Saturday, October 2, 2010

Incursion V and Fashion Fast Call Alerts

Hello to everyone as I hope you will be able to read this and the prior two blogs in some connection, as Incursion V raiding-invaders are approaching in identified swarms of mostly: 1)Mormonesque hired-for-the-crime-types groups alluding to military, 2)prostitution-illegalis-impersonating-law-officers loitering or appearing to be doing yardwork or similar in neighborhoods. So, be careful not to let these ununiformed and easily detectable imposters in, although they are down to three to four homeinvaders at a time in some over-affected areas, they are also attacking new soldiers in residences with typically expected and over expected. These attacks numbers available from the military for law enforcement to select from for casework, if needed. It is confirmed that personally assessing what you can and will be able to do to continue your daily living styles and work habits while reaching any moment of personal terror is quite normal for now, and again, requires no additional medical consultation other than any regular you might already have in mind. There is another series of open cases that are available due to the Incursion V specifically that don't affect living law officers as the agents involved are deceased or hidden by the governments to work further with the military, an option for never-ending cases now. Santa Barbara, CA has a case where I am the Army person they hired when their law officer requested and the details are there for when the whole Army and from more than one country and even from the Church arrived on the scene, so please check in the USSS 103 or Prince Charles' of Wale's USSS 101 case file for the connection to two million little girls tortured and mutilated in attempts by miscreants to use illegal artwork for special effects forced upon regular businesses. There are one million of these little girls surviving and rescued at that time, and although none of these victimized in the case have recovered from certain brain damage due to the implementations used by the miscreants, their families one hundred percent donated more grants they'd set aside for their children in their hopes. The Military is distributing these grants judicicously to those in the military and the general public who wish to help with cases like this and others reopened or in the overall battles using extra-education and supra-knowledge in any field of knowledge. The children will not recover fully, and the miscreants apprehended at the time were mostly mentally retarded adults, some who attempted to turn states-evidence, but which failed due to low mental capacity. What mechanism of inhumanity was and is behind this type of worldwide scaled and specified attacks on families and citizenry is still being uncovered in the aftermath rearing an ugly proverbial head. There are some of these children which can be further open to socializing and able to discuss some bit of their experience on limited visitation agreeable to families for their still extroverted and now adult children. Not for the faint of heart. Thank you for contacting your recruiter for the Armed Forces or going through your sources to law enforcement for locating the best grant option possible for you on topics pleasing to the future and present pursuit and stopping of this type of crimes considered now warfare against all countries as declared.

Tribes and their origins are greatly in focus now to be located and further researched by those making enough time on their hands. Combining research methods is recommended as many are going to clergy, confused, about how to use a limited amount of data about where they've come from in genetics, not just who they are in their own mind. The public resources are good, but there reasons to be careful about the whole fangdangled process, as there are many declared enemies to reforming knowledge about ancestry in the tribally rejected miscreants who declared warfare (just yesterday, over twenty seven times against this city's mayor, alone). Heraldry in the military and that reflected in tribal styles was very attacked before that is now being worn more boldly in patches and other styles for soldiers and those working part-time from home with the military. As other lesser known paramilitary defense and offense groups from history are coming forward in visible array I'm certain the groundwork laid down for respect anew will be given also to the less familiar paramilitary units. Beautiful patches in the future will be funded in part by more fundraising thank you, ahead of time.

Newly formed up paramilitary units with some heraldry artwork in-hand arrived nearly duped by miscreants herding them into Northern California, as the Military usefully recovered them and their interest in why they had an ancient heraldic picture and recruited them into a now-happening heraldic military training course. Going all day, there is still room to jump into the classes and catch up on coursework for those who remembered that heraldic picture in grandmother's attic if they contact their local clergy or armed forces recruiter office. The heraldry will be determined by heralds to be either of the military, of a courtier level obligation of career-jobs, or similar such as part-time or regional work. It relates to what the participants' ancestors wished for their decendents to be doing in future oncoming warfare, at home, or abroad. Since training is underway for at home, and in businesses, there is much to be learned and relearned for these heraldic art holders.

Businesses are starting up quickly in denim fashion areas, and the up beat news is that once again the Military is asking for more denim models, four hundred and fifty five more openings this morning for denim jean modeling in particular. Please contact with or without your modeling agency the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One and incarcerated person's (non-mental-institution) may apply, also. Some courage is needed to take new job positions in a field like this which lost nine hundred denim jean models to murder in rapid succession prior to the USAF Air Force Project:Fashion One.

Re-enactment-illegalis is a tiring battle for many today and romance writing as a subgenre field are very much alerted because of prostitution illegalis raiders also pretending to cases in courtrooms of plagerism claims to extort from professional or hobby writers. Be cautious, and still enjoy your entertainment reading if you are not in this profession of writing. Many people are seeking one novel a week, now, and because I'm behind on other schedules with many, many meetings to get more educational degree work done fast, I'm still reading Area 51:The Mission by R. Doherty, and some have asked me about it. A few real cases are to be found in it, and I can't seem to figure out where one is in this educational fiction story ...

Music and books are good entertainment to select together as families, and my family and I were choosing recently to re-experience Tony Bennett and movie stars of the silver screen era and to discuss studio art and what we did or didn't like, that day. I had similar quibitzing with cousins travelling who wanted to go over what is fast changing in art-direction, just different enough from art-trend. Direction, for those new to this part of the Arts is useful use of detectable interests by the scholastically inclined in art, so that it can be used for learning or textbooks or contests or small-destination touring. A black and white tuxedo cat, for example, might be the commercial print trend for years, but a Siamese cat will be an epitome of a side-by-side art-direction and first will be useful for advertising and the latter for college texts.

Count Zorro, the military tomcat, is grumbling in the heat that is more onerous this year again, but he is pleased with the renewed abundance of insects that are restoring the farmlands and other greenery. Honey, though, is not usually his favorite thing, but he is very interested along with the other cats in trying the same flavors the new bees from Iraq are enjoying. Since this group of military animals evolved successfully on movie sets during the Frank Sinatra era, specifically, they have developed by a Darwinistic approach, seemingly, their finesse at trying new cuisine.

The beauty-marring incidents that are inherent in the Incursion V raids, as well as prior to now, have the FBI laboratory called FBI Medical Services helping in many ways with not only checking in all organ donations for any incidents worldwide, but also taking in applicants from police academy level for urban or rural positions to guard military and government homes and animals deserted in part by death of an occupant and held now by special-ops units of blood-relations. These home computers, and small yapping dogs, easily understood, are typical of the sporadic guarding positions now avaialable for nearly any duration in time; since these computers can connect to any warfare process worldwide including a NORAD experience if the home guarder is cooperative (alot) the positions would ideally be entirely peaceful abodes. Some are truly in highly raided quadrants, or affected by economic sectors. A gratified group of these job takers assured me that they're pleased to watch over a well-trained professional military animal required to be kept in its usual home and with its usual equipment to guard, and more good tales. The military was just pleased to hear from PETA but surprised it might've received strange supposed tips turning out to be from miscreants worried strangely that the military animals in training alongside soldiers were in tents. Well, they are fine with their soldiers in bullet-proof, fireproof and surveillance proof tents inside, I assure you.

Take good care of yourselves, and I'll look forward to blogging here for your again soon.

Sartorially yours,
K.-M. Wall, C.O.

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