Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Deportment and Genealogy

Salutations Good Readership,
Do you have a beautiful moment in your day? I passed a group of Canadian geese and their yellow goslings on the side of the road, the backdrop being a fountain and mandmade pristine waterway. One of the delights here in Stockton.
Other sightings along the side of the roadways bothered me, though, of a generation of men leaving their pants belted below the crotch level, leaving them to grab at the area in question. Of it, I was told that the Police say it is of a gang relation; I’d heard previously that the falling pants were a convict culture detail as a statement of losing too much weight in prison. Either way, unsightly here in Stockton.
Interest in genealogy seems to be high. I visited a relatives genealogy site which seemed a good example of how to present one http://wallsteinagel.blogspot.com and on it are stories of the times. I’d asked around about that side of the family group a couple of decades ago, contacting the Government of Spain for its data on German records. The family line came from a good group of peasants. Working in the castles with a reputation of being completely honest stated on the records as they did their lineal job of what translates modernly into accountant. Explained by HM King Juan Carlos that family group had become a candidate for ennoblement if it had been requested due to the honesty factor. I’m ever grateful for that exchange. It was gratifying to learn that my dad, Charles L. Wall had a genetic link to his chosen profession of accountant, a subject he also taught. Does your family group have a factor to take pride in? Or even some notorious fun?
One of the traditions in my family is to train at finishing school level as it is made possible. My mother I. Cristina Aznar Rubio Leal Wall taught a brief course at her church on the subject and I’ll include a few tips along the way from it. For awhile I had it posted on the Internet but the site closed down. As it was it was entitled, Do You Sniff the Centerpiece? The answer is no.

Take care, Good Readership, and I’ll look forward to blogging for you again soon.
Kristin-Marie Wall

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