Friday, October 1, 2010

ID Theft Slinging at Fashion's Employed and Incursion V

Hello to everyone, and since this is the second blog this week on a usually weekly site, please feel at ease also reading the blog from two days ago, as Incursion V homeland invaders typed as Insurgent-misdirected-Incursionists-of-once-normal-reknown are upgrading the officially listed effect on our worldwide populace as denoted by the Military to one of terrorizing. The mayor of this city has already and also reinforced that no reenacting can go on here, ever, past or present, and no recruiting to it even in the legal nonprofit formats may occur here, as illegalis is the term the President of our country and all heads-of-state declared warfare against. Not cold-shouldering warfare, but actual military defenses inclusive of body bag counts daily and still treason convictions hourly so that you can check the morgue list at no cost for those you wonder about, such as your favorite hairstylist that might be among the 800,000 now convicted worldwide along with bookkeepers of equal and even number listed, already, as traitors-confirmed. There are as a result many bookkeepers reported in to the government and military as fleeing their jobs because their personally idolized bookkeeper being convicted in the specializing court system running in the actual judicial courts, and very fast. The typical bookkeeping job opening is not appropriate for accounting trained persons unless they have also trained in modern bookkeeping systems such as over 80% of companies reputedly using the same bookkeeping software program, and other limitations. But, still, they are very many openings, and the Fed is looking into the sudden reaction to help the Military consider if it needs to fully or partially or further protect the businesses protected by a sudden desertion of job category.

In the Military, for those of us who have revived our careers by rejoinging in a more understandable term for the very very many of you being confused by terms you misassociated only with church's vernacular, or similar, such as the legal term reactivation. Recativation means a soldier has been rehired, with a new second following hire date that doesn't cancel or change or alter anything in their earlier military career. Many doctors coming out of retirement to assist the public and others ready to be deployed part-time or full-time at home are quite baffled at the unusual and misguided attacks by ordinary public who don't comprehend what the usual blog readership, here, does, such as that working from anyplace off-base (not on the military bases) is customary and many soldiers even earned higher education and creditations from the front-line while awaiting or in battlefields or similar places which they won't discuss much about. But, the degrees are a very big necessity for this coming long-term warfare mode based upon the casework - official term defined by law enforcement officer delivering information to the militaries undeniably indicating warfare coming against the land exposed by the invaders-anticipated, and which usually results in the said law officer receiving the presidential award, the highest regarded for a civilian allowed. You may also look these your private sectors or with your philosophical orders registered with the USMC. Remember to take your time with regular logic, such as realizing that if a job appears to stop in the military, or a government agency, it may be because the next place to look is for the next job in the militaries or governments, as is usual. Today's particular raids are by three or four invaders at a time from a self-declared country claiming to be from underground calling itself the Country Under Dog as its name, and attacking to the death or with similar malintent. Also, of the origins discussed prior to this that was the thrice defuncted and stopped militant styled group calling itself "US" and not with punctuation such as periods, like, "U.S." or bearing any relation to the magazine or entertainment market components. All travelling judges and law enforcement past or present are as a result of this morning raids and apprehensions and upgraded warfare alerts are only allowed to travel if they declare on the official forms they can pick up from law enforcement or law offices, or any judiciary positioning or military installation or clergy or Armed Services recruiters. While at the latter, please consider today's job offers for part-time military assignment at your own home and working from it, while you are there and don't confuse these offers for $10.00 per hour jobs by hearing incorrectly that they are from some chosen home for ten bucks an hour and not your own for ten grand. Certain hysterical and baffled retirees or those nearing were not hearing correctly this morning and were trying to validate incorrectly reenactment-illegalis instructions from, once again, hairstylists, to hurry along to private houses to get the supposed ten dollar an hour jobs (that don't exist in this category of mistaken listening) but without filling out applications or doing hiring interviews or having background checks or other things required at homes of military, law enforcement, government personnel, etc.

A terrible day for many travelling law enforcement and those retired from judicial careers who were duped, after all, and nearly gunned down due to their trespassing at USSS and government protected and only aboded houses. The reenactor doesn't get a home or car or money or anything else, when in real life, and these illegalis versions are quite admitting in military interrogation that they are following regrouped supposed goddesses who told them predictions about people that are factually incorrect and also that they were instructed to embezzle in their attempt at a religion. No religions are allowed anywhere on our planet that instruct to break the laws of the land; don't be fooled by mistaking the term laws of a land for real estate laws, etc. These invaders are actually and according to the president and all religious leaders cognizant of their lies and wrongdoings so that they are not unaware of the laws they are breaking. They wish very hard to be a malformed army against any and all, for various reasons, and cling to absurd abnormalities such as trying to start pools of feces to attack and infect with which is part of why they've had all countries declare warfare against them, forever.

No more goddesses are living, just remember that. The military clergy has information on their actual doings and happenings including which of their recorded antics were them and which were not them but were feces-level tales of ill regard. Meaning they did not actually do the illegalities attributed to them, but some of them make a good telling of a tale and are fitting for archetypal assisting by the Justice Department level psychological counseling and others, but remember that every thought of yours is recorded now on each corner and by all law enforcement's equipement as a gift from the Military. The technology for this is gladly from my own research and by many more able to develop it and also recently as listed here by every technology company worldwide cooperating to help with handheld and other equipment that records every single dna in your body or any other.

The Incursion V invaders are misclaiming they are illiterate and can't read the data that affects their being identified in the re-enactment illegalis worldwide raids, again in letter-styles of approach and attack and fleeing. This is not a cold war and they're ordered to be executed by any and all and U.S.Congress pays up to USD$80Million for each apprehended that the military then handles in the warfare mode. Gruesome tales of the attacks on everyday regular people whose identities are being systematically stolen has allowed for our current heads of religions and heads of agencies such as the FBI to declare that identity theft is the singular biggest threat to this world, now. The identity theft participant is all about not being detected in public by having you not stare, not speak to them, and then about stalking in progression to the point that you can read about the latest alerts from the military and government, including the still five-minute alert that the heads-of-state are on keeping them away from their phones for now. Noted in the home invasion roundups by the military this morning, of course by dawn's early light, were those attempting to steal identities of recently passed away persons in Fashion, including one elderly fashion model whose called herself Queen Kristin for her career, and did not claim to be royalty and was not. Many are informed of her passing and saddened because she was very popular in the field of fashion and socially and liked by those who worked with her to the point she'd been referred to me and others hired by the USAF for Fashion. I'm pleased that although I never met her she was well appreciated, and her family has asked to be the only contact about her, and in the aftermath. Since several identity thieves of her were attempting to use hair taken from her while apparently touching her in passing. It became the automatic purvue of the military, also, because she and others in these permanently militarily guided and guarded fields including to protect her reputation such as that after death. Her job position may be filled, soon, and all will remember her well. The identity thieves, though, have been attempting to mislabel those who work in Fashion as prositutes or law-breakers by some imagining illegalis including attacking people who didn't get up early enough, by their misguided reasoning, and similar, proving they're illegally spying or stalking these everyday people. If it becomes necessary for each citizen to have a soldier guard, that has been done in histories past at miscreant attack levels, before.

Mexican residing miscreants have also been removed from Mexico and are now again raiding and attacking by attempting to sell bestiality with prostitution which is also what has been declared warfare against, as well as them. Again, the Surgeon General's Office of the United States of America and the Attorney General's office have already sent out information about the illegal surgical attempts to cover up identities for raids or to steal identities with skin or hair or other body parts or excretions from them by Incursion I to V raiders and invaders who are of course breaking the law. Even if someone talks in public or to you about using organ donations without your requesting them by non-hospital surgery or if threatening or carrying out threats to put organs or illegalis donations of them on you, the standing orders are to execute them by the current warfare declarations. Sadly sordid, but no one is allowed to be in their non-birth form, unless rescued by military of real countries or its affiliated surgical teams such as in hospitals, or unless under guided conditions for recovering after an attack such as battlefield surgery. It is very generous of the regular populace to have donated organ donations for each and every known citizen of every country and eight per soldier. Only the FBI Medical Services Laboratory may now check in and authorize for use these organ donations or any other as declared in recent times because of the extremely unlawful and very many attacks upon those victimized by beauty marring incidents and other organ stealing attacks.

All the stagecoach robberies of the past were proven recently to be done by dna theft, specifically with perpetrators using stolen skins and hair of others not present at the crimes. The stolen funds from stagecoaches have all been returned to all the decendents who would've benefited by the stolen goods having arrived, historically. Something the governments and military were glad to take care of handling.

Bees are being borrowed or leased from Iraqis in our California and other farming areas to pollenate where Incursion V attackers killed off insects and nearly therefore destroyed the crops in season. I hope you won't mind them as they are very good in dry desert and look very thin, but around water systems they'll plump right up and appear nearly waspish. They are, though, very friendly and love to sit on sweetly perfumed shoulders so be aware.

I hope to see you, the readership on this blog again, soon, and thank you again for making it the most popular site for awhile in addition to the most popular blog worldwide running for sometime. I will continue to remind you readership how glad I am that the hard work of many has made this personal blog of mine into a PhD referential site and an official site of the military, worldwide, just in the very recent times. You are to be thanked, and be cautious and well.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.

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