Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Read-Along and Further Researching Lines


During the holiday busyness I started researching another manuscript, this one involving lesser royalty amidst a historically volatile religious era. To evoke a mood when I write I select music. I was impressed with KLOVE and their Operation Warm allowing school children in need to select a brand new coat as a result of a subscription drive. The new project is moving along well and thank you to the many of you asking after my writing.

I'd like to invite you to do a read-along (and we can do another one later in the year). I found on the bookshelf a first novel by a congenial acquaintance of the past and it looks good to start the year with. The Evolution of Thomas Hall by Keith Merrill (an Academy Award winner) ISBN 9781606418369. As rumors go, he'd apparently been missing from a social function once upon a time to fulfill a hope he'd had for an audience with a monarch. Interesting life.

Another book I'd recommend I read some time past and it covers pageantry to pentagrams within a royal triangle in a tapestry of a tale from an insider who'd led a reading of it I participated in as produced by Barnes and Noble Booksellers years ago. I just dusted it off. The Serpent and the Moon by HRH Princess Michael of Kent ISBN 0743251040.

For those interested in the lives of royalty and accessibility of information on them I'll quote a source who shared about their inside details as their daily life involves "doing 32 things a day" which is something taught to them that you can try at home. A key to measured success. Reminded from the USSS and affiliates from a highly placed official that in genealogy's popularity for hobbyists and others that one doesn't stumble into royal bloodlines forgotten on a family tree, but the official does say that if you ever meet one "you'll know why they're on top." Enjoy the searches and the connections to the ancestors, certainly all worth finding for the richness they add to our modern lives and in the implicit encouragement to become what you can be in honor of any bloodlines.

Thank you to those of you who kindly asked after my family when I posted years past about a knightly line I'd taken time to further research and went through the USSS and affiliates in their kindness and patience to do so. Because of the results I learned of a favored insignia that I joyfully had replicated into a ring I've now enjoyed for many years, and apt memento that I anticipate passing on.

Until the next blog, take care.

Sartorially yours,


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