Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grand Preparations

Salutations Good Readership,

Being the holiday season, well wishes to all of you. It was with interest that I noted a source's data that says grand event attire sales are up, in preparation, particularly of a ballgown nature. I had in the past bought one and made one appropriate. It all sparked with interest in wardrobe planning, getting by with something worth the waiting for or purchased for less by early planning. It has led me back into the visual realm of wardrobe planning by color scheme or analysis, such as learned by an old course taught at the Expanding Light retreat center. I also dusted off my old books on the matter and reread them over the Thanksgiving holiday recently. With new enjoyment and with many of you noticing my more colorful additions to my once black and white wardrobe. At one frugal time it had even been all black, a scheme that in original religions had been the shade for purity according to the chaplains of the USMC questioned.

Another former Marine is back by popular demand on this blog, Mr. Anthony Ontiveros greets you with his thoughtfulness on the topic of preparedness, the readership, to be inspired to become most prepared for uncertain futures. His advice relates to the recognition of ancient history as a true source for actual survival techniques and training. By learning about how ancestry survived and even thrived with non-modern conveniences one may anticipate handling even catastrophic happenings such as power outages or currency breakdowns or need for shelter. Many of you followed me on a non-profit site I had up for awhile that shared my story of after a major earthquake and FEMA's adequate assistance to recover and insurance company's provision of housing in the interim. Ontiveros takes his training right back to the cave eras. In them was more than originally thought; including classroom data drawn on the wall. He explained there were sets of glyphs for schoolroom breaks, naturally. Learning what is dangerous in flora and fauna or animalia is one of his thoughts for your preparedness, because in a downed environment there may be anything from runaway wildlife or livestock to incredibly spreading poison plants or more foods available from plants. Basics, truly. Some of this category of skills can be learned from places like my father and brother learned them, my father dubbed Old Charlie on my Facebook page!/kristin.wall.399 spent most of his life being a Boy Scouts of America troop leader after achieving Eagle Scout rank. He always seemed to have something at ready for any kind of emergency or even tragedy that beset our family at times.

Other preparedness topics have come up with the colloquialism of 2012 or Mayan lore about December 21st of this year. Fears of end of the world being linked to the calendar restart date were addressed by registered clergy of many churches and especially by extra-studies religions who registered with the Office of the Vice President of the U.S.A. where legal records of the extra-studies ones are housed and monitored. The anticipation of the 21st of this month for some people took the form of extra preparedness and even ancient lore studying. For some perhaps in seriousness and for others in more lightness. As Ontiveros recommends ancient history, I also thought to mention again on this site Mr. Marshall Masters' site reflective of his CNN science editor times; where his duo-bible has an under read Celtic find written at the times of others of its kind with predictions for last days.

If you have some good reading materials on preparedness of ancient histories of these topics, be sure to recommend them or even gift them over the holiday season in an especially notable year. Take care.

Sartorially yours,

Kristin-Marie Wall

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