies completed as fast as possible.

Many fashionable work projects are still listed daily and the USAF is looking for more blue denim models, as soon as possible. They are the types being to represent a specific manufacturer by singularly hired models, rather than a new model for many manufacturers. Please contact the USAF's Air Force One's office with your agency if possible for this with its Project:Fashion One where I'm fashion director, you may recall. Some had not recalled my mentioning this in the onslaught of very important news that I've agreed to list on this site, while it is in transition. A training film is provided if requested about how this job position and others like it came about and were filled for this interesting change of having the USAF take in and control and protect Fashion worldwide, again as some have commented, and permanently.

Other attacks by Incursion V attackers are in the areas of abode and living space meaning where you and other regular people choose to legally live, so recall that the laws already exist and that they are to the full protections of the military family or person of the past or present so that they may not ever have their house forclosed upon or the one they're residing in. The laws are not new and supersede all others in real estate or about financiers, already, and the executive orders enacted already reinforce along with the government and its leaders; we're in full on warfare coded mode of defending all countries. For example, it is interesting to know that grouped victims of attempts to foreclose suddenly and without regard have been in the entirety of a professional or social group, or percentages of areas, such as over thirty percent of a city, or all professional sports team players. The same protection against any attempt to foreclose or such against residents of past or present military from any legal at that time worldwide or recognized from lists by our now worldwide united militaries still individualized by unique identity apply to D.O.D.-contracting-companies and their employees and also to employees of the D.O.D. It will help save much time and energy and money for real estate interested parties for them to have an on-site person to become the expert or knowing person of these real and historic laws and of how to proceed about them nowadays and optimizing methods for none to be actually disadvantaged or hurt by solutions forced by the militaries and governments by enforcement of these laws in dominance of others and not able to be ever changed by any court of law present or future. This is a good benefit-like incentive to join in on other things such as to the 30th degree participation.

Clothing construction is the name of some serious sewing courses that have also details that assist building knowledge in a career in fashion, but the word construction was causing problems when confused with the building and construction fields. The most negative being sewing seminars being offered in quiet areas such as in Incursion V affected cities, and having raiding parties attempting to line up for subsequent work projects in clothing construction but thinking they were beating to the job those who attended clothing constrution. These raids were fielded and handled at crowd control levels, but brought up the point that this ignorance of terms of various career fields selected that don't change over time have sparked too many raids against the public by mentally retarded led. Contruction companies and builders of general contractor levels are reporting in, instead, their gladness at participating in ecology oriented and heritage preservation work projects such as building or repairing the historic abode of owls in barns. These fun barn owl residency projects have had great response from everyone involved all around. The only negative is that some miscreants joining the Incursion V raids from prior wars. They were also noted redesigning their physical bodies using animal parts in underground laboratories intended to misbreed sub-human soldiers against a general populace also discovered the barn owl homes renewed. The cases of apprehensions today include some once-people hiding in the walls of these barns or in similar places; these perpetrators considered themselves batman type people and even used some bat parts designed into their bodies. The older wars discoveries of such laboritories illegalis are on records that can be requested for those whose fields of business or areas of residence are affected. Clergy or military or law enforcement, of course.

It is my pleasure to blog on this PhD refrentially coded and military designated site a bit earlier this week, and I hope to see you the readership on here again soon. Take care,

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.

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